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Chapter 26: surprise attack

“How's the battle situation, Galatea?”

"So far, so good. There is only one spot where the earthen wall was damaged by magic. We may need some help there.”

"One spot, Neil and the others seem to have shot the wizard as planned. I'll have to praise them when they're done.”

The battle began and we were positioned in the center of the village. Galatea, who could see into the distance, reported the battle situation and Vigna's magic was raised into the air to give instructions.

The other side's plan seemed to be to surround the area on all sides, have the wizards destroy the earthen walls from a distance and then attack at once, but that was naive.

The information I had passed on to Silva must have caught them off guard, thinking that our only unknown weapon was a handgun for melee combat and they seemed to be surprised by our rifle attacks, which had a longer range than magic. It's pretty obvious when they're firing magic. They must have made a good target.

But now our hand was exposed. The real battle begins here.

“What do you think will come next? According to Silva's information, Kyle's bodyguards only have a small number of men......”


“I think they're going to give up on destroying the walls with magic. They'll probably concentrate on the empty mud walls, so we'll aim for those and snipe them with our rifles and if we get into close combat, we'll have a melee. I think we should use the same strategy we used when we defeated the goblins. It's time for us to go into battle.”

"Yeah, I guess so. I'll ask you to escort me then. Both of you. If we take Kyle alive, we'll win."

Both of them nodded at my words. 

In addition to the Azul merchants, Kyle, who is proud and wants to take matters into his own hands, is sure to appear on the battlefield due to his personality. If we can catch him and send him back to the Azul chamber of commerce, we will win. He may cut off his subordinates, but he won't cut off Kyle, who is royalty.

Now that the situation has reached a stalemate, I'll ask Galatea to keep an eye on the surroundings and we'll make our move. Just when I was thinking that Galatea glared at the sky.

“Master, we’re in trouble. From the sky......"

“That's.... the adventurer from last time, isn't it? I can't believe he still  has so many......”

"I knew it......"

I clucked my tongue as I looked at the sky. There are a number of wyverns and large fire dragons in the sky. Although no one seems to have noticed.

"Master, one of the wyverns has a person on it that looks like you. I think that might be Prince Kyle.”

"Appearing from the sky, you're a showoff as usual....."

I’m not sure what my emotions were when I heard Galatea's words, but they were slightly heightened. I wonder if it’s a distorted vengeance to look down on my brother or the elation that the time of the decisive battle has finally come…

Or maybe it's the anticipation of being able to overwhelm a powerful monster dragon and powerful wizard soldiers with the weapons we've developed.......

I'm getting belligerent. Is the blood rushing to my head? Or maybe it's the blood of my battle-crazed father that's flowing through my veins. But that's not it, is it? The path I'm on is different from my father's and brothers’.

“Vigna… looks like I’m getting weird being hit by the air of the battlefield can you cool my head off? Go easy on me, because if you hit me with all your might, I’ll probably die."

“Huh? That’s okay."

As she said this, her hand moved to stroke my head. She stroked my head in a loving, protective way, which confused me. What are you doing?

“Don't worry..... if you really go off the rails, I'll make sure to stop you.”

“Thank you, Vigna.... It's probably a wyvern attack from the sky. Give the signal."

With my words, a fireball was shot into the sky as a signal to switch to an anti-aircraft strategy.

My friends trust me. I was able to calm down a bit because I realized that once again. That's right. My first priority should be the safety of my people. The dragons would be in range of the rifles by now. I had thought of a countermeasure to the wyvern's surprise attack, just in case, but it seems I was right.


"Let's go! Let's go get Kyle Vermillion."

And so we headed towards the center of the battle. A surprise attack from above is certainly troublesome, but we have comrades with rifles, Vigna and Galatea. Can I lose?

Chapter 27: Kyle Vermillion

"Wow, dragons are pretty comfortable to ride.”

I ride my wyvern and look at the enemy from the sky. Most of the troops that surrounded the area seem to have been repelled. I guess that means there are weapons we don't know about.

It seems that man turned out to be a traitor. Then that means all the information he sent was a lie.

