TTRDP Chapter 58-62

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Chapter 58: I can do my best when eroticism is added to the diet

TN Note: changing Monsters to demon beast as the author recently uses it more often

Apparently, baby Hati has started to sleep out again, It sleeps well.

“What kind of position does a god beast have in the ecosystem?” (Luke)

“What do you mean?”

A sudden question came up. Zeno-san was listening to me.

“You can’t make a servant contract with ordinary animals, like dogs and cats right?”

“You can’t. Only with demon beasts. You can’t contract with ordinary bears, but you can contract with demon beasts such as ” Brown Bear, “” Red Bear, “and” Black Bear”. But you can’t form contracts with demon beasts that have “killer” in their names such as “Killer Bear” and “Killer Mantis”, it seems that even a tamer can’t sign such contracts. “

“But a god beast isn’t a demon beast since there are no magic stones in its body, isn’t it?”

“If you put it that way, yes. So you’re saying it’s a normal animal like a dog or a cat?”

“I’m not sure. Fenrir said that he won’t need to eat as much as a normal servant, but I think it probably has tastes. I think we should give it the pleasure of food through taste. I’ll go buy a baby bottle tomorrow after class. I wonder if they sell bottles for pets or something.”

“I’ll ask the tamer about it and arrange it.”

“That helps. I don’t even know where to go to buy baby bottles for animals.”

The king was about to leave after Hati slept again. However, just before the first queen left, she told Emilia a little harshly.

“Emilia. I was going to keep quiet this time, but I still have to tell you. No matter how unofficial our visit may be, wearing that collar in front of the king was disrespectful. I’m aware of your situation, but I won’t allow you to wear that [recognition-inhibiting collar] on an official occasion. Those who don’t know your situation will think It’s an insult “

“I’m sorry aunt. I usually don’t wear it officially. It’s only when I’m attending school.”

“But you haven’t removed it in front of Luke yet? No matter what, he’s your fiancée.”

“It’s okay, mother-in-law Carmilla, I don’t mind. I’ll wait till she feels like showing me.”

“That’s funny. Do you not care about the appearance of the girl you’re going to get married to?”

“Saying I don’t care, is a lie, but I don’t want to see it so much that I force her and make her scared.”

≪ ♪ As expected of master! Emilia’s a good girl, so you don’t care about her appearance ~≫

“What? Of course I care. There are other girls with good personalities in the class right? Anyway, I prefer a girl with a good personality and good looks.”

≪ ♪ ………… Well, that’s okay …… If a strange man approaches Emilia, Navi will beat him up! ≫  {TN: Whenever ? ? sign is used, the Navi speaking is the Pixie Navi and not the inventory Navi}

“Thank you, Navi!” (Emilia)

Nice work, Navi. It looks like Navi will get along with Emilia first.

“Hmm? I got an email from the school director … Oh! At the staff meeting, it was decided that the sacred beasts and holy beasts could be kept in our own rooms in the dormitory. I think that’s fine. If they’re noisy, it will interfere with the lesson, so I’ll keep it in the dormitory during the lesson … “

I and Mifa received an email from the school director.

“Spinel is smart, so I think she’ll keep quiet during class.”

“Hati seems to be sleeping all the time. Well, the next two days are still part of the ” summoning ceremony “, so we’re just watching from the bleachers, so it’s okay for me to watch these children.”

“What about Dragon-sama?”

“He wrote that I should apply to the government for expansion work on the animal house. Will she have to stay there during class?”

“Will she be obedient?

“I don’t know. But I’m going to let her be free. If it’s a dragon that attacks people, there would be some kind of rumor about it, I think she’s harmless enough to let her run free.”

“That’s right. If you force her to do something badly and make her angry, the country could die. Luke, be very careful. There are some stories about ancient dragons appearing in villages, but becoming a servant, I’ve never heard of it. Given their longevity, being a servant of a person may be just a whim, but please treat it as carefully as possible. ” (King Zeno)

“Yes, I know.”

* * *

Finally everyone has gone home, now it’s time to prepare!

” ♪ Are you going to do it now? 』\

“Of course! The Avatar has developed shampoos and treatments with almost the same ingredients as those of a certain manufacturer, we can’t afford not to try them! 』\

” ♪ Can’t we use the ones made by the avatar today? 』\

” I really want to see if my skill level in the workshop is reflected in reality! 』\

So, on the table, I arrange the materials of this world that the avatars had specified. All the plants were sold in the Yakushi Guild. {TN: Yakushi means Apothecary of medicinal)

By the way, there are amino acid-based shampoos, higher alcohol-based shampoos, and soap-based shampoos in Japan, but this time we will make amino acid-based shampoos that are often found in high-end beauty salons.

Amino acids are less irritating to the hair and scalp and are gentle on the skin. However, the cleansing power is slightly weaker than that of alcohol. Considering the number of times we wash our hair in this world, it may not be very suitable. Still It doesn’t matter cause I take a bath every day.

“Luke, what are you doing?”

Iris asked curiously.

“I’m going to make a liquid soap that I developed before to wash my hair. The one I’m using now will make my hair dry without sesame oil, I don’t really like it.”

