Leisurely~ Chapter 31-35

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Chapter 31: It’s Finally Here

 Ever since she went to the bathhouse, Hirune’s desire to take a bath has been growing.

 She often leaves her duties as a saint to go to the healing baths.

 She has also been working hard to develop the chair that can ruin people. She instructed Leanne, a simple furniture maker’s daughter, to “make the fabric soft and stretchy, and the material inside lighter.” Thanks to the cleansing, the deserted shopping street was back in business, and the chair was becoming the talk of the town.

 She also showed up at Valhalla, the bedding store, and took a nap, saying that she was trying out their new product.

 Jeanne and Wanda, who usually searched for Hirune, now knew most of her patterns.

“Hirune-sama. I’m not letting you go anywhere today!”

 Jeanne, who had been outsmarted many times by holy magic, was very angry.

“Jeanne, I’m sorry.”

 Hirune gets depressed when Jeanne gets seriously angry with her.

(I act impulsively. …… I don’t know why. ……)

 She yawned loudly as she apologized and looked at Jeanne.

“It’s a nice morning again, isn’t it?”

“…… Is that so.”


Jeanne felt strangely reassured by Hirune, who immediately put on a calm face even when depressed.

 She couldn’t scold her too strongly, so she retracted her rebukes and smiled.

Hirune got off the bed and did a Hail Mary pose, Jeanne expertly puts on her saint clothes.

“What’s for breakfast today?”

“Bread and soup, I think.  There’s a package of jewel apples for you from West Church.”

“Jewelry Apples …… It produced fruit again this year. I’ll give you half of them, and we’ll eat them together.”

 Jeanne nodded happily as Hirune smiled at her.

 As they were getting ready for the morning, they heard a rushing sound in the hallway.

 As Hirune and Jeanne looked at each other wondering what was going on, there was a knock at the door of Hirune’s room. Jeanne opened the door, and a female priestess bowed.

 “Saint Hirune, please hurry to the chapel. This is a serious matter. All business for the day has been suspended.”


 As soon as Hirune answered, the female priestess bowed and closed the door. It seems that the saint next door is also going to be called.

“Is there something wrong?”

 Jeanne looked worried.

(I don’t know why the people of the main church would be that upset. …… Anyway, let’s hurry.)

 After yawning, Hirune nodded.

“Let’s go quickly.”


Jeanne hurriedly fixed Hirune’s hair and they headed for the chapel.


 In the chapel, the executives of the Mephistopheles Church were gathered.

 The Pope, Archbishop Zekyutos, Archbishop Zappan, ten bishops, and many other executives.

 And the twelve saints who were currently active in the royal capital were also summoned. Among them, there were two saints from the Western Church who were elevated to saints after Hirune and Holly.

 Hirune found Holly talking with Wanda, the educator, and joined the circle. Jeanne stepped back without saying a word.

“Wanda, what’s going on?”

 Hirune asked, and the taller Wanda’s eyes softened.

“The Archbishop will be speaking to you soon. You must be quiet until then.”

“I understand.”

 After a while, the girls who were apprentices to the saints also gathered at the main church.

 When he saw that they were all together, Archbishop Zekyutos opened his mouth, his wrinkles deepening to the middle of his forehead.

“I want to thank you all for being here. I want you to calm down and listen. Tonight, a total lunar eclipse will appear in The Royal Capital.”

 At that word, almost everyone gulped.

 The only one who didn’t quite understand was Hirune.

(A total lunar eclipse, how unusual. It’s very rare.)

However, it seems that the total lunar eclipse in the other world of EverSophia was different from that of Earth.

 After hearing the story, Hirune felt like she was going to collapse.

“Some people have seen the miasma in the south gather into a black pillar. According to the astronomical department, a shadow can be seen on the moon. Tonight, a total lunar eclipse will surely occur, and a large amount of miasma will hit the royal capital.”

 As expected of the servants of God. None of them raised their voices.

