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Chapter 138 – Another Point of View 1

“That’s right! It’s the Spirit King!”


Today, while I’m working in my own luxurious business room, Nei, the high-ranking spirit with whom I have a contract, tells me about the Spirit King.

“She’s ………she’s so wonderful!”

“I agree.”

My spirit adores the spirit king, probably because her attributes are a bit similar to hers. No… I should say that she worships her.

“I’d like to meet the Spirit King myself.”

“I hope to meet her too.”


I listened to this kind of worship for at least five hours a day for several hundred years and before I knew it, I was worshipping the Spirit King too. But I don’t think I can help it. You could say this is a kind of brainwashing.

“I can’t wait to meet Zeros-sama.”

“That’s what I want too!”

However, there’s a slight difference between Nei and me. The object of our worship. Nei’s worship rank is the Spirit King and Zeros is second. However, my worship rank is Zeros-sama in first place and the Spirit King in second place. This is probably because of the difference between me as an elf and Nei as a spirit.

“Why is it that that Lightning bastard is the one taking care of the Spirit King instead of me? ……”

I always hear this story at least once every three days. My guess is that Nei couldn’t be the caretaker because she would forgive the Spirit King no matter what she did. But I think it’s natural for the Spirit King to be forgiven whatever she does. In fact, I think that the lightning guy who faults her is strange. But because I heard such stories every day, I was able to guess that the Spirit King and the high-ranked spirit of lightning were contracted at the same time. Nei would know where and who they had contracted with. But the spirits were not allowed to talk about other people’s contractors, so she didn’t tell me who they were.

“So then, the Spirit King…”

I thought that my daily life would pass as usual, dreaming of the day I would meet Zeros-sama as soon as possible today.

“Nei! Please! Help me!”

Suddenly, a beautiful girl appeared in the room. I immediately prostrated myself because I knew who the girl was. I knew her features just as well as Nei did, because she was the Spirit King I heard about every day.

“I need both of you! Help me! If you don’t, Zero-kun will die!”

“Spirit Advent. Excuse me… Please show me the way.”

“Whoa…! Over there!”

It seemed that Nei was groveling as well. And the moment I heard he was going to die, I made a Spirit Advent and I fearlessly gave the Spirit King a princess carry. Now I’m more concerned with speed than anything else.

“My queen…your tea.”

“I’m leaving my seat for now.”

That’s all I told the maid who came into the room after a well-timed knock and I jumped out the window.

“…I apologize for being unable to transfer.”

“It’s okay!… I guess.”

I flew through the air at my fastest speed. I’m sure that Zeros-sama is in human territory. It’s certain that it’ll be troublesome later if I, the queen of elves, enter without permission. I’m not going to ask for permission because I don’t have time. I’m sure I’ll be forgiven if I present a dozen bottles of elixir later.

“What’s going on?”


The other lightning guy under contract with Zeros-sama is a top-ranked spirit. I didn’t think the spirit king would bother to ask us for help that easily.

“There was a monster.”


I silently increased my flying speed even more. It was the fastest I had ever flown. From what I heard about the fight with the monster, she took Zeros magic power without permission and it seems that she used it to transfer in search of us. Even if she took as much magic power as she could, the Spirit King only had enough magic power to travel one way alone. She hadn’t told Zeros-sama that she was going away to call for help. She was not allowed to talk about other people’s contractors, so she couldn’t say anything about who she was going to call for help. She could have said that she was going to call for help, but she was too upset to do so. I think that part is cute. By the way, it’s impossible for Nei to take away the magic power of a contractor without permission. As expected of the spirit king.

“…Was it a demon race?”

“It’s a dragon … I think….”

I once again increased my speed.

The monster races are said to be deep in the giant forest between the four races.

They have been around for thousands of years and every few hundred years or so, they suddenly appear where we live. At that time, all the races living in the area where they appear worked together to defeat them at great cost.

The definition of a demon is a humanoid, intelligent and strong monster. Because of the small number of monsters that have appeared in the first place, we don’t even know if they have mutated or continued to evolve.

The worst in the history of the few demons that have appeared in the world was a monster race thought to be wyverns. Demons are presumed to have their original monster power. Up until now, they have been based on weak monsters such as wolves, torrents and goblins. However, a stronger type of monster called a wyvern appeared from the monster race.

It was written in the books that all the races fought hand in hand at that time. Even so, it’s said that hundreds of thousands of people were killed. I don’t know how accurate this is, as it happened thousands of years ago, so it may not be very helpful. Incidentally, it seems that the one who put an end to the monster race was the future first king of the Kingdom of Lingalia.

However, dragons being the original monster race is still too much for Zeros-sama to handle.

“How many people are fighting with him?”

In the worst case scenario, I want Zeros-sama to be safe even if he has to use others as a decoy.

“…He’s alone.”

I don’t know how many times I’ve needed to increase my speed today alone.

“Almost there. ……”

Almost as the same time the spirit king said so, I heard the sound of something colliding. I was convinced that Zeros-sama was there, so I headed for it.

And I was not at all happy to see him for the first time. This was because he was missing one of his arms and had a very deep wound on his stomach. At any rate, I blew away the monster that was walking towards him.

“I’m sorry…”

That’s all the Spirit King said in a whisper and went back into Zeros-sama. I have no idea how much thought was put into that one word.

I hurriedly set about healing Zeros-sama.

“I’m sorry I only have the elixir…”

I should have kept several bottles of high elixir with me at all times. After apologizing for not being able to heal his arm right now, I pulled out a flower bud from the ground and placed Zeros-sama inside it so that he could recover his strength.


“At the very least, I’ll kill you after I’ve torn off all your limbs.”

The demon is shouting something. This monster is obviously not accustomed to fighting seeing the way he guarded the attack and the feeling of being passive after getting blown away. There’s even a possibility that it was just born. I’m too angry to be calm. I kept fire, water, wind, earth, ice, lightning, light and darkness in the air, ready to unleash any of their attributes at any time.

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  1. Light novel junky

    Thanks for the upload!

    Gotta say I love that the mc is unusually strong compared to the surrounding people but not so overpowered that he’s basically a satire, and the fights don’t all end with the standard wasn’t even putting in any effort or he’s severely wounded but managed to nab a victory cause plot armor.

  2. verdantwraith

    Guild Leader was banished for having the highest tier darkness spirit as Her contracted spirit because darkness is dirty to their kind, yet the queen herself uses darkness magic?

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