To be honest, I was thinking about that possibility. So with the help of the adventurer, I didn’t reveal the most important strategy of surprise attack from the sky. For an opponent who can't use magic, a surprise attack from the sky is nothing but fearsome and for a monster with hard scales like a wyvern, an arrow is not that much of a threat.

This war, we're going to win. There aren’t many people who can fight magic and dragons and if you can't use magic, you're out of luck.

“I'm going into a dive! Don’t let go and don't get knocked off!”

With a word from the adventurer on the fire dragon, the wyverns all began to plummet at once. But then I thought I saw something glow. At the same time seeing the ring finger of my right hand glowing, I cast a spell.

"Spirit of the wind, protect me.”

A wind boundary is set up in front of me and the black thing that must have been flying there stops. This is… a small piece of iron.... What is this? Are they shooting something like this? It would have been dangerous without the ring that I had which grants the magic of danger detection.

I'm not going to lie, I can't believe it, but I think this is Grace's new weapon. The other wyverns were screaming as they were pierced through the scales by this lump of iron. The wyvern's scales can’t withstand being hit by such a thing flying at high speed. The letter said that there was a flying tool for close range, but I guess this is the real deal.

And that wasn't the only thing I didn't expect. There were a few wyverns that managed to avoid the attacks of their opponents and still managed to descend to the ground, but their breath was blocked by a strange metal shield that seemed to be mixed with mithril and the dragons that plunged into the buildings suffered from being tangled in thin metal ropes like spider webs and fell straight down. And it seems that a stone statue resembling Grace in the center of the village is also releasing a lump of iron from the nose, taking out soldiers and wyverns. 

What a joke! The ground was just a picture of hell. But… the battle situation can change with one wizard.


“You guys!! I don’t know when the attack will come. Create a barrier of wind! And do this for the obstacles! King of the wind, tear everything apart with that breath!!”


My magic slices through the thin metal web, freeing the wyvern. And ...didn't cut through the metal shield? Did it just prevent my magic? My magic, my sacred magic? By just a normal human?

“Hahahaha, it’s more than I expected! Grace!”

I couldn't help but giggle. Because they're not heroes, they're just people. What a wonderful technology ...... to get such a power to resist ...... dragons.

And if I take that technology, I'll never lose to my brother again. If I win this battle, capture Grace alive, then use this knowledge and the Azul chamber of commerce’s financial power, I will be much closer to becoming king.

But as I smile at the bright future, I'm interrupted by a dry sound.

“What the heck, the rifle didn't work.......”

“Fufu, is that the true identity of the new weapon… I think that weapon is good. Show me.”

He must have been convinced of his victory by the complete surprise attack. A boy with something like a metal cylinder stares at me with a stunned expression.

Certainly, this could not have been prevented had it not been for me. I sweat coldly while watching the lump of iron released at a shorter distance than before, which was stopped by the wind barrier.

“Unfortunately, that doesn’t work on me. If you want to live, you have to surrender and tell me more about the weapon. “

"Don't be ridiculous! I'm not going to betray Grace-sama.”

“Well then, The breath of the flame god, become an arrow and shoot my enemy.”

The arrow of fire that appeared with my chant blows the boy in front of me away. Certainly the strange metal shield prevented it from hitting him so it probably didn't kill him, it was just the impact from when the shield caught the attack, exploded and blew him away. He was bleeding from the head.

“It’s a bit of a shock that my fire arrow can be easily blocked by a shield, even though I’ve taken care not to kill you.”

I picked up the shield, which was not even scratched and muttered to myself. However, although it was sturdy, it was also unreasonably light. I think there's some mithril in it, but what the hell is it made of?


"Last warning. If you change your mind and tell me something, I'll spare your life.”

“There's nothing to say.... not just Grace-sama ...... I won’t be able to face Vigna-san, who has taught me so much.....”

“Vigna ......Vigna! that’s right! It’s a small village. It wouldn’t be strange if you knew her! If I torment you, Vigna will come to me.”

