Reincarnated in the mastermind of the story-Evolving magic swords and game knowledge to defeat everything


Chapter 22: The door that remains closed is destined to be opened. The great shield used by Kaito Leonardo’s ancestors, one of the Seven Heroes, sleeps deep within the cave. There are various theories about why it lies there. It is said that after Kaito’s ancestor returned from the battle with the Demon King, the …

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Chapter 21: Breathing white in the morning frost. Ren, who was told so casually, spoke while making eye contact with Ulysses. “Are you sure? Would it not be a bother to you, Lord Ulysses, if I was allowed?” “A bother to me? Why would that be?” “Permission is required to enter the old town. While …

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Chapter 20: Invitation to the Old Town. The scale of Marquis Ignat’s mansion was indeed extraordinary. Although blessed with the opportunity to witness the imperial city and palace in the capital on a regular basis, this mansion was an exception when considered as a residence. When actually witnessed, no other words could be found. In …

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Chapter 19: Spending Time in a Carriage. On the carriage of the Sacred Order, I was heading to the noble district of Euphemia. This city is ruled by Ulysses, but there are also residences of other nobles. Having a mansion in Euphemia is a status symbol among nobles, regardless of faction. “…yawn…” I let out …

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Chapter 18: A smart Shelgadian might reward us. The garden was spacious. The turf that covered the ground was mixed with varieties so it would flourish in most seasons of the year. It would mostly wither in winter, but now, at the end of autumn, it was lush. The two of them suited this space …

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Chapter 17: The call for the next day They split into groups of two and four, and a few seconds later. Charlotte spoke to Vane. “That boy who’s always friendly with the Saintess.” As she said this, Charlotte clung to Vane’s arm. It was a rather provocative act in front of Sarah. “Wha-! Charlotte-senpai!?” “I’m …

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Chapter 16: The First Night Welcomed by the White Crown As they strolled and enjoyed the lively atmosphere, they continued to move forward. The group came across an old road that appeared different from before. It was a now unused road that stretched straight toward the mostly submerged town. They veered off the path they …

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Chapter 15- Licia at that time “Ragna-san, what is this?” “As you can see, it’s a circlet. It’s made of mithril that has died, a peculiar item. It’s neither corroded nor painted to obtain this color.” “A metal can die…?” “Yes. Mithril is a metal that contains magic properties, but it has lost that characteristic. …

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Chapter 14- Ragna’s story and the dead Mithril “Ren is that kind of man. He has a sincere and pleasant personality.” “Yeah, I guess so. It’s dazzling, especially for a guy like me who spends most of his time in ruins.” He made a teasing remark, but it was not just an introduction by Radius, …

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Chapter 13- The Identity of the Traveler When Ren saw the room at the very end and the item placed in front of the door, he stared at it intently. It was a large familiar bag. “… “ It was hard to believe, but Ren walked forward in silence. After walking down the long corridor, …

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