Iris also wanted to help, so I asked her to crush the coconut seeds and chop the stems and roots of flowers and plants.

There are quite a lot of processes such as mortaring in a mortar or boiling in holy water. And the most important deciding factor is alchemy magic.

“Alchemy? I can’t do this part … sorry.”

“Well, to be honest, this process is the most important. The ingredients that we don’t need are removed when we synthesize them with alchemy magic.”

“What are you removing?”

“Plants have a lot of toxins. If you boil them, you’ll get lye, which also has a lot of toxins. You can magically erase them.” {TN: Lye is a strongly alkaline solution used for washing or cleansing.}

It took about 1 hour to complete 2L of shampoo, conditioner and body soap.

“It’s done! It’s a hair wash with restorative properties! Let’s use it in the bath right away.”

“Luke, should it be used like traditional soap?”

“Yes, but in order. First, use this light blue liquid soap to remove dirt, and then use this light green one with restorative properties to moisturize and restore damaged hair. This white one is for body use only. There is also one for the face, but I didn’t make it today because I still have a lot of stuff I made before.

Navi even made facial soap, lotion and milky lotion for after taking a bath. When I said, “I don’t need that kind of thing,” she emphasized that it was absolutely necessary to increase the girls’ liking.

I think she definitely wanted it.

“I’m not sure how to use it. That’s right! Luke, I have a swimsuit with me, may I join you?”

Hey, are you serious? It’s like she’s asking me to attack, right?

“♪ Hmm, that doesn’t seem to be the case. She just wants to try the products she made together with you as soon as possible. But she doesn’t know how to use it, so it seems she thought it would be good to go together. Creating a situation where she can’t complain even if she’s attacked … I’m a little worried about this girl. “

” You’re talking about wearing a swimsuit, but don’t you think I’d get lustful and attack you? Are you a little sweet girl like that, or are you inviting me?”

“Huh? Oh!! I didn’t mean to invite you! I’m sorry. I forgot that you’re a boy of my age.”

“No, I’m sorry for spoiling your fun and dampening your mood. But you can’t complain if I get in the mood and attack you, okay?”

“That’s right. It seems that I was a little wrong about the distance between us”

Wow, she’s really depressed.

She was having fun until a while ago …

“Well, then, get ready for the bath and put on your swimsuit. I’ll teach you how to use it.”


“Don’t worry, I won’t attack you. Your guard was just so loose that I had to jab at you.”

“That’s right. Your points this time are high too! You could have attacked silently, but instead advised me properly! You’re liking has gone up again!”

“You’re really a girl I don’t understand …”

“Is that so? I’m an ordinary girl of my age? I’m just a calculating girl who thinks about whether or not she can make herself happy first and foremost. “

“Oh really?”

“Then, I’ll prepare for the bath. Yes, let’s do muscle training before taking a bath today. Yesterday we were sweating after taking a bath and it was a hassle to do it twice. Today, we’ll do exercise before taking a bath. Let’s practice the massage later. This is most efficient. “

* * *

Iris, who went to prepare for the bath and came back, was wearing a blue bikini.

As usual, she holds my legs down when I’m doing sit-ups, but … this is worse than yesterday! Every time I get up, the big melon in front of me shakes!

“Iris. Don’t you understand what I just said! What’s with this delicious melon?”

“Melon!? Because Luke said he didn’t like inefficiencies, I thought I’d be as efficient as possible.”

“Sure, when I ordered you to have a meal together, I said that … but with that kind of swaying! You can’t complain even if you’re attacked!”

“Unlike before, I’m prepared for it this time!”


“♪ Hmmm, she certainly seems to be prepared. From Iris’s perspective, Master seems to be by far the best marriage partner ever. The deciding factor is that you got the sacred beast and the ancient dragon as servants. This girl often uses the word “calculative”, but it seems that the most important thing is who makes her happy. “

Did she decide I was going to make her happy? I’m very happy to think that such a cute girl thought so. It’s a man’s best interest. But, after all, it’s because I have the welfare of an apostle rather than me as an individual.

It’s said that not eating a set meal is the shame of a man, but I don’t think now is the time.

I’m not sure if I’d have taken it if it was me before I died, but in this world, there are ties to nobility. It’s not that I’m intimidated because Iris is too cute and I don’t want to scare her.

“Hmm … I want to attack you, but I’ll put up with it.”

“Is that so? To be honest, I’m relieved to hear that, but I feel a little disappointed because I was prepared for it.”

“It’s because I have Mifa. It’s a little dishonest to touch Iris first since I accepted Mifa’s confession. If I touch Iris now and she finds out, there will probably be a lot of complicated feelings. In particular, I think she would feel more uncomfortable with Iris than with me.?Worst of all, she’d probably have bad feelings and hate you, right?”

“That’s right! I almost got disliked by Mifa! This time is also a high point! Luke is a person who can be very considerate of his surroundings. Today alone Luke’s favorability points are MAX!”

Iris seems to have completely favored me. However, because of that, she began spartan muscle training saying, “Be thin.”

“26 ~ (Pururun!), That’s it! 4 more times! Good luck Luke! Just a little more! 27 ~ (Pururun!)”