When I heard the name of the person I've been obsessing over for so long, I couldn't help but feel a surge of excitement in my heart. I've never forgotten the way that woman hurt my pride. The humiliation of that time has made me train harder in magic...... And I have acquired a magic skill that is second to none.

It's time for me to finally get over my humiliation.

“I'm going to defeat her with magic and take her alive. Then I'm going to dress her up in a maid's uniform and make her say "nyah" when she looks at me with a humiliated expression on her face. Hahahaha!"

It seems I have a God after all. I can't help but laugh as I imagine the look of frustration on Vigna's face as she is captured by me.

And ...... the timing is just right, strategically speaking. If I capture this guy and lure Vigna out, the fire dragon will overrun this village in the meantime. I’ve won this war.

Chapter 28: VS Kyle 

I head to the battlefield with Galatea giving me a piggyback ride. I'm so pathetic, but she’s faster than me..... and next to us, Vigna runs side by the side with a cool face.

It seems that it was effective to set up the guardian chains and wrapping them in a cloth so that they won’t be noticed by the adventurers riding the wyverns and then shooting them down with the rifles. The wyverns were being shot down all over the place.

But some of them can't be downed with their current weapons. I look up at the mighty fire dragon that is still looking down at us from the sky. Perhaps that's the enemy's hidden gem.

“Master, I'll take care of that one. That dragon seems to be ridden by the adventurer who used to be with the Azul chamber of commerce. If we defeat him, the wyverns will leave."

"Yeah, I'm counting on you. Don't be reckless.”

"Of course and when I do, please reward me."

Having said that, Galatea politely lowered me to the ground as if she were handling a treasure. Kicking the ground with all her might, she jumped and headed towards the fire dragon in the sky. Galatea is too awesome after all.... If we leave the fire dragon to her, everything will be fine.

And we have something to do too. Crush Kyle while avoiding this attack and defeating the enemy soldiers who have come down.

"Vigna, do you know the enemy’s position? I just want to know where Kyle is......"

"Hmm, I think it's this way. The voice was familiar and.... the gunfire that was going on a while ago has stopped. I have a bad feeling about this. Let's hurry.”

Vigna, who had been listening to the sounds around her through wind magic said and started running. I desperately follow her. She’s so fast.

However, the fact that the sound of gunfire had disappeared made my heart flutter. It would be nice if he had beaten his opponent..... And my bad premonition came true.

“Neil, are you okay?”

“I'm fine. I'm still alive.”

“Oh, it's been a long time, Grace..... I can't believe you're here and Vigna too..... Haha, It seems that God really does love me.”

Who I saw after following Vigna was Kyle, holding an ultra-mithril shield, starring intriguingly and Neil, by the side, bleeding from his head and leaning against the wall.

As expected, he is the man who was called the “Magic saint”. Of course Neil even with his riffle would be defeated easily. I take a battle position while picking up the gun in my pocket.

“Grace, isn’t it amazing? The commoners who can’t use magic are defeating wyverns… you’ve grown from the level when you were making crappy morus albas...... Or is that the true power of your "World Library"? I wonder if you’d been hiding your true power.”

“Hiding? What are you talking about? Everyone in Asgard helped me to learn the true usage of the World Library and develop it. Don't make it sound like I cheated. And that morus alba is amazing, you don't even know how hard farming is!”

“Hmm, well, I don't care about the morus alba. I'll get this power anyway. With your knowledge and my magic, not only brother George but also father will be afraid. We’ll have the strongest soldiers.”

Kyle, whom I hadn't seen in a long time, smiled broadly as he said this. He seems to think he's already won. He's always looking down on me. I'm going to break your proud nose.

“Kyle..... let me rescue the kid first. Or do you think you can’t beat us without..... hostages?"

"You're as cocky as ever, Vigna! It’s a cheap provocation, but I will indulge it. Don't think that a mere knight of the King’s guard and a lowly prince can win. Don't worry, I'm not going to take your lives. In exchange, if you lose, I wonder if I’ll have Vigna wear a maid's uniform and say "Nyan" in front of me.”

