Chapter 171

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Chapter 171 – Backup


I cracked the bone in my right leg when I ran into the dragon demon. It broke slower than when I was reckless earlier, so it’s better now. But if I want to move to some certain extent, I’ll have to drink potions and such. While I was thinking about it, the crack in my bone healed. According to the magic detection, it was healed by Sophie’s magic recovery spell. Thank you, Sophie.

“It’s still hot… damn it…”

Unlike my Raiden armor, the flames themselves are just ordinary flames without any substance. It doesn’t have the same armor-like elements as my Raiden Armor. It’s just so hot! I’m wielding a sword, so I’m not directly touching the dragon demon, but I’m getting burned. And the firepower is getting stronger and stronger. It can’t go on like this.

“I’m sorry, Yug, but I’m going to use the Thunderbolt Armor. Sorry, Yug, but I’m going to use the Raiden armor. I’m sorry, Yug, but I’m going to use the Raiden armor.”

I chanted this over and over in my mind. Then I felt Yug’s terse approval. I wasn’t sure if I could communicate with her while she was enchanted, but it seems I can. If it wasn’t just my imagination…

“Raiden Armor!”

Don’t release the enchantment! I used the Raiden Armor, hoping that the enchantment would not be removed. As it turns out, the enchantment is still intact. However, since the amount of status increased, the damage to my bones and muscles also increased. However, all of these have been healed by Sophie. In addition, when my magic power is less than half, she releases lightning magic to the point where my magic power is at its maximum. Sophie is only helping me to defeat the dragon demon. I wonder if she’s going to be able to handle Im though…



After such a long time of close combat with the dragon demon, I noticed a regularity in the rhythm of his attacks. Perhaps it was because someone had taught me, but he rarely deviated from that rhythm. And there are times when that rhythm breaks. This is a major weakness. But I don’t have the strength to kill in that gap. However, I might be able to inflict a fatal wound.

Thump, thump, thump…

I counted the rhythm of the attack in my mind as I was being attacked by the demon. And the time had come.

Thump, thump, thump.


I ducked under the last punch of the rhythm and ducked into the dragon demon’s pocket. I then crossed my two swords and slashed at the demon.


The mission was a success and I was able to wound the dragon demon. This wound is not so deep that it will kill him, but it’s not shallow either. Then the dragon demon hurriedly threw a big punch at me, who was right next to him. This was a bad decision. There’s no need to take a big punch when he’s so close. I could tell that he was in a hurry. I’m not one to take such a big punch now. I ducked and stabbed my sword into the dragon demon’s wound.


The dragon demon clenched its teeth and endured it. I stabbed at the wound where there were no scales, but it didn’t go deep enough. Then, whether it learned by accident or not, it tried to jab at me this time. I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to attack him more, but there was nothing I could do. Besides, it was too hot to be near this guy. If I stay any closer, the burn will get worse. As I was faster than him, I struck him with the sword I had stabbed him with, faster than his attack.

“Zamn ish…”

The dragon demon flew backwards hard in time with my attack, so it didn’t pierce too deeply. As a result, he only took one of my swords and as It flew backwards, the dragon demon was poised to let out a flame from its mouth. I could tell because flames were leaking from his mouth. He’s probably trying to hit me when I come for the sword. However, I dared to go to the dragon demon who flew backward.


Sophia’s point of view

“Onii-chan… amazing.”

There is a saying, “If you don’t see a boy for three days, try paying attention”. He used to rely on his reflexes in close combat. It worked for my brother who had good reflexes. However, he now observes his opponents carefully and plays games with them while relying on his reflexes. He’s making the most of his natural reflexes. I wanted to watch his growth closer than anyone else…

“Gu… Guzo…”

“Oh, you’re still here?”


The bokkuko has become so mangled that she can no longer maintain her human form. The beautiful appearance that she had wasted so much time creating is now a shadow of her former self. She’s now something that looks like a slimy, disgusting person.

“Why are you so strong? And I can’t even see your status…. No way, did you evolve twice?”

“Here we go…”


I released healing and lightning magic on my brother, and then I released magic on her. I didn’t evolve twice. The reason why I’m so strong has something to do with my title, Brocon’s Supremacy, but I don’t need to tell her that.

“I’m getting tired of playing with dolls.”

“Damn it…”

I was looking at my brother and wondering what I should do with this thing that was trying so hard to regain its human form, when I had an idea.

“I’ll experiment to see if I can attack the main body directly through you.

“There’s no way you can do that…!”

I was tired of just hurting the doll, so I looked at my brother and tried to find a way to attack the main body through this thing.

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