Quite tough! However, as long as there is a purun purun in front of me, I am motivated MAX!

If it’s just hard, I won’t last, but if erotism is added to it, a man’s switch gets turned on and he can work harder than his normal physical strength!

Iris Trainer’s bikini diet is amazing!

Chapter 59: Iris’ Appeal

Trainer Iris’ training is a little tough.

I’m pushing my limits, but unlike yesterday, with the addition of this small reward, I’m doing my best without making any noise.

My arms are twitching from the push-ups, but I’m still being forced to swing a wooden sword.

“30 more! Good luck Luke ~ ?”

My body is screaming and complaining that it wants to stop, but Iris is swinging a sword in front of me… in a bikini.

Naturally, every time Iris swings her sword, it shakes! It’s really shaking! It’s hard on my body, but I just empty my mind and look only at this scene and swing my sword innocently. If I concentrate only on the swaying scene, I can still do it! Or rather, I want to see more Purunpurun! My body is screaming, but my instinct drives me to see this scene a little more.

“That’s it! Luke, thank you for your hard work! That’s all for today. Let’s do our best tomorrow!”

“Hah, hah …… finally finished …… thanks for putting up with me Iris …… good job… …Phew~ I’m tired~”

“It’s hydration loss from sweat. Let’s go to the bath after drinking this.”

She gives me some cold water … The water after exercise is delicious! Water at room temperature is good for the body, but it definitely tastes better when cold.

“Puha! Revived!”

I use [Clean] on the sweaty floor before heading to the bath.

* * *

“This is the liquid soap that I just made, but for now, if we soak in the bathtub after we’ve poured it on and rinsed it off, it’ll be easier to clean off the dirt.

I Soak in the bathtub alongside Iris that can accommodate about four people.

I have a wipe around my waist. It’s not as good as a Japanese bath towel, but it’s a cotton cloth that absorbs moisture.

Iris is wearing her blue bikini as it is.

When her body is warm, I’ll wash her hair with shampoo.

“This time I’ll teach you how to use it, so I’ll wash your hair.”

“What? That’s no good! If people knew the prince washed my hair, they would get angry!”

“It’s not like that, This is guidance. It’s hands-on instruction. You’d learn better if you actually see it right?”

I said guidance, but anyone can understand shampoo if I explain it verbally and show them how to use it. I simply want to wash Iris’s beautiful hair.

“Hmm, the sesame oil isn’t letting it lather… I think it’s better to do this twice.”

So, I wash it two times.

“Usually about a tablespoon is enough. This is enough for the second time.”

“Wow! Luke, this feels really good!”

It feels good to have people wash your hair. I felt very good when I got washed at the barbershop or beauty salon.

“Don’t use your fingernails, but use your fingers to gently massage the skin.”

The second time, the oil and sebum of the sesame oil had been roughly removed, so It formed a good lather.

“This time I’ll wash Luke-sama!”

“Hmm … then I’ll ask.”

I was lost for a moment because a certain imagination came to me… It was as expected. Whenever Iris scrubbed my hair, her melon at close range would bounce. It’s a destructive power that can’t be compared to that of when doing sit-ups.

My abdominal muscles hurt so much back then that nothing changed for me, but this time it isn’t possible … Rather, if you have a 15-year-old boy who doesn’t get excited with this, you should go to the hospital immediately and have him checked for ED.

Yes … a part of the cloth around my waist was forming a tent.

“……… That … Luke … this is …”

“Don’t say anything … pretending not to notice is also an act of kindness, right?”

“Fufufu, I’m a little relieved, or rather happy. I was a little worried that you weren’t very interested or attracted to me because you didn’t respond to me at all during training.”

“The attraction is there. I’m very attracted to you! I just don’t want to do anything to make Mifa sad right now. To be honest, I’m the kind of person who thinks it’s okay to have just one girl you like.

“Well … that’s …”

“I know, maybe the people around me won’t allow it. King Zeno and Duke Guile even talk about me getting engaged to other girls.”

“Do you not want a second wife or concubine?”

“Yeah. King Zeno and his wives seem to be doing well, but I’ve heard that there are many aristocrats who fight and kill each other over their successors …”

“Yes. It actually happens a lot.”

” I don’t want to see anything like that. It’s not always the case that two women will get along, even if I fall in love with them. I think it’s more likely that they won’t get along due to the succession issues and jealousy I mentioned earlier. I don’t want to see the women I love fighting each other. And I definitely don’t want to see brothers killing each other over succession.”

“Then, there isn’t a problem if the wives are very close to each other right?”

“Eh? Ah, yeah, that’s right … But we won’t know until we get married, right?”

“For example, Erika, Mifa-sama’s maid, how about her? You don’t have to worry about that because they’re so close to each other right?”

“Sure … there may not be a problem with those two. Well, the feelings of me and Erica are most important so that won’t happen.”

“Fufufu, how about this. Erica and I are good friends! We’re related after all, and we’ve known each other since we were children..”

“Are you appealing?”

“Of course.”

“You’re pretty aggressive.”