“…. This guy is really creepy...."

Vigna glares coldly at Kyle who speaks triumphantly. Ah, but I’m certain Vigna, who is usually strong, dressed in a maid outfit and “Nyan” is definitely bad… or is he into maids…. But I like bunny girls better. I don’t get along with this guy.

And that's it. ......

“Unfortunately, Vigna is my girlfriend and I wouldn't let you do that to her even if it killed me.”

“Huh...? Eh…?  Oh...? Hmmm, Grace and Vigna are.... Oh well, I can take what I want by force. You used to cry when you were a kid because you got shot by my fire arrows, but now that you've said it, I'll make you cry again."

Kyle's face twisted at my words. He’s crazy upset? This guy’s really into Vigna…? No, that shouldn’t be true. Besides, it doesn't matter.

Vigna is my girlfriend…. And I'm not the same person I was at the time. So I laughed and tried to make him look as stupid as possible.

“You can't keep talking about the past. I'm not the old me anymore. I'm now Grace Vermillion, Lord of Asgard! Fire Arrow? Shut up, I've got a rifle!"

And so we finally confronted Kyle.

Chapter 29: VS Kyle 2 

Kyle Vermillion is the number one wizard in the country. With the skill "Magic Saint" skill, He's a genius wizard with an overwhelming talent for magic and a wealth of experience in battle...... My brother.

The key to fighting him will be to see how well Vigna's “magic bayonet” works and how well I can surprise him with my gun.

“Well, I’m kind… I'll wait for Vigna to finish the treatment." 

He had been looking at me with murderous intent with his earlier words, but when he looked at the sky for a moment, he smiled a generous grin. He just stares at Vigna as she heals Neil and it doesn't really seem to move him.

I pick up the rifle that Neil dropped in the meantime, suspiciously. It is well cared for and has Noel's name engraved on it. This alone tells me what he was thinking when he picked up this weapon and fought with it.

“Even so, you can’t use magic, you can’t use swords and you have to work hard a lot. Souzi’s relics… seem to be more useful than I imagined. If you surrender now, I can take you under my wing. Teach me how to use the technology and I'll let you live."

"... What are you going to do with that technology?"

“Of course! With that gun and that metal, we'll have the most powerful army in the world. Guns for the commoners! With light armor for wizards like us, our brother's army will be no match for us!  The glory of Kyle-Vermillion will begin!"

“The technology is not just for weapons and armor. It can also be used to enrich people's lives.”

“What's the point of that? Dad always said “If you have the power, you can do it”. In fact, You're in trouble because of our power.”

At my question, he smiled maniacally and laughed. Yeah, I knew it, he's just like my father after all. He only wants to increase his power and influence. In their eyes, they don't care about the lives of the common people.

If I lose to him, it won't just be the start of a gun invasion of the surrounding countries. The chain of guardians I made to protect my territory will be used as a weapon and the potatoes will be used as the wizards' logistics. Rubber and super mithril alloys will be used as tools of war. They would be used not only for people's daily lives but also as materials for weapons and armor.

Of course, I have made weapons such as guns and armor. But there's a difference between making power to protect and making it only to destroy. 

I remembered what Bowman had said and I understood why Kyle had wasted his time talking to me. I looked at the sky and saw what looked like Galatea facing off the enemies, using the fire dragon and the wyvern as a springboard.

And this time I smiled a generous smile.

"Okay, I get it.”

"Oh, so you're surrendering? I was just kidding though.... Well, first of all, Vigna needs a maid's uniform.....”

“I'll agree that you and I are incompatible! And I'm more into bunny girls than maid outfits! Vigna!”

“Yeah, I'm ready. And no, I'm not going to wear a maid's or a bunny girl’s outfit."

With that, Vigna, who had evacuated Neil, came back and stood beside me. Oh no, she heard me. Even though it's two against one, Kyle is still as relaxed as ever.

He held up his hands and looked down at me with condescending eyes.