 A tense air flowed through the chapel.

(A total lunar eclipse will cause the miasma to hit the royal city? What do you mean?)

“The kingdom will be packed with soldiers at the north, south, east, and west gates, and we will prepare the warding magic for The Royal Capital. The saints, saint apprentices, and priests will all work together to overcome this disaster. Zappan-dono will be in charge of the warding ceremony, and I will be in charge of other practical matters. Good.”

 Hearing Zekyutos’ words, everyone made the holy seal.

 In this case, the Pope should have taken the lead, but since he was quite old, Zekyutos was in charge.

 Immediately, the inside of the chapel began to move.

 A total lunar eclipse is an evil event that has never happened in the last hundred years.

 It was the first time for anyone to experience it, and Zekyutos, Zappan, and the rest of the executives were giving instructions.

“Saints and apprentices, this way please.”

 Wanda, a former saint who has purified a lot of miasma, was in charge of organizing the saints.

 At Wanda’s command, the girls gathered in front of the statue of the goddess.

 Hirune and Holly also gathered, and Jeanne was called by a senior maid and ran to the back of the main church. It seems that everywhere is short of manpower.

 Wanda began to speak in a calm tone.

“I’m sure you’ve already learned this in class, but I’ll give you a refresher. A total lunar eclipse occurs when the miasma gathers. By hiding the moon, which amplifies the power of purification, the miasma increases and tries to spread misfortune. This phenomenon occurs in places where many people gather. You understand so far right?”

 “Yes,” the girls replied.

 About one person opened her mouth absentmindedly.

(The miasma hides the moon and causes more miasma. So that’s what this is all about……)

“In order to prevent the miasma, we will activate the warding magic circle around the main church. For that, the power of the saints is essential.”

 Wanda said, and the saints in their pure white saint suits nodded their heads.

 Hirune also nodded after a moment.

 Many saints are currently out of the capital for the Southern Purification. …… We need to use our power to maintain the wards overnight. It is our role to protect the people of The Royal Capital.”


(We have to protect everyone.)

 Hirune replied alone, and the other saints and apprentices replied loudly.

 Wanda smiles when she hears this.

“Nothing is impossible for you,” she said. “You have the blessing of the Goddess. The miasma that enters through the gaps in the wards will be defeated by the soldiers. So all we have to do is what we can do.”

 The girls nodded vigorously at Wanda’s words, looked at the faces of their peers, and exchanged glances.

 Hirune and Holly exchanged glances as well.

“The prayer begins at five in the evening. Until then, go to your rooms and sleep.”

“We can sleep. What a nice thing to say.”

 Hirune said in a relaxed tone, and a small laugh escaped from those around her.

 The tension eased a little.

“Hey, it’s only this time …… but yes. Take a lesson from Hirune and sleep well until evening. You’re going to be up all night. You can always go to the cafeteria for dinner.”

 Wanda said, and the girls looked at each other.

“The saints are dismissed. Apprentices, come with me.”

 After Wanda’s talk, each of them began to take action.

“Hirune ……, can you wake up properly?”

 Holly pulled on Hirune’s sleeve.

   Her large hanging eyes shaking with anxiety.

 This question was a manifestation of Holly’s anxiety, since Jeanne always woke her up.

 A total lunar eclipse is a frightening phenomenon that is depicted in picture books and is well known to the public.

“Holly, do me a favor. Will you sleep with me? I’m sure we won’t oversleep if we sleep together.”

 When Hirune said this with a smile, Holly gave a quick laugh and then quickly cleared her throat, perhaps embarrassed.

“Yeah. Yeah, that’s probably a good idea. It’s an emergency, I suppose.”

“Let’s sleep together, Holly.”

(It’s so warm in here. Thank you, Holly.)

 Hirune was happy to go at her own pace.

 When they returned to her room hand in hand, Jeanne was just coming out of Hirune’s room.

  When Jeanne noticed them, she jumped up saying, “Oh,” then ran over to them, saying that something amazing had happened.

