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1-4 The Holy Knight and the Girl

 The sound of footsteps, echoing diffusely in the narrow tunnel, slipped incessantly into my hearing.

 There was no sign of life. There was no trace of magic. The only people in this tunnel right now are me, the demon chief, and Chaos. 


 I stopped and took a deep breath, letting the cool air flow into my feverish body. The quickening of my own heartbeat was very troublesome in the soundless space, and I walked forward again.

 When dealing with people, there’s nothing to be afraid of. The experience and sensation I’ve gained from slaying many skilled people is ingrained in my clenched fists. I’ve also honed my studies with demons who use a wide variety of magic.

 If I’m up against one of them, even if I’m at a slight disadvantage, there are plenty of ways to fight them by changing techniques and playing tricks.

 However, an exchange that doesn’t make use of accumulated experience is not very exciting no matter how many times I repeat it.

“It’s about time.”

 Just in time, I cast a faint wind spell. The speed at which I was moving remained the same, but the slight levitation of my body brought silence once again.

 The purpose was, of course, to muffle the sound of my footsteps, but I wasn’t sure if it would actually work. For Chaos, which doesn’t rely on hearing and has excellent magic detection, it could even have the opposite effect.

“What am I thinking before it even starts ……?”

 I couldn’t raise my voice now, so I muttered in my brain to interrupt my feeble thoughts.

  ……There’s no choice but to avoid combat.

 It’s more convenient to do so. I should prioritize rescuing the chief over bringing down the chaos. The worst thing that can happen is that the Chief will be confronted by the Chaos, or almost simultaneously we encounter it.

 My magic isn’t designed to fight while protecting someone else.

 I intentionally avoided thinking about the worst-case scenario and increased the power of the wind around me.

 The temperature in the spider web of tunnels seems to drop the deeper you go into them. The rocks illuminated by the bonfire gradually change their color. This was evidence that I was moving deeper.

 Soon, a huge circular space should appear.

 The space, located near the deepest part of the cave, was supposed to be used as a resting place between explorations, and if I was right, it was the first place it would aim for as a foothold.

 Finding a specific purpose, my averted body movements suddenly stiffened.

 There was a slight but definite rustling of clothes from beyond the bend in front of me. My fingertips almost touched the hilt of my sword, but my rational mind, afraid of making a sound, stopped me.

 I turned my back to the wall, a short distance from the corner, and focused my attention on the palms of my hands, ready to cast a spell.

“Is anyone there?”

 The tense voice of a man reverberated with dignity.

“If there’s anyone out there, run. Up ahead…”

“Are you there?”

 I asked curtly, revealing myself to the owner of the voice.

 On the other side of the gentle slope, the huge shadow of a man that stood blocking the way wavered. Sage finally relaxed his shoulders when he saw the face illuminated by the light of the lamp.

“You okay, Falmer?”

 I ran my magic-enhanced vision over the man’s shadow in the darkness. It seems he had suffered some lacerations, but no fatal injuries.

 The man’s skin was earth-toned and forged like folded steel, and his horns protruded from his needle-sharp reddish-brown head of hair. This man, who looked just like the word “demon,” was the current leader of the demon tribe, Falmer, whom I was looking for.

 Now half the work is done.

“Sage, huh? Why are you ……?”

“We can talk about that later. Where’s the Chaos?

“In the back.”

 Falmer pointed with his finger at the end of a long corridor leading to the back.

“You go ahead. Go back and block the entrance to the tunnel, just in case.”

“No, I’m coming with you.”

 He grabbed me firmly by the shoulders as I tried to walk past him, and suddenly started talking recklessly. It was a decision that could have wiped out all the hard work I had done up to this point, and as expected, my face tensed.

“Don’t look so scared. There are more roads you don’t know, and some of them have collapsed. You need directions, right?”

“That’s true, but they’re not going to stay in one place.

“That’s not a problem. I’ve been watching them for a while now.”

