Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: The cheat three-piece set given by the goddess is wonderful!

?{TL Note: Changed the skill name [Item box] to [Inventory]}

After checking the wound of the fallen girl, I went to report to everyone.

“It’s bad! It’s the poison of an arrow poison frog! It’s not an instant death poison, but it’s urgent! If we don’t apply an advanced antidote or advanced detoxification magic, she’ll die in less than an hour!”

?Those who can use advanced recovery magic are said to have been killed first by arrows and magical barrage.

?Advanced antidotes were held only by the knight captain and one female knight.

?So … there were four poisoned people, but the knights only had two advanced antidotes.

?Not enough…

“Doesn’t Ni san always have one on hand?”

“I had two, but I used one a while ago … I felt poisoned, so I immediately used an advanced antidote without checking the degree of poison since I was in battle, I only have one now… “

“It was a wise decision! It’s a good idea to have two of them on hand!”

?My brother gives it to the captain.

“Captain, what are you going to do? It seems that you need one more …”

“… Hurry up and give it to my three subordinates … I’ll take an intermediate antidote …”

?With a prepared look, the captain said this … he was prepared to die if it would save his subordinates.

“” Captain! “”

?The subordinates thank the captain with tears.

“Oh! Captain is cool!” Sparkling!

?I was applauding at the same time as my brother … Wow … Breathtaking … Luke influences me even in such a place!

?The captain is willing to take an intermediate antidote and wait for reinforcements, but that probably won’t help.

?There is a reason why was a certain i’d save the girl who was poisoned from the beginning …

“Oh! By the way, I might have had it … there was. Then, please drink this captain.”

“Luke! You tested the captain!”

?Yes, I actually had a lot of advanced antidotes …

?Why didn’t I use it on her right away … I was wondering if my brother had his properly, and I thought I could see the level of the elite knights in this country.

?Brother, you don’t have to stare so much … In the end, the captain’s stock went up.

“I thought that royalty who face the possibility of assassination like this must have various recovery potions for their own safety, let alone the princess herself? Or is it such a peaceful country? ”

“Luke! Don’t say anything more!”

“No, Luke san is right … I’m embarrassed. Based on this lesson, next time I will definitely bring more people.”

“Princess, it’s good to be honest. The same is true for your knights. It’s too easy to assume that only captains would have it. Certainly, there’s an expiration date, so expensive advanced drugs tend to be rare in the corps, but if you don’t have the government pay it as an expense depending on the situation, it may not be in time if something happens like this time. The value of this corps is less than the antidote. It’s not necessary to have an antidote during normal patrols and guard missions, but in the case of escort missions of royal and superior aristocrats such as princesses, just in case there should be a lot of extras held”

“You’re right… if you didn’t have more, two elite knights would have died.”

“Anyway, I think it would be helpful if you had one captain. Also, it’s dangerous that all the others don’t have one, so a little from my stock. I’ll give to you. “

?The princess, the knights and the knight captain were given one high-grade antidote, and I gave my brother a large number of various potions.

?The princess was also given two advanced recovery potions just in case. It’s best to have more so you can drink it yourself when something goes wrong.

“Does Luke always have this many high-end potions?”

“No … this time it happens.”

“It’s a lie … why did you lie to me … I’m sad …”

?I’ve was told it’s a lie for some reason … I thought I would easily fool her, but how did she know?

“Sorry, Princess. I can’t tell you the truth … It’s a secret.”

“Yes. If you said that from the beginning, I wouldn’t push you to talk…”

?I could be kidnapped by someone if they knew I could make various recovery potions. Potions are scarce and expensive to trade in every country. I don’t want to take the risk. Luke was so cautious that he didn’t even tell his father about this at the direction of his master … only his brother, sister and one gardener knew. It wouldn’t be so easy to say in other countries.

?In the worst case, I may be imprisoned in the duke’s house … From morning till night, I’d be forced to make recovery potions “for the country”.

?Just imagining it makes me feel depressed.

?* * *

?The knights’ lives were saved by taking an advanced antidote, but my crisis sensor is still reacting.

?Am I overlooking something?

“? Master, please use the skill [Search]”

?As the fairy told me, I activate the magic.

?A detailed MAP centered on me appeared translucently on my retina.

“Oh! Amazing, It’s in 3D! What are the red and blue light spots? ?\

“? Apparently, the color represents the target’s hostility. If you raise the skill level, you’ll be able to display a wider range. Currently [Search]’s skill level is level 1, and 1 km seems to be the maximum search range. “

?White: Human (general normal)

?Blue: Party members

?Green: When a person who is registered as a friend is nearby

?Yellow: Hostile

?Red: Those who are trying to kill

?Purple: Demon Beast

?Golden: Treasure

??: Trap

??: Person with marking

?*: Place where the marking is placed

“This is really amazing! There is one red display separate from here. Is someone still in the forest? ?\

“? That’s right”

“This is still amazing, but it would be even more amazing if it could be linked with [Detailed Forensics] …”

“? Eh!? Master! They can be used together with the intention of the master. Please click the red dot in the forest. “

“Seriously !? Which one … What do you to click? ?\

“? You can click with your thoughts. If you focus on the light spot you want to see in detail and want to display details, it’ll be something like clicking the cursor in a game. “

?I focus on the red dot lurking in the forest and click on it.

“Assassin! There was such a dangerous thing? The crisis sensor of my sixth sense isn’t too bad. “

“? Oh! He’s aiming at the princess with a poisoned arrow! ?\

?I immediately take out a shield from my [Inventory] and cut into the line of sight between the princess and the assassin lurking in the forest!

?Can! The high-pitched metallic sound of an arrow colliding with the shield echoes.

“Princess, get in the carriage! It looks like there are still enemies!”

?Cheat 3-piece set is wonderful!

?The female knights surrounded the princess, and the knights headed for the forest. But the Assassin got on a horse on the road and tried to escape.

“Chi! At this point, We won’t catch up even if we chase!”

?The knight captain barked regretfully.

?The horses of the knights stood a little further away … they would be far apart by the time the knights reached the horses. Even if they followed, a horse with a light leather assassin will be much faster than a horse carrying a knight with his heavy armor.

?I take out the bow and shoot three arrows in rapid succession. It’s about 150m away, but the arrows stay strong, with the first hitting the assassin’s legs, the second hitting his back, and the third hitting the hip of the horse’s hind leg. Success! The horse shot in the hips jumps, shaking off it’s rider.

“” Thats amazing! How could you hit him from this distance! “”

“Barus! Capture him! Don’t kill him! He uses poison, so you can hurt him first so he can’t use it.”


?Barus made a light run, then jumped up, glided to the Assassin, and grabbed his body with his claws. His arms are crushed and his dagger dropped.

?Barus … that’s a little overkill. I think he might have lost some ribs there.

?Barus, who returned after using it, happily threw the assassin in front of me … This time his right leg broke due to the impact.

?It’s okay to hurt a little, but … this is overkill.

?But I don’t say that here … Barus is waving his tail, wanting me to praise him.

“Thank you Barus! You brought him without killing him as I asked! Great! Here, it’s a reward!”

?I take out one horn rabbit from [Inventory]. It’s a big rabbit demon beast with a long horn on its head and a height of about 1m.

“Don’t hesitate to eat.”

“Kururu ~~ ?”

?After all, this Drake is cute … It’s very smart, and it’s adorable when I play with it.

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