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Episode 28: The demons are too weak

“You’re right. It’s said that the principle the demons use to call monsters is attracting them by magic power. When the demons were defeated in the past, the monsters also left like a calming tide.”

Indeed, it’s the same method that Sui uses to attract monsters.

Since that’s the case, I just need the location of the demons

“Do you know where the demons are?”

“Oh … it seems they were heading for the royal castle. The guards have their hands full just dealing with the monsters.”

The aim of the demon is probably the king. I don’t know if It’s the king’s life or if there’s another aim

What I can tell is that it’s more important to the king than the people who live in the royal capital

But they seem more concerned with the king than the people living in the city.

“I see, that means I should go to the royal castle.”

“Hey … are you really going to fight the demon?”

Regulus looked at me with complex eyes.

“If not it will only get worse right?”

“Yeah, but are you going to risk your life for such a foolish king …? I investigated him more after that, he put’s heavy tax on the poor villages and executes the innocent when he doesn’t like them. He has no blood or tears. “

Regulus has a strong sense of justice and is pure.

He probably investigated when he started doubting the king.

I had never heard of this, but I was always sure he was a foolish king.

“Don’t get me wrong. I don’t care about the king’s life. It’s okay if the demon’s aim is only the king, but if it’s something else, everyone could die.”

“… That’s right …. But …”

Regulus hesitated then said.

“Don’t die. You should be able to live and escape from here. If it gets dangerous, you don’t have to worry about the rest.”

“Ohh, thanks for the concern”

It’ll take about 10 minutes for the next group of monsters to arrive.

It takes about 5 minutes to get to the palace.

It’s not like there’s no time, but I’d like as much leeway as possible

If we run normally, it will take about 10 minutes to get there.

However, we can arrive earlier from the sky.

“Sui, can you take us to the royal castle?”

“Yes, I understand!”

Sui, who looks like a small stuffed animal, turns back to his original form.

I and Aleria get on and we fly through the sky.

When he flaps his wings, the scenery rapidly changes.

It’s my first air travel in another world, but I can’t afford to enjoy it.

Quickly, we arrived above the royal castle.


“What’s up?”

“Can I just crash into the royal castle?”

“I don’t mind if you can, but won’t it hurt? It looks pretty sturdy.”

The royal castle is a stone building.

Sure, Sui’s power would break it, but it would hurt if he uses his head.

“It’s okay, I’m training!”

“Well, then I leave it to you.”

As soon as I reply, Sui plunges into the top floor of the royal castle.


He broke through the stone walls with the feeling of crushing Styrofoam and succeeded in getting inside.

This place is likely the study of King Cerber.

There’s one demon, the king Cerber, and the corpse of a guard.

The demon had a knife on Cerbèr’s neck, but it turned to look at me.

“Sui, you can turn back.”

“I understand!”

Sui, who was in his large form, became smaller and started floating around me like usual.

Even so, I’m pretty lucky to encounter the demon so easily.

First, I check its status with evil eye.


Name: Asmodian Lv.10

Class: Demon

Skill: None

HP: 84563/84563

MP: 54120/56975

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Attack power: A

Defense: B

Attack speed: B

Movement speed: B

Magic attack power: A

Magic resistance: A

Mental strength: B

Vitality: A

Magical power: B

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I’m surprised. Isn’t this stronger than a brave?

In fact, I had confirmed the status of the heroes, but they were weak enough to be overtaken by a talented ordinary person-for example, Aleria in a short period of time.

They weren’t a big deal.

Well if you don’t have talent you can’t hone your skills, so not everyone can surpass a hero.

“Hey humans! I’m about to kill your king. If you make any sudden movements! I’ll kill you too!”

The demon is talking.

“It speaks even though it’s a monster.”

“Don’t lump us together with monsters! We’re a chosen existence that report directly to the Demon King — Roar!”

A ball of fire flew from the demon’s mouth.

I swing my sword.

The slash hit and destroyed the fireball before it could reach me.

“Ah … hah !? What was that!”

I just swung my sword normally …

“Is this a demon’s full power? It’s not a big deal.”

TN: Hey guys, thanks for picking up this novel. First off, let me apologize for my early poor-quality translation in this series as this was my first project. Actually, I’m considering dropping this because the response hasn’t been too great but it isn’t decided. The first volume ends in chapter 30 and I’ll decide after that. If you’ve read this far and you would like me to continue translating this series beyond the first volume, please leave a comment, I promise you won’t be ignored, thanks.

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  1. Well, it’s not a particularly unique story, the initial translation quality probably didn’t help.
    Anyway, it’s not a bad story, I would like to continue reading it from time to time, but in the end is up to you.

  2. It’s hard to rate the novel since it feels like the plot is still in prologue mode. The comedy part is enjoyable enough.

    Translation wise… I think it’s passable, certainly nothing jumps out from memory, and if I actual look for an error in this chapter the worst I’m seeing is a “put’s” that shouldn’t probably be “puts” and “report directly” in a sentence where something needs to be made plural.

    Honestly, the stupid “copying is not allowed” javascript is far more annoying than anything to critique in the translation. Especially since it makes it a hassle to quote things in a comment or google some specific term.

  3. Thanks for the chapter, i do like this series and i do wish for you to continue translating this series. Well the final decision is up to you though

  4. stingofthemonarch

    I’ve been enjoying it! However, if the response is not up to snuff I say drop it and try something else.

  5. Final decision is your call, but I’m loving this series and would be thrilled if you’d keep going! The translation’s been quite good too, there are some things I’d change with the formatting, but the actual translation has been easy to read, way above the average for sure.

    Thanks up to this point, and I’ll happily keep reading if you’re willing to keep translating!

  6. Thanks for the chapter, I personally really like this series so far and the translations are of good quality. If you decide to keep translating I would definitely continue reading.

  7. I’ve found this story to be quite interesting, so I’d appreciate it if you could keep translating it, however it’s up to you.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  8. Late to the party, I am!! Sorry for the late comment I had decided to wait for at least 30 releases then binge read them all.
    But I iust wanted you to know that I would like to see more of this series because I originally came for the harem tag anyway and that is probably relevant later in the story so it would be a shame to stop here before I get to see the quality of this MC’s harem.

  9. Due to playing No Man’s Sky, Final Fantasy XIV, Earth Defense Force 5 and Warframe all at the same time, my reading performance has been a bit low… so it took me a bit over four days to chew through all Prologue and 28 chapters following it (6 chapters in the past hour or so).

    That said, I’ve already shared a link to the Novel Updates page with a whole server full of hungry readers.

    I’ve also been enjoying this quite a lot.

    I hope you continue your translation of this story.

    While I do acknowledge that it wasn’t the most amazing and astounding translation I’ve ever seen… it is truly very far from the worst. You did a very nice job and you’ve been improving as the chapters go by. Please keep at it!

    Now… Now that I’ve left a comment, I believe I have more chapters ahead of me. I’ll go back to binge reading silently.

    Thank you for the many chapters.

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