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Chapter 74: Finals Day 4

“Zero ni-sama … You should get up soon …”

“A little more …”

“It can’t be helped … just a little more.”


Yesterday I went home with Sophie as it was … Then I relaxed with Sophie in preparation for the finals … Then I tried to sleep … but I was so excited and nervous about the finals that I slept late.

“It’s been five minutes already?”

“Then … 5 minutes more …”


I can hear Sophie’s voice trying to wake me right by my ear, the futon is also warmer than usual …

“Hmm …!”


When I changed my posture a little, I hit something. There shouldn’t be anything on my bed.


“Good morning”

“Good morning … no! Not! Why is Sophie in my bed !?”

The reason Sophie’s voice was heard right by my ears and the bed was warmer than usual was because Sophie was in the bed.

“When did you get in !?”

“Well, I wonder.”

Sophie grins like a little devil, I wonder if she’s happy with the success of her little prank.

“Have the matches already begun?”

“No … they haven’t started yet.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, that’s right”

I’m really tired this morning. If this is a strategy, it’s working great.

“Breakfast is ready, so please come quickly.”


And this time, with her usual cute smile, she said so and headed for the living room.


“Zero ni-sama! We’re getting late!”

“I’m ready!”

After having breakfast and getting ready, the two of us went to the arena. Looking at us now, no one would think that we would have a match in the future.

“Good luck, both of you.”

“Thank you”

“thank you”

Upon arriving at the arena, Shana was waiting for us and gave us words of support.

“But I want Sophia to win.”


“Then I won’t be weaker than Zeros.”

In short, if I beat Sophie, the order of strength would be me, Sophie then Shana, but if I lose to Sophie, the order of strength is Sophie first and we don’t know if Shana is second. That’s why she wants me to lose. Normally, you wouldn’t say something like that even if you thought it, but it’s one of Shana’s good points that she dares to say it clearly without hesitation.

“See you later”

“See you”

Then Shana waved to us two and headed for the audience.

“Well then”

“Let’s go.”

And we headed to the waiting room of the arena.

“The match is over! Winner! Watts Colekin !!”

“” Waah ~~~ !!! “”

And as I watched the 3rd place match with Sophie, the guy who fought with me seems to have won. The match wasn’t over in a short time, and both martial arts and magic were used to some extent. But in the end, it came down to close combat, and the one who was better at close combat ended up winning.

“Finally! We will start this year’s battle in the park final!”

When we heard the announcement, Sophie and I headed from the waiting room to the center of the arena.

“Zero ni-sama”


“I’ll do everything I can now without any secrets. It’s okay to hold back, but don’t lose without doing anything alright?”


To be honest, I was still wondering whether to use lightning magic. However, thanks to Sophie, such troubles have been resolved. If she knew I was in trouble and said so, I really can’t beat Sophie. But if I don’t use thunder magic, I can make an excuse for losing saying it’s cause I didn’t use it, but if I use it and lose, I can’t make any excuses. Maybe Sophie wants to win by putting me in a position where I can’t make excuses? If that’s the case, there’s no way I’m going to make up an excuse for losing when my sister’s gone this far Then, depending on the situation, I’ll use spirit magic … Alright! Let’s get prepared.

“The final match! Zeros Adolfo vs. Sophia Adolfo, Begin!”

And the final match, me and Sophie’s brother-sister confrontation began.

Chapter 75: Finals Part 1

“The final! Zeros Adolfo vs. Sophia Adolfo, Begin!”

“Thunder Enchantment!”

The moment it started, I rushed towards her. I feel bad for Sophie, but I’m not going to let her do anything.

“Be heavy! Gravity!”

When Sophie turned her hand towards me and muttered something, I slammed my head against the ground.

“Argh …”

It’s heavy as if the gravity on me increased for some reason. It was sudden so I fell, but with this weight, I can still move. However, my specs are likely to drop to the point of water enchantment.

“That looks like it hurt “

“I can afford it …”

When I got up, Sophie spoke to me with a relaxed look on her face. I’ll turn that face to panicked right now.

“Fire Spear””Wind Spear””Stone Spear””Ice Spear””Light Spear”

“Are you serious……”

“Do your best?”

“Haha …”

Apparently Sophie is now able to cast five spells at once. I could only give a dry laugh. And she released them all at once.