“What’s going on, Jeanne?”

“Hirune-sama, Something terribly amazing has happened!”

“Calm down.”


 Jeanne looked up, catching her breath.

“Thomas from the bedding store Valhalla said that since Hirune-chan would be up all night tonight, he would like to donate a futon. He just brought me a comforter made of Pyory feathers!”

 Upon hearing these words, Hirune’s sleepy blue eyes widened. 

Chapter 32: New Futon

 Donate a futon–.

Hirune couldn’t help but raise her hands at those sweet words.

“I did it. After two and a half years of hard work, I’ve finally received a donation of a futon!”

“You did it, Hirune-sama!”

 Jeanne, who had always been asked by Hirune if she could get donated a quilt or a futon, also raised her hands in joy.



 Hirune and Jeanne hugged each other in front of the room.

Holly, who had been watching from the side as the blonde and the black ponytail crossed, shrugged her shoulders in annoyance.

“Hey, ……, what are you so happy about at a time like this? It’s embarrassing, do it in your room, in your room.”

 Holly pointed sternly at the door.

Seeing this, Hirune and Jeanne straightened their postures and entered the room, saying excuse me.

(I’m sorry. It was nice of him to donate the bedding, but this is an emergency.)

 Jeanne opened the door. Upon entering the room, there was a comforter on Hirune’s bed.

 A great emotion washed over her.

 The down comforter was thinner and less padded than the previous one.

 It seemed that there was still room for improvement, but the thought of the thin comforter was enough to make her happy.

“Don’t go in yet, Hirune-sama.”

 Jeanne held her hand, and Hirune automatically stopped in her tracks.

“I can’t stop. My feet are moving on their own.”

“I think we should change into our nightgowns first.”

“I’ll go to my room and get my nightgown.”

 Holly walked out of the room.

 In the meantime, Jeanne took off her saint’s clothes and put on her familiar dress, and Holly came in with her own nightgown.

“Do you mind if I change here?”

“Of course. Hirune-sama, I’m done. Holly-sama, this way, please.”

“Thank you.”

 Holly put her nightgown on a chair and stood in front of Jeanne, while Hirune, who had finished dressing tried to get into bed.

 Jeanne shouted over her shoulder.

 “Hirune-sama, you’re not ready yet. You haven’t eaten breakfast yet, and you have to brush your teeth afterwards.”

“That’s all right. I’m just going to get under the covers. See?”

“You’ll fall asleep as soon as you get in won’t you Hirune-sama? It’s difficult to brush your teeth while you’re sleeping.”

 She had been using the advanced technique of brushing people’s teeth while they were sleeping. It was difficult to brush her teeth without waking her up and making her uncomfortable.

“What are you making Jeanne do……?”

 Holly was still in the Hail Mary pose, dumbfounded.

  While saying that, Jeanne’s hand does not stop, and Holly’s saint’s clothes are taken off.

“Eating makes you sleepy. It’s a human truth.”

 Hirune’s sleepy blue eyes glowed.

Hirune settled down at the edge of the bed as if she planned to get under the covers as soon as she gets the go-ahead.

“I really feel relaxed when I’m with you. I feel so much less tense now–thank you.”

 Holly thanked Jeanne for putting her nightgown over her head and shaping it for her.

 “Now, Hirune-sama, Holly, I will bring breakfast over here. Please try not to sleep until then.”

“Jeanne, just a moment under the covers.”

 “It will be hard, if you get hungry later,  You’ll be in trouble Hirune-sama. You might even dream of a feast.”

“That’s a problem. I had a dream once that I ate a lot of food, and when I woke up I had heartburn.”

“That’s why I don’t want you to go to bed yet. Now, if you’ll excuse me.”

 Jeanne bowed and walked out of the room.

“I’ve never heard of heartburn from dreams.”

“It’s the mystery of sleep.”

 Holly gave her a dumbfounded look as Hirune said so sleepily. 