 I have too much to say is probably the most accurate way to describe Sage right now. The person who said it was aloof and unconcerned.

“We’re a race with very little magic power, so unless we’re really curious or hungry, we won’t get possessed.”

 Just because you know it’s full doesn’t mean you have to go out of your way to walk right under the nose of a raging beast.

 I shook off my serious but unresolved hesitation and switched my thoughts. I was led by Falmer, who I didn’t want to lead the way, and we walked quickly deeper into the black maw of the tunnel.

“…… By the way, Sage. How do you kill a Chaos?”

 My little hope that nothing would happen was dashed as soon as we started walking. He said a lot of things in a light-hearted way and seemed to be having fun.

“What? You’re tired of watching so you want to give me a hand?”

“How dull. But It would be better if we could solve the problem before it becomes a big deal right?

“I’m sorry, but there’s no effective way to deal with it.”

 I didn’t mean to sound flippant but there really isn’t.

“Huh? Then you’re doing this without a plan?”

“Call it resourcefulness. In the first place…”

 If you can’t beat the host, you can’t take on the chaos.

Even if you’re confident that you can beat a skilled physical fighter, it’s no good if you can’t fight a skilled magician. You can’t just pick and choose who you want to fight, so it’s even worse.

“Well, if you’re confident you can win against any opponent, why don’t you give it a try?”(Sage)

“It’s a lousy business. But that’s about the host, right? How do you fight Chaos itself?”

 Falmer’s tone of voice wavered in places, probably due to fear. Not wanting to criticize his state of mind, which was probably trying to avoid being consumed by silence, I released the wind magic that had been keeping me afloat then I put my finger on the dagger at my waist to intercept them on the assumption that they were aware of me.

“If you’re unlucky, you’ll see soon enough.”

 The reply I spat out was unintentionally deep and grave. Perhaps sensing this, Falmer stuck to guiding the way for a while.

 The silence was finally broken when a long, wide road appeared after passing several junctions.

“We’re almost at the relay point in the depths.”

 Falmer’s voice wavered again, and Sage’s brow furrowed quietly.

 The space they had entered, though warily, was far too bleak to be called a room.

 Just as I was about to convince myself that it wasn’t strange for a mine’s resting place to be covered with furniture, my outstretched foot kicked something hard.

 I wondered if it was a sign. It was a wooden board clinging unreliably to a snapped pillar, with fresh scars that seemed to cut up the words written on it.

“…… Hey, Falmer.”

 Swallowing his tongue, Sage turned around. As he did, he regrasped the dagger that had been playing on the tip of his finger and threw it as if riding on the movement of his reversed body.

 The dagger flew to Falmer’s chest,  and while he didn’t make a single move, stopped noiselessly.

“How did you know ……?”

 A voice-like sound emanated from the demon’s mouth. From his half-opened mouth, poisonous purple smoke poured out, swallowing the blade of the dagger he had released.

“I told you, if you’re unlucky. It seems that you’re the only one who came here today, but there are still traces of battle here and there. It’s obvious that Falmer had a fight with something.”

 I thrusts the tip of my newly drawn sword and say unpleasantly.

“Above all, your muddy magic power that no longer even shows signs of being hidden. Anyone who knows anything about magic can see that you’re no ordinary being.”

 Falmer’s mouth, which squeaked awkwardly, broke into a cracked smile.

 Falmer was now something in the shape of Falmer. The smoke that had been constantly spilling out of it had stopped at some point, and was now wavering to cover his his whole body, which was wobbling unreliably.

 Suddenly, the smoke at Falmer’s feet bubbled as if it were boiling. Sage readied his sword as Falmer leaped at him.

 The two weapons clashed and sparks flew in the dark, earth-covered room.

 Their gazes never crossed. Falmer’s eyes, which were half open, were already unfocused, contradicting the lively movements of his body.