“Hey, Grace, why do you think I'm wasting my time with you? Your strength is the weapon that shoots that lump of iron and Vigna. Do you think you can defeat a fire dragon, let alone a wyvern, without that? Your people should have been burned by now...... What the hell is that?”

Having said that, Kyle, who was proudly pointing at the sky makes a stupid sound at the back of his throat. Well, no wonder. The fire dragon that he was proudly talking about right now was kicked by someone and it crashed… I only know of one person who can do that.

Galatea...... You did it. And now it's our turn to do our part.

"What about the fire dragon? You can surrender and join me, Kyle! Then… well, I wonder if you can do farm work with a morus alba.” 

“Huh!! Do you think a knight of the king’s guard and a stupid prince can defeat me? Breath of the flame god, become an arrow and shoot through my enemies!”

"Grace, defend yourself! Spirit of the wind, protect me!”

Where did his margin of a while ago go? Kyle has released magic with no questions asked. I guess when your advantage is lost, you lose the right to choose the means.

The wind shield that appeared with Vigna's chanting protected me from the fire arrows that Kyle fired. Even so, I couldn’t completely dodge it, but the armor made by Bowman protects me from the attack of the weakened fire arrow.

And I fire my gun in return.

"Aaaahh!!, my beautiful face is scratched… you bastaaaaaaard!”

“Hmm, you look more handsome than before, don't you think? Come on, Grace.”

“Yeah, let's show him what we're made of.”

The wind quickly deflected the trajectory of the shot and it only grazed his cheek, but it seemed to have an effect. 

When Vigna incites Kyle, who is enraged by the blood coming out of his cheeks, he turns his face in anger.

And then our gunfire and Kyle's magic went wild on the battlefield.

Chapter 30: VS Kyle 3

“Don’t get high just because you prevented my magic that I was just messing around with!! You’ll regret not surrendering!!”

“I'm Grace's shield and sword… and this is normal..... You're the one who should regret it.”

When Vigna stepped forward to protect me and held the “Magic Bayonet”, Kyle smiled as if she was a fool when he saw it. 

“What the hell is that weapon? Have you abandoned your pride as a knight of the Kingsguard?"

"Yes, I told you. I'm not a knight of the Kingsguard right now. I am Grace’s Vigna."

Having said that, Vigna tries to slash Kyle, but he keeps a distance. Well even though it’s two-to-one, the level of the fight is too high and I can’t get into it at all…

If it’s a magic shoot-out, I think we have a chance. But, if it’s a simple magic fight, Kyle has more advantage because he has the skill of “Magic Saint”.


Magic Saint:

The level of understanding about magic, attack power and casting speed increase. Theoretically, this skill allows you to use all magic at the highest level.


I've been looking it up in the World Library and once again I realize it's a nasty skill. In addition, Kyle had been refining his skills ever since he lost to Vigna. He is a very strong opponent. If she fought him properly, she wouldn't be able to win. But.... that was before she got her new weapon.

“You can't win right? I already know what Grace's weapon is. Breath of the Fire God, be an arrow and shoot my enemy! I can't wait to see what you have in store for me. Protect me, spirits!!”

"You can shoot multiple spells at the same time?”

“I guess they don't call you the most powerful wizard in the kingdom for nothing..... Spirit of the Wind, defend me!” (Vigna)

“It’s amazing! It’s a technology that no one could achieve!. This is the power of my  “Magic saint”.... the future king.”

My bullet, which I fired when Kyle tried to shoot me down at the moment when he used attack magic was stopped by the wind barrier created by him and Vigna also prevented the attacking fire arrows with a barrier as well. She tries to move, but she can’t prevent the impact of the blast and distorts her face in pain.


At my words of concern, she winked at me with a cool face, just like any other time. It’s as if she’s asking me to believe in her.

“That’s right, but that's all. We are not in a magic contest. Fire, give me strength."

"Unfortunately, that's not going to work! Spirit of the wind, protect me! Breath of the fire god, become an arrow and shoot my enemy!”


Kyle fights back with magic against Vigna, who fires a bullet from the magic bayonet. The bullet is stopped by Kyle’s wind barrier and the fire arrow is fired as a counter attack.