“Yes, because I don’t think there’ll be any better lords than Luke in the future. If I miss this opportunity, I’ll be forced to marry someone I don’t like by my father. I’ll use these three years to slowly make you fall for me. “

Iris swore to me with a big smile.

Looking at Iris again … she’s cute.

Her food is delicious and her personality is perfect.

I’ve never been uncomfortable with her for the past few days.

Isn’t Iris a super-excellent property? She’s gotten a little closer to me and has developed a tendency to act like a big sister, but it’s not an unpleasant feeling.

“Ah, it’ll be three years, so if you’re a man, you’d usually fall. I’ll treat Iris as if I’m going to be that kind of person in the future. I’m sorry I can’t get engaged to you right now because the royal family’s involved, but if we do get married, I’ll take you in as my second wife, not a concubine. Duke Guile may have said concubine in case something happens with the succession issue, but if I can become the head of a marquis family, it becomes a different story. “

“Eh? Is that true! I’m glad! But I’m the third wife because you have Emilia, you can’t pull out anymore! Fufufu, we’ll definitely get married ~ “

King Zeno said he’ll give me the rank of Marquis. Then, since I’m the owner, the issue of a successor to the Duke of Forest is another story. The point is that when I really get married to Emilia and a boy is born, he’ll be adopted by Duke Guile’s house.

“Well, next before your body gets cold.”

“Oh, it settled before I knew it …”

“Just pretend you don’t know that …”

“Okay, okay…”

“Next I’m going to wash my face, but this could be the last thing I do.”

“Which is better?”

“First you soak in a bathtub to warm up, which opens up the pores and makes it easier to remove dirt. However, after some people with an oily constitution soak in the bath, they sweat and the area around their nose will become sticky again, so the order of washing depends on the individual. I washed my hair first, but some people wash their body first”

“Well, I started from the top … so I’ll wash my face too.”

“Then use about one teaspoon.”

I lather well and wash my face cleanly.

“Oh? My face feels smooth after washing!”

“Then, let’s do a treatment this time. This is also the one I made before, but it has the strong effect of repairing damaged hair. You don’t have to do this every day. And wash your body while you leave it.”

“Wow, this white stuff is really bubbling! It’s fluffy ?”

?I just watch Iris wash her body … I can’t take my eyes off the rugged sight of a cotton cloth being inserted into the gaps of the blue bikini!

“Luke, I’ll be embarrassed if you look so hard.”

“No, I couldn’t help it … it’s a really nice view.”

“There have been a lot of boys glancing at my chest and so on, but it’s rare for someone like Luke to glance at me without hesitation. It’s less unpleasant than sneaking glances. “

“Well, it depends on who the other person is. I guess it seems that way now, but wouldn’t you have hated it if it was back when you were showing me to the bathroom at the duke’s house?”

“Maybe … At that time, I only thought of you as a ‘peeping demon orc prince’. Well, let me wash your back.”

“Peeping demon … That’s true. Well …”

I didn’t peep!

I had Iris wash my back. After all it feels great to have someone wash it.

“Rinse the treatment and body foam together with hot water, and finally add conditioner. It should be applied quickly to the hair and rinsed gently. If you rinse it out completely, you’ll wash out the moisturizing ingredients and the effect will be diminished.”

“Wow! No way, what’s this? My hair feels amazing through my fingers!”

I warmed myself up again in the bathtub and finished. I quickly wipe myself off and leave the bathroom telling Iris to leave her hair to dry as she left.

“You don’t have to add sesame oil in the future.” (Luke)

“But that would make your hair dry and damaged.”

“Just sit here”

I dry Iris’s hair by blowing warm air from the palm of my hand using a combination of wind magic and fire magic.

“That’s amazing. Is it composite magic? I can only use wind.”

“It’s not that difficult. It’s also magic practice, but if you fail, you’ll get burned, so you need to be a little more skilled.”

“Yes, I’ll try my best!”

And after her hair was dry, Iris broke…

“Oh my god, what’s this? It’s smooth! No way! My hair doesn’t get tangled in my fingers! There’s an angel ring on my head!”

“Calm down Iris”

“I can’t be calm! This is important! Luke, I’m going out for a while!”

“It’s already 8 o’clock, where to?”

“I’ll be back soon!

She left in the middle of our conversation.

I wanted her to give me a massage cause I was working out so hard.

But she came back really quickly.

With Mifa and Erica —

Chapter 60: Girls are greedy for beauty in every world

Iris went out in a hurry but soon came back with Erica and Mifa. Moreover, Mifa’s hair is soaked and drops are dripping on her uniform.

“What’s wrong … why are you dressed like that?”

Neither Mifa nor Erica wore their uniforms properly, unlike usual. She didn’t fasten the first button on her shirt and didn’t wear a ribbon. They didn’t wear tights or socks and wore short skirts exposing their bare legs. It feels like they just got out of the bath rushed here.

“Luke, you know what we’re here for right?”

Erica, not Mifa, said that.

“Well, somehow … it’s a bath, right?”

“Yes. I touched Iris’s hair. It’s so good! Could you please do the same for me and Mifa?”