“Spirit Ziel Enchantment”


I enchanted Ziel when the magic came near me. I only enchanted for about 1 second, but I was able to slash all the magic.

“Thunder Enchantment!”

While Sophie was a little unsettled, I switched to thunder enchantment and headed for her.


My sword was now within range, thanks to her agitation, she hadn’t been able to chant her magic. I was convinced I would land the hit. But then Sophie put her hand on her belly. I ignored it thinking there was nothing she could do.


“Gaha …”

Something exploded in my belly after Sophie’s voice. Because of that, I couldn’t hit Sophie and was blown away.

“What … what was that”

“It’s a chantless fire bomb. 』\

“Chantless!?? 』\

When I couldn’t understand the situation and was lost in translation, Ygg spoke to me.

“Please concentrate”


When Ygg spoke, the same five types of magic Spear were approaching me this time in a ball shape.

“Abune!” {TN: Dangerous}

After slashing it in a hurry, I hurried away from Sophie.

“So that’s Sophia-chan? Do you want to win? 』(Ziel)

“I want to win 』\

“It’s impossible 』\

“Huh? 』\

When I was talking to Zeal while slashing Sophie’s magic, I was told that I couldn’t beat Sophie.

“There are three ways this can go Zero 』\

“One, give up and surrender 』\

“Two, do your best and then lose 』\

“Three, grow fast enough to beat Sophia while fighting 』\

“Which one do you choose? 』\ ( Ygg )

Ziel suggested three ways and Ygg asked me what I would choose. Even when asked, of course, it was already decided.

“Three! Grow fast enough to beat Sophie while fighting. “

“As expected, of you! 』\ (Ziel)

“If so, I’ll do my best to support you! 』\

Apparently my choice was well received by the spirits. But I never thought I would have to grow up while fighting like the main character of a shounen manga.

“For now, just focus on me!”

Sophie got angry when I was slashing magic while keeping as far away from her as possible.

“Blow up! Storm!”

“Oh crap …”

Sophie made a huge tornado and threw it at me. Perhaps this magic can be cut, but I have no idea where to cut it to make it disappear.

“We’ll tell you where to cut, so go towards the magic! 』\

“Oh! 』\

Normally, I would not have gone towards a tornado that was over 30 meters in size even if I had been told to do so. I’m sure the tension moved me in this situation.

“Slash there! 』\(Ygg)

“Here! 』\

I knew where it was just by hearing it, even though it wasn’t pointed out to me. Is it the effect of Ishin-Denshin (Heart to heart)? Surprisingly, this title is quite useful.

“Eh … No way!”

Sophie was surprised, she didn’t think I could cut the magic.

“Here I come!”

I felt like the second round had begun. In a magic battle, no matter what I do, I won’t be able to beat Sophie, so I have to make it a close range battle.

Chapter 76: Finals Part 2

“Fire Spear”

“Light Spear”

“Damn it!”

Even if I try to get closer, Sophie casts a spell at me so I can’t.

“First of all, think that you can’t win unless you enchant two magic attributes as a major premise. 』\

“All right! 』\

That said, I don’t feel like I can do it right now. I think I have to grab something in this match.


While dodging Sophie’s magic, I came to the point where my sword could reach her again and attacked. And this time, I was also wary of the chantless magic. With my reflexes, I should be able to block It with my other sword.

“Sorry you missed”


However, when I slashed Sophie’s belly, she melted into black mud.



When I heard the voice and turned back, Sophie appeared from my shadow. My crisis sense reacted, so I hurriedly tried to take distance, but there was a stone chain wrapped around my leg.

“Burn it all! Inferno!”


I intuitively knew that if I took this spell, I’d lose immediately, and put up a barrier of light magic that I had not yet fully acquired.

“Picon! 』\

“You acquired Light Magic Lv.1”

As the announcement echoed in my head, my view turned bright red.


“Get up! 』\


The barrier seemed to have been destroyed by the sheer force. I tried to check the situation, but I couldn’t see anything around me because of the dust cloud.

“You can rest assured. No one noticed you lost consciousness for a moment』\

“Then that’s good”

You lose the match when you lose consciousness. Thanks to the dust and smoke, I was saved.


I healed all the burns while hiding in the dust. I’m glad that the burns were minor thanks to the barrier.