 Jeanne came back, the three of them ate breakfast, brushed their teeth, then Hirune and Holly went to bed.

 The pyory comforter was soft and smelled of the sun.

(Pyory-san, …… I’ll farm you one day ……)

 Dreaming of mass production of futons, Hirune fantasized about a Pyory farm.

“Now then, Hirune-sama, Holly-sama, if you’ll excuse me, I have maid duties to attend to.”

 Jeanne smiled at Hirune, who looked happy with her floppy quilt and down comforter, and at Holly, who looked at her with an embarrassed look.

“What is it? Is there something  on my face?”

Holly said to Jeanne, “No, no, nothing on your face.”

 When Jeanne saw the blonde and light blue-haired saint in bed together, side by side, she reached over and repositioned the comforter.

“I’ll come and wake you up when it’s time. Good night.”

 Closing the curtains for the last time, Jeanne left.

 Hirune’s room became quiet.

 The pre-afternoon sunlight filtered through the curtains.

“Holly, how do you like the donated futon?”

 Hirune turned her head to the side, her blue eyes shining as if she were showing off a treasure.

“It feels good. It’s light and warm.”

“That’s true. A down comforter is the best.”

 Hirune happily rubs her face against the comforter.

  Seeing such an innocent Hirune, Holly raised her eyebrows slightly.

“Hey Hirune … aren’t you scared?”

“Scared of what?”

“There’s a lot of miasma coming to The Royal Capital.  You’ve seen miasma before, haven’t you? It’s that foul stuff that makes you uncomfortable just to be around.”

“I’ve seen it in one of the shopping malls, and Wanda has shown it to me in purification practice.”

“Then you know how scary it is, don’t you? Are you okay?”

 Holly’s words left Hirune puzzled.

(Holly’s scared isn’t she? …… that’s right, she’s only ten years old ……)

“It’s alright. We have the Goddess Sophia with us. Besides we have saint friends we can rely on, so there’s nothing to worry about.”

 Looking into Hirune’s sparkling eyes, Holly felt a warmth inside her heart and almost cried.

 Holly rushed to turn her face and body to the opposite side of Hirune.

“Yeah. That’s right. It’s not that I’m scared. I was just worried that you might be scared.”

“Okay. Thank you for always worrying about me, Holly.”

  Hirune smiled and Holly shifted her shoulders.

 She hesitantly opened her mouth, unsure whether to say anything or not.

“………… Thanks for everything, Hirune.”

 Holly’s small words made Hirune feel happy.

 She smiled and moved a bit in the futon.

‘Do you mind if I stick to Holly?”

‘……  I don’t mind.”

“I did it. it’s a saint body pillow.”

“Don’t use people as pillows.”

 Hirune turned on her side and hugged Holly from behind.

“It’s warm.”

(I wonder if Holly has a high basal body temperature. It’s so warm.)

 Hirune stuck her face to Holly’s back and fell asleep.

“Hirune…… she’s already asleep…… “

 Holly closed her eyes, feeling the warmth of Hirune’s body as she breathed in her sleep, “I’m not sleepy yet.”

 After a while, a lovely sleeping sound came from Holly’s mouth.

Chapter 33: Prayers Begin

 At four o’clock in the afternoon, Jeanne woke Hirune and Holly up.

 She felt like watching them sleep for a longer time, but there were things to be done. Jeanne gently took the comforter from them.

“…… Hm. Oh, good morning Jeanne. Is it time already?”

“Good morning Holly-sama. The magic circle is ready in the chapel. The saint’s prayer will begin at 5:00 p.m.”


 There was about one saint who showed no signs of waking up at all.

 Jeanne and Holly giggled at the look on Hirune’s face.

    Holly stretched and turned her slanted eyes to Jeanne. She seemed to be awake and refreshed after sleeping with Hirune.

“I’m going to go back to my room and get ready. I’ll meet you in the chapel.”