“If I say no, I’ll feel bad so It’s okay ……. It looks like you’re ready to go in, you even brought a change of clothes. Were you taking a bath?”

“I’m sorry Luke-sama. We barged in so late, but when we touched Iris’s silky hair, we couldn’t help ourselves …” (Mifa)

“So you cut short your bath and came here?”

Both are probably no bra. Erica isn’t using the [Subspace Warehouse], but is holding a change of clothes in her hand so she can hide her chest. Mifa is hugging the sleeping spinel.

All the girls in the class wear something like a tank top or camisole to keep their underwear from showing through.

“Luke, I’m sorry I called the princess without permission, but I wanted Erica and the princess to try it too.”

“That’s fine, but Iris, I wasn’t done.”

“There was still more?”

“Yeah. There were lotions and emulsions that moisturize the face and smoothen the texture of the skin. There’s also a cream for hands and feet. It’s all about beauty, though. It’s meant to make your skin beautiful, to tone it, to moisturize it, to whiten it.

“For beauty? Is it too late to do it?”

“There’s no problem if it’s now. but you need to take a bath with Mifa and Erica and show them how to use it, right?”

“Oh, that’s right. Then when we’re done I’d like to ask you for those things that make you beautiful.”

I heated the water again and the three of them went into the bathroom.

“Really girls like this kind of thing. That doesn’t change even in another world, right? 』\


Hmm? No reply from Navi?

“Navi? 』\

It seems like she’s not in the inventory, so I look at the MAP.

It showed me an overlapping Hati and Spinel on the bed. I looked and saw Navi sleeping peacefully using Hati’s body as a pillow. Haha, cute.

It will be a great picture, so I took one … I feel healed.

By the way, this is a disadvantage of summoning Navi. By gaining substance, Navi needs to sleep. She was tired and fell asleep because there were so many things today.

From the bathroom, I can hear the laughter of three people.

I’m curious but I won’t peep like Luke.

* * *

I dry the princess’s hair when she came out.

The princess’s hair is long, so it will take time and it’s difficult. Even so, her hair is beautiful … When it dried, it was so thin and silky, which made it feel comfortable in my hands.

“Mifa’s hair is thin and beautiful, isn’t it?”

“Is that so? I’m happy you say so ?”

“So why is your hair wet?”

“Well, to show it in action … Yes, I demonstrated it!” (Iris)

“Well, it’s okay, but I’ll tell you now, it doesn’t improve because you use it many times. On the contrary, if you use it many times a day, it will damage your hair, so use it moderately.”

“Okay, so the one that clears the skin …”

Does she really get it …

I take out the bottles containing lotion and milky lotion.

“Well, let’s start with the face …… first, the lotion. This is a mixture of water and moisturizer and is mainly responsible for replenishing the skin’s moisture. At this time of the year, this is enough, but in the dry winter months, it’s good to add milky lotion as well. It’s is a well-balanced mixture of moisture, oil, and moisturizer that keeps the skin hydrated and soft. Both of them also contain restorative agents that help heal rough skin and whiten spots and freckles.

Erica and Iris are delighted to hear the benefits.

“As far as I heard, the milky lotion seems better, but why are there two types?” (Iris)

I shake the 2 bottles.

“As you can see, the lotion is a smooth liquid. The milky lotion is a liquid with a lot of oil. Some people who have a fat constitution would prefer the lotion to the milky lotion.”

“That’s why you made two types? (Erica)

“Yeah, but lotion penetrates the skin more easily, so I think it’s more effective to apply this first and then coat it with the emulsion.”

Then I helped them apply it.

“Wow! My skin is soft and supple!” (Mifa)

“This is amazing! And it smells good!” (Erika)

“Luke! Your points went up again ?”

It seems that both Mifa and Erica liked it.

Iris also says that she likes it, but let’s ignore her for the time being.

“Next is the one applied to the body. There are three types. Lotion, oil and cream. They’re all for moisturizing, but the moisturizing properties are higher in the order of oil> cream> lotion. The higher the oil content, the stickier it gets. In the dry season, oil should be applied to the shins and elbows. Cream can be used as well. For everyday use, lotion should be enough. “

“Would you help me apply it Luke?”

Mifa asked me cutely.

“I can, but … I’ll need to touch your bare skin?”

“Yes. It’s embarrassing, but please do!”

With a little excitement, I applied lotion to Mifa’s thin and beautiful legs. There is no wasted hair in humans of this world. The skin is really smooth and has a fine texture. What a perk!

Iris and Erica also happily applied it on their shins and arms.

After that, and after drinking tea that Iris brewed, Mifa and Erika stayed until almost curfew. By the way, the curfew of this school is 11:00 at night. I thought it was quite late, but after all, the adults in this world are 16 years old. In other words, most of the school students are adults.

Everyone went home and fell asleep, but the next morning Iris and Mifa woke me with angry voices… what the hell is going on?

Chapter 61: King Zeno’s Earnest Request


In the morning …… I was woken up by an angry voice for some reason.

“Hmm? Good morning … huh … are you angry?”

“Luke! Who is that child?”