 As if to cut through the gloom, Sage swings his sword then leaps backwards, dodging the storm of fist blows.

 The demon race has no weapons of their own. Not only is it against their principles, but it also seems that their natural talent as a species has been swept away by their lack of skill, and the majority of them are weaker when they hold a sword.

 What made up for this shortcoming was their incredible physical ability and a constitution that combined flexibility and super-hardness to make the most of it.

“Scorch it!”

 From my fingertips, countless fireballs the size of a man’s head shoot out, precisely tracking Falmer as I ran around in a dance. Falmer took one look at the swirling flames and took a big step forward with clear intent. Just before the fireball exploded on his back, Falmer twisted around and unleashed a spinning kick backwards.

 Immediately afterwards, the fireball that had been hit by the demon’s blow emitted a dying glow and disappeared without a sound. Even the ones that didn’t come into direct contact with it were blown out by the shockwave.

“Like blowing out a candle …….”

However, the body itself is Falmer’s, and I don’t want it to get burnt, so my inner feelings are complicated. 

 There was no sign of damage on the leg that had been touched by the fire. It seems that everything has been taken care of by the body alone.

 Dumbfounded, Sage let his fingertips dance in the air. Falmer reacted quickly and braced himself, but there was no visible phenomenon.

“…… ah, hahahaha!”

 He must have thought that the magic had ended in failure. With a loud yell, Falmer rushed forward furiously.

 In front of him, a light in the shape of a square lit up. It was a protective barrier built with magic power, but Falmer didn’t care. He swung his arms sideways as if he were trying to swat an insect, and the barrier shattered with a dry sound.

“Excellent! A really good body! A body of steel that can’t be compared to a mere wizard’s!”

 As he kicked away a series of barriers, ‘Falmer’ lifted the corners of his mouth and smiled. Sage tried to keep his distance, but a solid rock slammed into his back..

 Quickly raising his arm, Sage braced himself. Faster and sharper than his movement, Falmer’s fist was thrust into Sage’s abdomen.

“Kuh…… fu fu, ha ha ha …….”

 The groan that seemed to be squeezed out of the back of his throat turned into an unbearable laugh.

“You have a tendency to take advantage of people’s weaknesses, but you don’t know how to fight people.”

 His arm that is stretched straight out is entangled in a smoke similar to the one Falmer himself is wearing. The smoke made the demon’s arm, which could pierce steel, freeze in midair.

“What is this……?”

 Falmer groaned while holding the arm that had been forcibly pulled out. The purple smoke that had covered his body as if stuck to it was strangely peeling off only at the part of his fist that touched Sage.

 Sage silently took a step forward.  Seeing this, Falmer, who should had been leaping at him with joy, backed away.

“How sad. He’s your companion, isn’t he?”(Sage)

 Something black gushed out from Sage’s body. As if seeking a place to go, it hit the ceiling and attacked Falmer in a straight line.

 The position of the pursuer was reversed to that of the pursued.

 While dodging the swirling muddy water, Falmer ran towards the exit on the ground side. The way he destroyed Sage’s protective barriers that blocked his way with all his might, he no longer had the mentality of being aware of his superiority.

 That’s why, even when a figure noiselessly appeared from the end of the passage, he could only hit it with full force. Sage, who also perceived the figure, stopped the movement of his magic finger.

“Get out of the way!”


 Marie, standing directly in front of the roaring Falmer, showed her intention of resisting with her expression. With her left hand clenched lightly into a fist, she countered Falmer’s attacking arm, grabbed it, and pulled it back.


 Sage, who was watching the fluid body movements from a distance, let out a distracted voice.

 Immediately afterwards, a kick like a bolt of lightning struck Falmer in the side of his body as he was knocked off his center of gravity. A shocking sound that no living creature should make echoed through the air, and the large demon’s body slammed into the stone wall from behind.

 Sage’s feet trembled slightly, and the sandstone shook.