“Yes. I’ll see you later.”

 Holly took her saint’s clothes and left the room.

 It took Jeanne five minutes to wake Hirune up, get ready, and head to the chapel with her.


 All the couches in the chapel had been removed, and scrolls were spread out in a spiral on the floor. On top of the scrolls, there were many verses of scripture written with powdered magic stone ink for warding. 

 The scriptures were also written on the marble floor, which had been calculated to form a large spiral to match the scrolls.

 In the center of the spiral, there was a round space.

 It seems the saints take turns praying inside the circle 

 In the chapel, which could accommodate a thousand people, there was a scene that was different from their everyday life.

(Looks like a lot of preparation. …… The entire chapel is a magic circle.)

Hirune stepped into the chapel and felt an unusual heaviness in the air.

 In the four corners of the chapel, several groups of priests continued to chant scriptures.

“Hirune-sama. Everyone is gathered over there.”

 Jeanne said quietly.

 The saints were already gathered. Holly was there, too.

 They walked quietly along the wall, since they could avoid stepping on the magic circle by walking around the corners of the chapel.

“You’re the last one, Hirune.”

 Wanda said with a slightly nervous expression.

“ I’m sorry, the futon felt good and I couldn’t resist.”

“….. I thought so. Everyone, the youngest Hirune isn’t nervous at all. We’re just going to say our prayers like we always do.”

 Seeing Wanda and Hirune’s faces, the saint girls nodded.

 Hirune yawned loudly.

“Now the saint apprentices are praying in the next room, and we’re ready to start. Take a look. Do you see the twelve circles in the magic circle?”

 Wanda pointed around the magic circle.

 There were twelve circles in the spiral magic circle that could hold one person each.

“We’ll take turns moving through the circles in a clockwise direction while praying. The saint in the center circle will use the most magic power. I will make a decision and send you a signal, and you will move, pray, and move again, never breaking your scriptures and prayers. We will continue this overnight–“

 In turns they would play a major role in the center.

 That was the way it went.

 The saints outside of the center play an auxiliary role and are devoted to prayer.

(I wonder if I can last? …… I’m going to get sleepy. ……)

 She’d never stayed up all night since she came to this world. Hirune was worried that she might doze off.

“The first is Ashley, and the second is–“

 Wanda told them the order.

“The eleventh, Holly. Last is you, Hirune.”

 Thinking made her sleepy, so she shook her head and replied, “Yes.”

“I don’t know how many laps it will take,” Wanda said. “Nevertheless, we must maintain the warding until dawn. If the miasma gets into the capital, it will immediately spread misfortune. The peace of the royal capital depends on you saints.”

 “Yes,” they all replied.

 Holly also had a serious expression on her face.

(EverSophia……a wonderful world…… let’s do our best for this world. I’ll try to stay awake as much as possible. ……!)

 Hirune rubbed her sleepy eyes and renewed her determination.


 Time passed, and it was five o’clock in the afternoon.

 The light of the setting sun was spilling into the chapel from the stained glass windows.

 The light seemed somewhat dull, making everyone feel uneasy. 

(The air is different from usual: …… I never knew it could be so eerie at night ……)

 Hirune stared at the stained glass.

 Perhaps it was a sign of the miasma, but she felt something awkward as if the soft air she usually felt contained spikes.

‘…… Holly, something’s wrong.”

“You feel it too ……?”

 Holly, who was in the circle to Hirune’s right, glanced at Hirune.

“Yes. The air is stale. …… Holly, let’s do our best to protect everyone.”

“Of course. I’m sure I can handle the miasma on my own though.”

 Holly smiled, and Hirune smiled back.

“Activate the wards. Pray to the Goddess.”

  Wanda said this in a solemn tone, the twelve saints, including Hirune, all knelt down and folded their hands.

 As the entire chapel began to flicker, white stardust began to appear out of nowhere.

 Eventually, a hemispherical ward appeared, and they all flew out at once.