“Yes, even though you have me …”

” Luke-sama, I’m afraid I don’t approve of your taste…”

As Iris, Mifa, and Erica say this, when my consciousness completely awakened, I felt something warm on my body.

Navi is sleeping on my chest and Hattie is snuggling up on the left side, but the problem is on the right side. A pretty girl is snuggled up to me and sleeping comfortably.

Mifa and the rest came to invite me for a walk, but it seems that they saw this child sleeping on my arm pillow, peeking out from under the sheets.

“Did you not notice her when you woke up, Iris-san?” (Mifa)

“Yeah. I got out of my room and saw Luke sleeping from a distance so I started preparing breakfast. I didn’t look closely. So, Luke … Who is that child? “

“No, even I want to know.”

When I got up and turned over the sheets, the child was naked.

It looks like a cute girl of a delicate age who can be taken as a girl or a little girl.

“Hey, get up!”

≪ ♪ Fah ~~, Good morning master ~ ≫

Navi woke up first.

“Navi, who is this kid?”

≪ ♪ Eh ~~, who … ≫

Oh, the girl also got up! Rubbed her eyes, looked around, and then looked at me.

“Aruji, good morning!”

“Hmm? You, are you Diana?”

“Diana? You’re the master who has a contract with this mistress, you know?”

“” Ancient Dragon? “”

“Yeah. I understand somehow. You can humanize. By the way, Diana, why are you naked?”

“This mistress doesn’t have clothes.”

“Iris, I’m sorry, can you lend her something to wear? It’s slightly bulging, so I can’t look at her.”

“Subtle, Aruji is rude!”

“Did you not notice when Diana went to bed?” (Mifa)

“Yeah. I didn’t notice at all. By the way, how did Diana come in? Yesterday Mifa and Erika were here till the last minute of curfew, so if you came after that, the dormitory would have been locked and couldn’t be entered. “

Diana gently pointed her finger towards the window —

“What did you do!”

When I looked where she was pointing, a part of the window glass was broken.

“This mistress isn’t bad! When I took my luggage from the burrow and came back, all the rooms were pitch black, and I can’t go naked in front of the guards. I found your room, and when I looked inside, the Lord was sleeping, so I broke in. “

“I didn’t notice at all. Did you notice it Navi? I wish Diana woke me up before breaking the window.”

≪ ♪ I called out. The master didn’t wake up, though. Then she broke in immediately, so I thought it wouldn’t make sense for you to wake up now, so I just slept with Diana.>>

“Luke, it’s mine, so it might be a little big, but I brought my clothes.”

“Thank you Iris. Diana, wear this for the time being.”

“Hmm. Isn’t this a cute underwear?”

“Kyoryu-sama! Don’t spread my panties in front of Luke-sama!” {TN:Kyoryu can mean Old Dragon}

It’s cute light blue underwear. Diana GJ!


“Good morning Hati”

“” God beast, cute! “”

≪ ♪ Hati needs to pee in the morning. Hati, you can’t do it here ~. Come along ~ ≫

It’s following Navi, even though It’s wobbling.

“Seriously? Does he understand what you’re saying?”

≪ ♪ Leave Hati’s discipline to Navi? I’ll use sleep learning to teach words and basic manners, so he’ll learn much faster than a normal wolf ≫

“Because he’s young, don’t go crazy? Well, I’ll leave it to you.”

≪ ♪ Rajah! leave it to me! ≫

“Well, did everyone’s misunderstandings go away?”

“Oh, yes. I’m sorry. I misunderstood.”(Iris)

“Luke, I made a mistake. I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry I suspected you had a little girl hobby!”

“Erica is the worst! Well, you were surprised, so you can’t help it.”

“But if Kyoryu-sama can be humanized, you can stay with her during class, right?” (Iris)

“That’s right. Diana, what are you going to do? We can’t leave you during class. Would you like me to ask the school director if we can take classes together?”

“Hmm, I’m interested in the school that humans go to. I want to go to class with Aruji. I don’t like staying home alone.”

Today’s walk was a large group. Iris had already finished preparing breakfast, so she’s coming with us.

It looks like 5 people, 2 beasts, and a fairy.

“Hati still can’t walk for a while.”

He likes to walk, but He’s still a bit wobbly. The long distance was hard on his legs, so I carried him from the middle of the walk.

* * *

After the walk, we meet with Emilia and Natalia and have breakfast. Emilia is doing well today.

After breakfast, we were all relaxing with a cup of tea when there was a knock at the door.

Visitors at this time? It’s almost time to head to homeroom.

“Luke, I’m sorry to visit so early.”

“Father?” (Mifa)

It was King Zeno.

He ate dinner with us yesterday, but he came again.

“What happened so early in the morning?”

” There’s someone who needs your help. I’ve been quite lost trying to say that cause I don’t want to be hated by you, but he’s weak enough to die today. I beg of you, he’s an excellent fellow. I don’t want him to die! Please help me! “

Mr. Zeno bowed deeply and asked me to help one of his vassals.

This person is really cool!

Even though he’s a king, he can bow his head to a guy who is the same age as his daughter for his subordinates.