However, Vigna cuts the fire arrow using the magic bayonet with a cool face and sees Kyle who has a suspicious look on his face while suffering burns. 

"What are you laughing at..... whaaaaaaa?"

That's when it happened. The bullet that had been caught by the wind barrier exploded, creating a vortex of flame. The magic contained in the bullet has been unleashed. Kyle who is engulfed in flames is screaming as he is surrounded by the fierce fire inside the barrier. 

That weapon is worse than expected… Vigna fires the next bullet while I’m still wrapping my mind around it.

“Don’t look down on my poweeeeeeeeer!!”

“As expected it’s not that easy. I’ll have to do it again. Fire, give me strength!”

Along with those words, water that appeared in the air with a chant covered Kyle’s body and extinguished the fire. When the water freezes as it is, it becomes a shield that protects against the bullets. A bullet that has stopped in the ice casts a magical flame, but this time, the terrifying explosion is stopped by the ice shield.

"Damn it, I have to reorient myself ...."

“Baka! I won’t let you do that….”


Kyle’s left arm is torn apart and falls to the ground with bloodshed by a blow that came with those words. Vigna had approached Kyle, who was stopping the explosion with ice magic.

Great, but unforgiving… I vowed never to offend Vigna.

“Maybe I won’t have been able to beat you if it was just magic. But I came here with a new power. You can't concentrate with that injury and you can't use magic anymore, can you? Surrender."

"Hyaaaaah! My arm… aaaaaaa!”

“This is not a conversation...... Ice tendrils, restrain......”

It was at this moment when  Vigna chanted a spell and tried to capture Kyle, looking down at him, drooling from his mouth, crying out and writhing in pain.

As if the situation up to that point was a lie, a fireball appeared on Kyle's right arm with a sharp look in his eyes. ......

"Magic in this situation?”

"The breath of the flame god, become an arrow.....”

"I won't let you."

With a dry sound, blood overflows from Kyle’s abdomen and the magic that was being created explodes as it is. Ah…. I was on time. Sweating coldly, I put away the gun I was holding.

“Damn!! It’s not possible!... somebody help me!... I'm Kyle Vermillion. I'm the guy who's going to be the next king.”

Perhaps It was with the last of his strength that he used to shout or perhaps because he had spilled too much blood or taken too much damage, Kyle slumped to the ground, glaring at me and fell completely silent.

We glared at him in alarm, but he didn't move a muscle. This time, he won't be able to use his magic anymore.

"Grace… weren't you going to take Kyle alive? I could have prevented that magic from happening. I would have taken my chances.....”

“Shut up, I care more about you than I do about whether or not we can negotiate a better deal.”

“It's not that bad… but....”

She blushes and shuts up at my words. Capturing Kyle is nothing more than a bargaining hand to get compensation from Azul. I don’t care about sacrificing that for what I need to protect.



“Get out of the way, you guys! We can't just go back in there with nothing to show for it (spoils of war).”

 A wyvern flew in at a high speed just as we were about to let our guard down. Being pushed down by Vigna, I managed to avoid a direct hit. How fast and the wyvern has the red-haired adventurer who seems like a dragon tamer on its back, looking tattered. He must have been injured when Galatea defeated the fire dragon.

The wyvern that took us by surprise tried to fly away with Kyle in its mouth, but ......

“I won’t let you get away, fire, give me strength.”

The magic bullet fired by Vigna hit and the body of the wyvern flying away from us exploded in the air. Wow! That’s awesome… with this, neither the red-haired adventurer nor Kyle would be alive.

“The wyverns are leaving.”

"Probably because the Dragon Tamer adventurer is gone."

It's probably because she defeated the adventurer. The wyverns came to their senses and returned to their lair. The rest were no longer enemies. The Azul Chamber of Commerce's private army, originally crumbling adventurers, realized their disadvantage and threw down their weapons, becoming prisoners of war.

And even the King’s guard, who were making a last stand, lost their will to fight and surrendered when they were told of Kyle's death.

And so the battle ended in victory for us.

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