“Do you know what that magic was? 』\

“The one where she disappeared and came out of your shadow? 』\


“Dark magic”

“By the way, why is my body still feeling heavy? 』\

“Gravity magic”

” …Ha..ha”

Only dry laughter came out. No wonder Ziel said I couldn’t win. Sophie is much more of a cheat than me, a reincarnated person. With such a cheat, I’ll be convinced if they told me Sophie is also a reincarnator.


Since the smoke is disappearing, I stopped trying to escape from reality and started moving.

“Blow up, Storm”


The moment I thought about how to attack, the dust and smoke hiding me was cleared out, and I was being attacked by the tornado of earlier.

“There! 』\ (Ygg)

“Yes! 』\

I was in a hurry, but it was a magic I saw once, so I was able to slash it.

“Blow up, storm” “Burn it all, Inferno”

“No way!”

And this time, she cast the two spells with multi-casting. And the two spells mixed together to form a tornado of fire and headed for me.

“Two strikes there! 』\

“Yes! 』\

I was frozen for a moment, but returned to reality with Ygg’s voice, so I used both swords to slash the magic and erased it.

“Gather and rampage, golem”

“How do you have so much magic power !!”

Is it earth magic this time? She created a golem.

“Zero … Sophia chan’s magic power is not infinite, but there’s a considerable amount. 』\ (Ziel)

“What do you mean! ?? 』\

Certainly there are magic tools that store magic power, but she doesn’t seem to be wearing such tools.

“I don’t know what kind of magic it is, but she’s storing magic power somewhere with some kind of magic.”

“Eh …”

“The good news is, the amount of magic that can be retrieved at one time is limited, so she can’t use magic powerful enough to wipe out the arena. 』\

“Zero-kun! There! 』\

“Ah! 』\

While listening to the little good news, I slashed the golem with Ygg’s guidance.  I was wary of what spell would come after that, but the next spell didn’t come at all.


I wondered what happened, and when I looked at Sophie, she was frozen. I couldn’t help but talk to her even though we were in the middle of a match.

“Distortion slow””Distortion quick”



When Sophie muttered something, she approached at a speed that I couldn’t see for a moment and attacked with her mace. I managed to dodge it, but it was dangerous.

“I told you to concentrate on me, didn’t I?”

“Ku …”

Sophie swung the mace while speaking.

“Why won’t you just focus on me?”

” Ooph”

I was dodging and blocking her attacks, but I finally got hit. Normally, I wouldn’t lose in close quarters against Sophie. Am I moving slower … or is she moving faster … Which one? No … maybe both?”

“You’re only fighting with me now, stop talking to spirits and just focus on me!”

“Ggh …”

I managed to block the attack while Sophie complained to me. At first, I thought I would just let the complaint go, but then I started to wonder why she had to say so much.

“You were the one who told me to get serious in the first place! Why are you complaining about me getting help from spirits!”


If I were as usual, I wouldn’t say anything back. However, I don’t know if It’s because I was too excited or a little frustrated because I couldn’t land a hit on Sophie, but I replied.

And despite the match, our first brother-sister quarrel in this world began.

Chapter: 77 Finals Part 2

“You’re always selfish, just like this time!” (Zeros)

“I’m not selfish!”

“Then! Stop clinging to me all the time!”

“no way!”

“See! Selfish!”

“But there were times where me being there saved you!”

“It was annoying to have you there all the time!”

“I was with you for your sake brother, and now you’re complaining!”

“Then at least leave me once in a while!”


Once my feelings exploded, everything I had been holding back exploded. It was the first time Sophie had ever called me brother. {TN: Basically she called him ‘ni’ with no honorific i.e. san or sama}  

   I was called that by my younger sister when she was in a rebellious phase in my previous life. I guess Sophie is mad enough to call me that. But even though we’re arguing so much, the battle is getting faster and faster. And I’m getting one-sidedly beaten up.

“I have a lot to say to you brother!”


“Don’t be so flirtatious with women all the time!”

“I haven’t!”

“You were flirting when some stupid girl in our class, who was attracted by your power and the power of our family, talked to you!!”

“I did not!”

“Yes you did!”

“Even if I did, it’s none of your business!”

“It’s embarrassing for me to watch!”

“Guh …”

A good attack hit me in the face and I was kept silent. I glanced at Sophie and saw that she had a look of triumph on her face. I’m so pissed at her.