“♪ Master, with the blessing of the god beast from Fenrir, the amount of magic power you have has increased, and the passives of [MP recovery speed increase] and [MP recovery amount increase] are now added. Unlike when you were in the Duchy, you can now treat a good number of people. “

“Yeah. I want to save the lives that can be saved. “

Still, it’s still tough for me alone. But this king takes good care of me. It’s a hassle, but let’s teach the temple officials about bacteria and viruses.

“♪ That’s right. So should Navi make a picture book that’s easy to understand? 』\

“A picture book … Yeah, that’s a good idea. Make sure It shows that there are tiny invisible germs that enter the body and cause disease. Also, write the difference between it and the common cold.”

“♪ I understand”

“Okay. The first graders are only watching the” summoning ceremony “of the second and third graders today anyway, so we don’t have class, let’s go for the treatment immediately.”

“Is that fine?”

“Yes, I’ll refuse if it interferes with what I want to do, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to help people, but there are some conditions.”

“What are they?”

Keep me a secret (maybe even a mask)

If the treated person is an aristocrat, he should make a donation worthy of his house.

Use the donation to build a state-owned clinic

“As far as I can think of, that’s about it. I may add to it again later.”

“Shouldn’t you plan more in your own interest? It’s also a chance to sell your name.”

“I don’t want to sell my name. Also, prepare a large mansion with some rooms. Can you collect all the people you need treatment? The number of people is unlimited, any number will do, so please collect them all. “

“Any number of people?”

“Yes, I’m heading to Duke Guile’s house this Friday night, but until then I’ll do as much treatment as I can after school in the mansion, but keep everyone in a separate room. If we gather them in the same room, even those who are not infected will be. Also, this treatment of mine can actually be taught to a certain extent. Can you gather five representatives from the temple who are at least level 5 in magic manipulation and have advanced recovery magic and advanced antidote magic? “

“Is it something you can teach? Can you teach them?”

“Yes, no problem. Can you also tell Duke Guile to collect any patients who need to be treated in one place?”

“You could make a lot with this remedy you know?”

“I’m not in trouble with money and I’m not trying to make money from human life. That’s why I’ll only teach temple officials. They do ask for donations but that’s for running the orphanage and maintaining the temple.”

“Thank you. As king, I will reward this favor as much as possible.”

“” Luke, you’re so wonderful ? “” (Mifa & Erika)

“You’ve earned points again! You’ve already broken the limits ?”

“♪ Emilia also feels good about this! 』\

I and Iris decided to skip class and go for the treatment. It was just watching anyway.

Chapter 62: Ancient Dragon’s Past Story

After breakfast, when I was relaxing with everyone until it was time to start class, King Zeno visited me. He came so early because he had a vassal who he really wanted me to help.

I thought it was cool to see the king bowing for his vassals.

For the time being, I decided to go to the vassal’s house, since he was in a dangerous state.

The person lived in a large mansion not far from the school, but this is …

“King Zeno, it may be too late …”

“Is it really……”

He’s already unconscious and barely breathing.

My appraisal magic showed that he was in a serious condition.

“[Clean] [Aquala heal] [Aquala cure]. Can you take off his clothes?”

We take off his clothes because the smell was too strong, as expected, he had a bad case of bedsores. {TN: A type of ulcer}

But this is relatively easy to cure in this world of magic and healing potions.

I used [Clean] on him and the bed again, shaved off the rotting flesh with a knife, and liberally sprayed the affected area with an advanced recovery potion that was more effective than my intermediate recovery magic. As soon as I did, the large hole in the skin of his buttocks began to close up.

“Why didn’t you take action before this happened!”

“I’m very sorry!”

King Zeno’s angry voice flies at the servant who was caring for him.

“King Zeno, I know you’re angry, but no one wants to stay in the same room as a terminally ill patient with labor cough for a long time, I think he left the room immediately after changing diapers, so he probably didn’t notice. He’s not a care professional from the clinic, he’s a servant who doesn’t have that kind of knowledge from the beginning. There’s no use blaming him. “

It’s terrible to blame a caregiver in a world where you don’t even know how to protect yourself and may fall sick.

“He was one of my party members when I was attending the knight academy. He became a guard knight saying he would serve me even after graduation. He’s saved my life. The wounds on his back that couldn’t be healed by magic are from when he was slashed with a poisoned sword while defending me in a bandit subjugation … “

King Zeno stroked the wound on his back and told me an old story. Poisonous wounds leave burn-like marks if they’re treated too late.

“He’s my best friend”

I dressed him in a new nightwear and pour my master’s special potion down his throat to drink.

“Luke, what’s that?”

Iris, who was looking quietly, asked from the side.

“It’s a nourishing tonic specially made by my master. Even if treated, people die if they don’t eat. One bottle of master’s potion can give enough nutrition for one day.”

“Is it an elixir of the great sage Edward!”

King Zeno also took a bite, but if he heard the ingredients, he’d probably be turned off.

“… Zeno-sama? … Why are you here …”

His consciousness has returned, but he isn’t recovered and has a weak voice.

“You’re awake, how are you feeling?”

” Zeno-sama… Please get out of this room soon … You’ll catch my illness…”

I whispered to King Zeno.