 The saint girl named Ashley in the center of the magic circle looked a little distressed. It seems that she used a lot of magic power.

(Ward ……, protect everyone ……!)

 This time, Hirune also forgot about being sleepy and prayed with all her heart.

Chapter 34: Ward Magic Circle

 The ward that began to unfold at 5:00 p.m. surrounded the entire royal capital, which had a population of several hundreds of thousands.

 The hemispherical ward was translucent and emitted a faint glow.

 Stardust from the collision with the miasma was raining down on the city.

“Do not step out of your houses.”

 Such an edict had been issued throughout the capital, and even the crowded main streets were empty tonight.

“I can’t see the moon anymore. Is everything all right?”

 The lady of a certain house said.

“Don’t worry. The saints will protect us. We just have to stay put.”

 The man who was her husband looked out the window and said to himself.

 The people were looking out the windows at the sky with anxious eyes.

 Beyond the wards, there were scattered clusters of black spikes. Just looking at them sent chills down his spine. His instincts told him to fear the presence of the miasma.

 The man shuddered and slowly closed the window.

 A pale light was leaking from the wards.


 At the same time, in the main church, Wanda and Archbishop Zekyutos were discussing in the next room of the chapel.

 The time was eleven p.m.

 It’s been six hours since the ward had been put up.

 The saints were on the third lap of the magic circle movement.

“How are the saints doing?”

Zekyutos asked with a hint of concern for the girls.

“We’ve been able to keep the ward intact with the help of Ashley, Holly, and Hirune’s magic. Zekyutos-sama…… I think we should assume the worst.”

 Wanda had a tired expression on her face.

“Maintaining the barrier would normally require more than fifteen people. Even though there’s a shortage of saints, putting more burden on those girls is…”

“I understand. They are the treasure of this world and the future. We can’t afford to lose them. If the ward is broken, I want you to take the saints and all the apprentices to Igzvani, where the Great Saint Sansara of the east is. We will fight the miasma until dawn.”

 Zekyutos said resolutely.

“The capital will suffer catastrophic damage. But if the saints are alive, the miasma can be purified and people will live. Mephistopheles Church will be a shield for the people.”

 Miasma is a nasty parasite that grows on people, objects, and animals.

 Once it grows, it multiplies unceasingly.


“Get the white horse carriage ready. Wanda, take care of the girls.

“Yes, sir.”

 Wanda bowed, and Zekyutos nodded, shaking his massive frame as he left the room.

 He was originally an expert in demon and miasma hunting, but now he was a combat priest. His loud voice echoed from the hallway as he gathered his people. He went to prepare to fight the miasma with his sacred tools.

 Wanda hurried back to the chapel.

 In the chapel, a thousand candles were lit and scripture was being recited incessantly.

 In the center of the magic circle, a thirteen-year-old saint was praying. Around her, eleven other saints closed their eyes in a circle. Hirune’s head was wobbling, but somehow she seemed to be doing her best to stay awake.

 Wanda looked at the center again and exhaled.

‘…… I think we’d better change.”

 It hadn’t been five minutes since the girl at the center had started praying. She had just become a saint, and the burden was too much for her.

“Take your turn. Everyone, move quietly to the next circle.”

 At Wanda’s voice, the saints solemnly moved.

 The warding magic circle puts a burden on the saint in the center.

 And when changing, the effect weakens.

 By now, the soldiers guarding the capital at the edge of the wards would be fighting the oozing miasma.

“What’s wrong? Take turns.”


 The girl in the center doesn’t move.

“Is something wrong? I need you to Calm down and take a deep breath.”

 As Wanda called out in concern, the girl collapsed in the circle. Her face completely pale.

  Wanda, who immediately determined that she had magic deficiency, chanted a scripture.

“O Goddess Sophia and spirits of the wind–“

 Stardust fluttered and glittered.

 The holy magic of levitation made the girl float. She went limp. Wanda used her magic to move the fallen saint from the center to herself.