“Picon! 』\

“Magic operation has become Lv.MAX”

“Acquired precise magic operation Lv.1”

“You have acquired magic power detection Lv.1”

“Wind enchantment …”

“Picon! 』\

“You have acquired double enchantment”

” ‘Gale and thunder’ has been acquired.”

I felt like I heard something in my head, but I’m not interested. I’m only aware of Sophie’s existence right now. And I was angry about being beaten up one-sidedly, so I forcibly enchanted a second spell then challenged Sophie to close combat once again.

“You have nothing to be embarrassed about when you’re just my little sister!”

“It’s not just!”

“Then what!”

“Gut …”

This time I landed a good hit and Sophie was silent. I deliberately made a triumphant look and Sophie looked frustrated. From that point on, the tables were turned and only my attacks were hitting her.

“I’m telling you not to mess around because I’m watching!”

“Why the hell not?”

“because I love you!”

“Huh, yes! Thank you!”

“You’re misunderstanding me!”

“No I haven’t!”

“Then what do you think I mean ?!”

“As a family-member! As a sister!”

“That’s why I’m saying you misunderstood!”

“No I didn’t!”

“I like my brother not as family but as a man!”

“Eh!? … Guha …”


When I stopped moving, Sophie’s mace hit me in the stomach. I was blown away a few meters and rolled on the ground, while Sophie seemed to come back to herself and froze.

“… Um, so you like me as the opposite sex, you want me to only look at you, you want to be with me at all times, and don’t want me flirting with other girls?”

“Um… Yes”

“Oh, I see …”

Both of them silently looked away. It’s not the right air to have during a match.



The weight on me disappeared. It seemed the gravitational magic had been dispelled.

” Could it be, you have no more magic power?”

“I wonder if my savings are gone”

And it seems that the magic that made my movement slow and the magic that Sophie used to move fast have also expired.

“How much magic power do you have, Zero ni-sama?”

“Almost none”

To save magic power, I also stopped the enchantment when the gravity magic was removed. If I were to enchant two spells, I wouldn’t last up to 10 seconds. Of course, I no longer have enough magic power to use or enchant spirit magic.

“Then shall we finish next?”


There’s no more magic power to hold back. And above all, it’s not that kind of atmosphere.

“Then I’ll throw this, let’s start the moment it falls to the ground.”


I suggested this to Sophie, holding a piece of stone that had been chipped from the arena, and conveniently, the positions of Sophie and I were almost the same as when the match had first started.

“Then here I go”


I threw the stone up with all my strength. It fell due to gravity as it lost its momentum.


“Fire Enchantment”

“Lightning Enchantment”

“Freeze! Blizzard!”

And the moment they heard the sound of stone hitting the ground, they both chanted. I later found out that there was an announcement in my head at this time, but I didn’t hear it at all. I raced towards Sophie at full speed and swung my two swords as hard as I could so I could blow her out of the field with this one blow.


The loud sound of something hitting something and the fog from Sophie’s magic enveloped the entire arena. It was such a fierce battle that the spectators could only gulp and wait for the fog to clear. When the fog cleared a little, a shadow could be seen kneeling on the edge of the arena.

“Out of bounds! The match is over! This year’s park battle champion! Sophia Adolfo!”

Chapter 78: Time for Two

“Mmm … Hmm?”

“Um, good morning”

I found myself sleeping in a bed somewhere. Perhaps this is the treatment room. That means I lost …

“Ah, Sophie …”


And then my eyes met Sophie’s, who was looking at me anxiously from the side of the bed, but I quickly looked away. It seems that Sophie has also been treated since there is no sign of injury. Because it’s a mock sword, she won’t be cut, but I hit her body with my sword many times, yet now she seems to have no problem at all. By the way, I’m so tired I can’t get up from the bed, but I don’t have any body ache. The recovery magic skill of the person in this treatment room should be good.

“Oh, you got up.”

The curtains surrounding my bed were opened and a woman in a white lab coat came in.

“Can you get up?”


“If so, the awards ceremony will be held 30 minutes from now, so please come to the waiting room of the arena 5 minutes before that.”


“Then I’ll leave you two alone”

After saying that much, the woman went out of the treatment room. Maybe she went to tell the person in charge of the awards ceremony that I was awake? Now there were only two people left in this treatment room, me and Sophie.