“King Zeno, today and tomorrow are the turning point. He lives if he stays energetic, so please encourage him not to lose his current energy.”

King Zeno nodded to me and then screamed at him.

“How long are you going to take a break from work! Why have you abandoned your escort duties! Today I brought a recovery master who can cure labor cough! You’ll get better soon, so come back to work quickly!”

It’s a terrible encouragement, but it seems to have touched his heart.

“Haha, you’re the same as always, telling a dying sick man to get back to work. I’d do that if I could. ……”

The wording has changed to be more for close friends than for the king.

“This healer is amazing. He cured my brother’s wife Sasha of her labor cough in no time. And he’s going to be my son-in-law. Mifa was so in love with him that she said if she couldn’t marry him, she’d stay single forever.

“Princess Mifa? Am I really saved?”

“Yes. Labor cough is no longer an incurable disease. The rest depends on your energy.”

Huh? Isn’t this person’s eyes full of energy?

“♪ It’s amazing. He started to circulate his magic power. He’s probably okay now. ”

“King Zeno. He seems to have started magic cycling voluntarily. He’s probably okay now. Or rather, I don’t feel like he’s dying.”

After that, his family was called in and he was encouraged by the children and became even more energetic.

I treat the infected people in the mansion.

“Four people need retreatment, so I’ll come back tomorrow.”

I said that then left the mansion.

“Thank you Luke! I’ll definitely return this favor!”

I went around four houses this morning and treated them all.

* * *

I went to the royal castle to have lunch, but court dishes that made me and Iris nervous were lined up.

“Luke, can you really treat as many people as I want?”

“Yes, any number of people is fine. As I’ve said many times, I have a lot of things I want to do. I can’t just do treatment all the time, so please gather the people from the temple as soon as possible. “

“In that case, I was contacted earlier and the Pope and the saint will come tomorrow. Seven high-ranking surgeons, including two water attributes, will also be available.”

“I understand. Iris will accompany me, so please make arrangements so that she won’t be treated as absent.”

“Of course, this will be treated as a public service. I’ll talk to the school director so that your attendance won’t be affected.”

“By the way, thank you for your help with Diana.”

With permission from the school director, Diana can now take classes with us.

“I was surprised that the old dragon was having such a cute figure this morning. After all, Diana was the guardian dragon of the dwarf town of Garrel.”

“Guardian dragon?”

“Yes. It’s a famous story that has been preserved in biographies. Garrel is a town famous for blacksmithing in the mines, but until 600 years ago, it was a small temporary village set up beside the mines. The story begins when the village chiefs were attacked by a demon beast on their way back from stocking up on supplies but were saved by a large black dragon. At first, they were more afraid of the dragon than the demonic beast that attacked them, but after kicking the demonic beast away, they offered the dragon three barrels of sake from the wagon they had just purchased as a thank you for not attacking them.”

” Sake, is it? But with that big body, it’s more like licking than drinking.”

“It would be the case if she remained in the form of a dragon. It seems that the black dragon came to the village a few days after being saved. It is said that after landing on the village square, it turned into a beautiful black-haired girl. ‘The story of the village chiefs is a lie’, the villagers, who suspected that they had drunk the alcohol themselves, were surprised when they saw the real thing. They didn’t feel any fear at all for the pretty girl, and the whole village seemed to embrace her. “

“No way, Diana was tamed by being fed …”

“The story says that the black dragon was very pleased and blessed the village. It was beside a mine, so the crops didn’t grow much until then, but they did after receiving her blessing. It seems monsters were afraid of the aura of the dragon and didn’t approach at all, also the black dragon was their object of worship. “

“I’ll ask her next time.”

“There is still a continuation. Since then, she came to visit the village from time to time, and one of the villagers who became friends with Kyoryu casually said, “Have any of your scales fallen off? It seems that it was just in time for her scales to grow back, and he got a lot of scales from the black dragon’s nest.. “

“Scales? was the dragon molting?”

“Yes, but it’s not something that peels off like a snake, but it seems that scales will be replaced. So, weapons and armor such as the plate mail of the black dragon using the peeled scales are super hard and can be made into national treasures. It seems that the temporary village became a town with the profits, so it must be a great item. “

“♪ Zeno wants some scales that have fallen out.”

“Are there some in Diana’s nest? 』\

“♪ There are quite a few. She only brought treasure, so let’s go collect it quickly. “

“I’ll go to the nest next time. If there is, I’d want a black plate mail or something that looks cool.”

“That’s right! I’m sure it will be absolutely cool! It’s said that the black dragon has stopped visiting since the village chief died, but since dwarves are a long-lived race like elves, those who were children at that time will still be alive. Wouldn’t it be nice to visit once? I think a good dwarf craftsman will process it if you bring the scales. ” (King Zeno)

“Sure. If I have scales, it would be fun to visit with Diana.”

This story is a biography of the ancient dragon, not a story of Diana who was a drake, but if a part of her memory has fused like me, Diana now probably has some feelings for the town.

In the afternoon, I plan to visit the royal castle and the houses related to the women.

Mr. Zeno advised me to take good care of the tea party members.

Kay's translations
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