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Chapter 117: The Legendary Sword

“This is the Third Treasure Vault.”

The first thing we did was to be taken to the third treasure vault. The third treasure house looked very luxurious and it felt like a treasure house. 

When the king opened the third treasure house, everyone except me, Sophie and Shana started looking for what they wanted in the treasure vault. Leaving a few knights there to keep an eye on things and some people keeping a list of things in the third treasure vault, we headed for the second treasure vault.

“And this is the second treasure vault.”

The second treasure vault was more modest in appearance than the third, but it seemed to be more robust.

“Now, choose your favorite item from among these.”

The king touched the door and it opened soundlessly. The king gave his permission and the three of us went inside to look for what we wanted.

“It’s huge…….”

“It is huge.”

It was very spacious inside. It seemed to be the size of a normal house.

“Come here, you two.”


“What’s wrong?”

Suddenly, Shana pulled us both along and led us somewhere.

“What the hell…!”

“That’s amazing.”

There was a stone pedestal with a big sword stuck in the place where Shana guided me. Considering the grip and the visible sword body, the total length of the large sword seems to be about 2m or more.

“Try pulling it out.”



Shana told me. I climbed on top of the pedestal and grabbed the sword. I wondered if this was the legendary sword I dreamed of every time I checked an arms store.

“Fuu… okay!”

I took a deep breath because my hands were shaking with nervousness and then I tried to pull out the big sword.

“I can’t pull it out…….”

I couldn’t pull it out. But it doesn’t matter if I can’t pull it out! It would have been useless to pull out such a stupidly big sword. I don’t think I’d want to change my style to use this big sword! I don’t care if I use it or not but I wanted to pull it out…

“Zero-niisama, please let me try.”

“Eh? You want to do it too?”

I was holding the big sword and feeling depressed when Sophie behind me called out to me. I don’t think Sophie needs a big sword any more than I do, is it necessary for her to do so?

“Yes. I think I’ll give it to you when I pull it out.”

“…the sword, will cry you know?”

As for the sword, it means that it finally found the right person for it, but it’s going to be given to someone else right away. It’s pitiful considering the feelings of the sword. But I can’t deny the fact that I want it…


And Sophie pulled the big sword with the grip like me.

“I can’t pull it out.”

Sophie couldn’t pull it out either. Sophie seems to have put a lot of effort into it, but she couldn’t get it out. No, what is it? This big sword.

“Do you want to try too Shana?”

“I did it once and couldn’t get it out, so it’s fine.”

“Huh? You’ve done it before?”


According to the story, on their tenth birthday, the royals go into the second treasure vault to see if they can pull this sword out.

“What’s with this sword?”

“I don’t know.”


This sword is described in the book as a sword that was used by the first king of this country, a hero and no other information is known about it. So it seems it hasn’t been used by anyone for at least hundreds of years.

“I’ve been in this second treasure vault once before, so I’ll show you around.”


“Thank you.”

Shana gave us a tour of the second treasure vault, showing us where everything was. When we were done, we began to search for what we wanted individually.

“Can’t I just pull it out by force?”

I came back because I couldn’t stop thinking about this big sword. I’m wondering whether you can forcefully pull it out even if you’re not the chosen one.


This time, I gripped the sword’s brim to pull it out by force.

“Lightning armor, spirit zeal, lightning enchantment!”

I mobilized all three of my strongest set and pulled the big sword with all my might. I tried it in the carriage on the way back to this country and I was able to absorb the lightning from the lightning armor. However, while I was absorbing the lightning, my stamina decreased rapidly, so it wasn’t very useful. By the way, I haven’t tried using lightning armor and charge at the same time yet. I want to try it tomorrow.


If I absorb lightning from lightning armor and gain magic power, I can use this set of three without any problem for about 10 seconds, I tried on the way home. If I do more than that, either my stamina or my magic power will be exhausted. So the time limit I can pull is 10 seconds.



Just at the ten-second mark, I heard a terrible sound coming from the big sword. It would have been better if it was coming from the pedestal. I deactivated the three-piece set and looked at the big sword in horror.

“Yikes, …….”

The big sword was neatly cut in half vertically. When I looked at it from above, I could see that even the grip had been split cleanly. Even if I pull out the sword, it’s certainly cracked. I can’t see the rest because of the pedestal, but what should I do? ……

“What’s wrong Zero-niisama?”

“No! It’s nothing!”

I guess hearing the sound of thunder made her wonder if something was wrong. I hurriedly released my hand from the big sword and use my body to hide it and acted as if nothing happened. No…this is obviously me hiding the big sword…

“Did the big sword come out?”

“Uh, no…”

Sophie peeked behind me and saw the big sword. Anyway, is it better for someone to find out later or is it better to find out now? I gave up hiding it from Sophie.

“It’s not like anything happened, right?”


When I looked back, the big sword was intact.

“You should decide what you want as soon as possible.”

“Yeah, I guess so…”

It was really good that It wasn’t broken. Huh? But even if I broke it, would it have been a problem if It was still in the pedestal? Or would they say they can’t hand it over if I got it out?

“Don’t freak me out.”

I punched the big sword lightly as payback for making me panic. It’s okay to take it out on it like this.




“It’s nothing!”

You’re kidding! I just punched it lightly and it cracked again. I hurriedly took my hand away and the big sword returned to normal again.

“What the…?”

This time, I lightly touched the big sword. Then it cracked again. When I released my hand, it returned to its original state. This was repeated several times.

“Hey, Sophie!”

“What is it?”

“Can you touch the big sword for me?”

“Eh? Okay?”

I called Sophie, who was looking for what she wanted. I asked her to touch the big sword. Then nothing happened.

“Thank you, I’m fine now.”


Sophie was puzzled and went back to looking for what she wanted. I guess that means that if I touch it, it will break… I used the lightning armor and the spirit Ziel enchantment to pull the big sword again. Enchanting thunder is difficult for both stamina and magically, so I gave up.

“I can’t pull it out after all…”

Even though it breaks, the big sword doesn’t say yes or no…. what the hell is this

“I don’t get it…”

No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t come to a conclusion, so I gave up on this big sword and headed for what I wanted.

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  1. Spirit enchant with Ygg will let it come out and split into dual swords, I’m thinking. Foreshadowing for next item tier after dwarven made custom swords.

  2. Eternal perspective

    Thanks for chap
    I see two possible comedies:
    1. Its a troll sword made with illusions so no one can actually pull it out
    2. Its a sword meant for a hero and has sentience. Its an undecided tsundere who’s unsure if she wants to go with him or not

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