Maybe it was awkward for both of them, they remained silent for a few minutes.

“I won this match”

“Yes you did”

They were still facing different directions, but Sophie started talking.

“So listen to my three wishes.”

“Oh, yeah. That’s right. No, it’s okay.”

By the way, we made such a bet. I waited for Sophie to tell me what she was going to say while feeling nervous.

“First of all … forget what I said during the match … you don’t have to do anything, please don’t worry about it and treat me as usual.”


“I don’t think I’m ready to go out with Zero ni-sama right now. I still have something to do … (and I haven’t got to know who I really am, plus I haven’t paid for it yet …) “


“No. Nothing.”

I didn’t hear what she said after “something to do” because she was talking in a voice so low I could never hear it from my place, no matter how good my hearing was. I wondered why she kept it silent, but thanks to my skills and title, I realized that she was surely saying something to herself. But I decided to ignore it because it was something I shouldn’t ask.


“thank you”

There are still two requests that can be made with the bet. I waited for what was coming this time with a lighter feeling than before.

“And second, if you have something to say to me like you did in the match, please feel free to tell me. I can overdo it, so I want Zero to be my stopper.”


“thank you…”

Certainly I was hesitant to get angry with Sophie. On the contrary, Sophie may have felt there was a distance between us because of that. From now on, I’ll clearly say my feelings.

“And last but not least …”


After saying that, Sophie thought about something for a while. Then, as if she had gathered her thoughts, she continued.

“It seems that there are times when you want me to leave you alone, but from now on, I will continue to be with Zero ni-sama without ever leaving.”

“Well … what if I say no?”

“This is a bet, I’m not asking Zero’s opinion at all! It’s already confirmed!”

“Hahaha! I understand!”

“thank you!”

The first and second requests were very unlike Sophie, so I thought she was being reserved with me, but she wasn’t at all. It was just Sophie as usual. And as usual, she’ll keep staying by my side.

“More than that! What you did at the end of the match wasn’t fair!”

“Fufu … what do you mean?”

“That dark magic!”

“It was a strategy to win!”

During the last attack, my attack hit before Sophie’s magic did. But it was a fake made with dark magic and Sophie was a meter behind it. I managed to jump and hit the real Sophie with my sword, but at the same time I was hit by her magic. And since I was in an unreasonable position, the momentum of my sword slowed down. Plus, I was in the air and showed a lot of openings and was hit by Sophie’s magic at close range.

“When and how did you switch!”

“I might fight you again someday, I can’t reveal my cards.”

“Mm …”

I can’t say anything back since it’s a good reason.

“Why didn’t you use the magic that slowed me down or the magic that makes you move faster from the beginning?”

“I’ll tell you that much! Those two consume a lot of magic power, in fact I spent most of the stored magical power on those two spells.”


“And since those two constantly consume magic power, I can’t use spells that consume a lot of power, like Storm, just by using one or the other.”

“Wow …”

“It also takes a lot of concentration, so if I’m doing that, I can’t even omit chanting when using a new spell.”

“But even though it’s such a difficult spell, you can use both at the same time?”

“They’re very similar spells, so I can use them at the same time, it doesn’t change that much in terms of concentration.”

“So that’s it…”

Then I asked her if it was okay to keep using that gravity spell, but she said that once it is cast, the rest is automatic, so it wasn’t a problem.

“The plan was to use those two when I was sure I could take you out with just a single blow.

“And yet you used it in frustration.”

“That was ni-sama’s fault, you fought in the match while almost ignoring me!”

While we were talking about the match, it became time for us to go.

“Shall we go then?”


I got out of bed and stood up, but I was more tired than I expected, and I wobbled.


“Are you okay?”

Then Sophie supported me from the front. Therefore, our faces close to each other. If we move our heads just a little, we can even kiss. Until now, I had only seen her as my younger sister, but after what she said, I became conscious of her as the opposite sex.

“When did you become such a technician?”

“This is just the beginning. Please be prepared for more things in the future.”

“Please be gentle”

“No, I’ll give it my all.”

Then, with Sophie lending me a hand, I made my way to the waiting room. By the time I reached the arena, I was able to walk by myself. It was worth the effort to enchant recovery magic with the little magic power I had left.

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