Her power as a saint had weakened, but even the current Wanda could levitate a child. 

 Wanda held the saint carried by the stardust in both hands.

 The girl’s forehead was covered in sweat.

“Wanda …… sama …… sorry ………… no  magic power  ……….”

“It’s okay, it’s okay.  You did your best. Where’s the maid that came with her? Take her to the nebula room!”

 The maid who had been waiting in the corner of the chapel came running and carried the saint out of the room.

 Wanda bit her lip and opened her mouth, wanting to take her place if only she could.

 “With one person missing, we will continue the prayer.”


 The saint, who was already in the center, nodded her head.

 Wanda thought about the girls who had worked so hard to get to this point and wanted to tell them to quit and run away, but she couldn’t say that when she saw the eleven of them desperately continuing their prayers. Anyway, she’ll support them as much as she can and let them escape when they reach their limit. That’s what she told herself.

 In the midst of all this – there was only one saint who was fighting sleepiness.

(It’s a tough role to play in the middle. …… I’ll bring her some food when this is over.)

 Hirune thought about giving the chair that ruined people to the saint, and thought of the face of Leanne the furniture maker.

(Leanne-san also lives in this royal city. I’m sure she’s looking up at the sky and getting anxious. …… If our ward is gone, everyone’s daily life will be gone. …… Let’s try to stay awake… …)

 Hirune exhaled heavily through her nose and continued to pray.


 Time passes for the eleven saints.

 The frequency of shifts got shorter and shorter with each passing hour.

 Hirune was in the center for the longest time, thirty minutes, then Wanda got her replaced.

 The clock struck three in the morning.

(Only an hour and a half until dawn. …… I’ve managed to stay awake, but. ……)

 Hirune bit her lip in the prayer position. 

 It was a strategy to get rid of drowsiness with pain.

 The order came around quickly, and Holly, in front of Hirune, went into the center.

(Holly looks pretty sore too …… and so does everyone else ……)

 Holly’s bangs are stuck to her forehead with sweat.

 As she prayed, she opened her eyes and looked at the saints, their faces twisted in agony.

 They were all on the verge of losing their magic power.

 That was when it happened.

 She heard the sound of someone falling behind her.


 Wanda’s voice echoed.

 Perhaps startled by the voice, the chanting of the priests in the chapel ceased for a moment and then resumed immediately.

(Ashley, ……!)

 Ashley, the first to start, fell.

 She had a lot of magic power and was a proficient user of holy magic.

 The fact that she was able to maintain the magic circle that should have been maintained by fifteen people with eleven people was largely due to the fact that she was able to adjust the magical power that was spread throughout the entire area. She was fulfilling the role of a balancer.

 Then she collapsed.

 The thread that had been tautly holding them was snapped.


“I’m sorry ……, I can’t …… anymore.”

“I’m sorry ……, …….”

 The saints who had run out of magic power fell down in a flurry.

(Everyone! Oh, the ward!)

The warding magic circle began to blink irregularly.

 The stardust particles that had been glittering and dancing without interruption disappeared one by one.

“Cancel the warding prayer!  Call it off!”

 Wanda hurriedly took care of the fallen saints.

 The only ones still conscious are Holly and Hirune.

“… sticking to… even if my magic is ……”

 Holly in the center clenched her teeth as she prayed.

 The stardust danced around her as if to cheer her on, but the light from the magic circle was rapidly fading.

“Holly! Stop!”


 Wanda shouted, and Hirune stood up.

 It was obvious that she had no magic power, but Holly continued to exert her magic to somehow maintain the ward. It was a life-threatening use of holy magic.

“Holly, stop! Stop it!”

 Wanda regretted her error in judgment in taking her eyes off Holly, who had a strong sense of responsibility and rushed out with a desperate look on her face.

 At the same time, Hirune had also jumped out.

“Hirune! You–“

 Wanda’s voice could be heard from the side, but Hirune concentrated and kneaded her magic power.