 The deep walls of the tunnel, where the strong workers struggle to make a living by mining, were gouged miserably. The steel body that had been boasted of so loudly just a moment ago now lay like a dead man with huge cuts all over his back.

“Hey, Marie …….”

 I tapped Marie on the shoulder, who was still looking down at Falmer with a warlike expression on her face. The painful sight of Falmer peeking out from below her petite silver hair was enough to make me feel remorseful. It was even worse when Marie came to her senses and bowed her head honestly.

“I’m sorry, ……. I used too much force.”

“It’s okay. We need to treat him first.”

 There was no denying the possibility that he was really dead. Even if he’s alive, there’s no way to pull out that thing without the host’s consciousness.

 However, going above ground for treatment would be like throwing an ignited spark into an oil-filled pond.

“I’ll take care of his injuries. I have experience.”

 Chris, who must have been watching how things were going, came up and suggested slowly. What she meant by “know how” was, of course, magic in this context.

“Thank you for your help, Your Highness. Don’t forget to be careful.”

“Yes. I’ll leave my back to you.”

 Chris put his back, which was much heavier than she realized, to the ground and held her sword in front of her chest.

 The lights of the candle sticks disappeared without a sound, and the underground tunnels were shrouded in complete darkness.

“Oh absolutionist of the astral world! Please allow me to welcome the light of your great eye to the tip of my sword.”

 Following the words of the chant, snowy phosphorescence danced around them.

  …… Normally, a space where others are exercising large-scale magic is uncomfortable for a wizard. There is also the actual harm caused by the magic power dispersed in the air colliding with each other and not being able to activate the technique as desired.

 The only exception to this is healing magic. The transparent magic that rinses one’s body, whether friend or foe, has a secondary effect on those who are not the target.

 It’s one of the most important spells to learn, and also one of the most difficult.

 The area went dark again. Granular light swarmed and covered Chris’s sword blade, and the polished sword began to glow quietly.

“Under the magic of the Eye, my sword, cut down injustice!”

 The sword of light passed through the body of the prone Falmer as if it were cutting him in two. Sage’s hand pulled up and squeezed the black lump that had oozed out of his back as if it was hiding from his shaded vision. Chris, who looked at it sideways and returned sword, looked back at him with a fearful gesture.

” Um, was that …… poorly done?”

“You’re kidding. I’m not an expert in healing magic, but it was good enough to make me want to learn it.”

 I’m not flattering her. It’s not just the healing of the person, but also the skill to get rid of that thing from his body that I admire.

 There was no point in trying to fix things with a user of this level. Above all, I don’t want to lie about magic.

 Chris, who had been looking at Sage’s face as if to check his color, finally relaxed her shoulders and let out a breath. Not only that, but she collapsed forward, as if pulled by the weight of the sheath.

 The weight of Chris leaning on her outstretched arm was a clear indication of her fatigue. Considering that it was just after a long journey and a battle with demons, she was the one who should have received the blessings of healing magic.

“I’m sorry. I got distracted when I was relieved.”

“It’s understandable. “It’s no wonder you’re so tired when you’ve performed such high level magic.”

“…… Sage. If we don’t get back soon, we’re going to worry everyone.”

 Marie, who had passed by my side, carried Falmer on her back, as if she were lifting some baggage. She used wind magic to lift the tips of Falmer’s shoes, which were scraping the ground because of the height difference and reached for Chris.

“Shall we go, Your Highness?”

“…… I’d like to take a short stroll on my own.”

“I don’t mind, but alone?” (Sage)

“Don’t worry, I travel to and from the human world with just this one body.”

 Chris smiled languidly and changed her posture. Hesitantly, Sage turned himself around as Marie poked him in the back.

 In the solitude of his room, where the footsteps and signs had left her, Chris looked up at the bare bedrock.

“Aaah, seems he’s forgotten after all…….”

 The whispered soliloquy melted into the cold space and disappeared without reaching anyone’s ears.

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