(I have to save Holly!)

“Hi…..Rune……I’m sorry……”

 Holly collapsed.

Hirune quickly entered the center of the circle and used holy magic to heal Holly. Holly’s body was enveloped in joyful stardust.

 She continued to channel her magic power into the ward magic circle.

(Holly worked hard to maintain the ward…… I will never erase it ……!)

 A large amount of stardust erupted from Hirune’s body, making a shattering sound as it soared.

Chapter 35: Iridescent Eyes

 Hirune used holy magic with all her might for the first time since she came to this world.

( Holly, Jeanne, Wanda, Zekyutos, and all the people in the royal capital ….. I have to protect everyone.)

 Her long blond hair floated up and her Saint’s clothes fluttered in a torrent of magic power.

(Goddess Sophia, please, give me your strength ……!)

 As Hirune opened her sleepy eyes, the magic circle, which had been on the verge of disappearing, lit up with a glimmer of light.

 A light ran from the center of the magic circle, and the chapel became as bright as daylight.

 Masses of stardust leapt and jumped, glittering with a mysterious sound like a hymn celebrating Hirune.

 Holly, who had collapsed, woke up and looked up at Hirune.

“……Hirune…… eyes are rainbow-colored……”

Holly murmured as she was sucked into the divine glow of Hirune’s eyes.

(I can see the state of the ward …… looks like it’s pretty full of holes. Okay, I’m going to put magic into the hemisphere of the ward, like coating it again …….)

 Since she was maintaining the ward by herself, she could see the whole picture in her hands.

 Hirune began to manipulate the ward, which was several tens of kilometers in scale, all by herself.

(Faster …… more …… more …… more …… okay, recoating complete ……. Now that the holes are gone it’s back to normal. Now I just need to get rid of the miasma that has entered the capital.)

 She could also see where the miasma that had entered the ward was.

  If she pictured it, she could figure out where it was, just like a map function.

(Let’s maintain the ward and remotely cast purification magic…)

 The stardust that had been swirling around Hirune began to assemble into doll-sized pieces, becoming a mini-Hirune.

 It was silver and gold and bumpy, but it’s definitely recognizable as Hirune. It yawned sleepily every now and then, just like its master.

(Yawning: ……)

 Hirune looks at it strangely even though she wasn’t one to talk.

(Okay, go purify the miasma!)

 One after another, the stardust gathered and transformed into mini-Hirunes then flew out of the chapel.

 Wanda and the priests in the chapel were stunned by the sight, and stared at Hirune’s holy magic.

“……Hirune…… you are…….”

 Wanda shed a tear and looked up at the glittering stardust.

 It was a great magic that not even the Great Saints could imitate.

 The priests bowed their heads deeply, making the holy seal.

( Hmmm, I wonder if I can doze off for a bit like this?… I’m starting to get furiously sleepy thinking about it. ……)

 While maintaining the ward and using holy magic, Hirune let out an oversized yawn, “Fuuaaaah!”


 A little further back in time, Zekyutos arrived at the south gate of the royal capital, and with his men in tow, he joined the soldiers fighting the miasma.

 Looking up at the sky, the light of the wards was flickering faintly.

 The miasma was pouring out of the gaps in the ward.

“…… This won’t last long.” 

 Zekyutos swung his holy mace, a two-meter long club that had absorbed a lot of holy water.

 In front of him, a black chariot, consumed by miasma, was attacking the soldiers with the movements of a demon beast.

The miasma had eaten away at it.


 The carriage broke apart with a crunch.

 The color of the carriage returned from black to brown.

 The miasma that had been possessing it fled into the air, and he hit it five times with full swings.

 The miasma broke up into small thorns and dispersed into the air.

 Miasma can only be attacked with holy weapons.

 Purification by the saints is the most effective way of attacking the miasma, but now that they were not there, the only way was to smash it steadily like this.

“I’m Zekyutos, Archbishop of Mephistopheles! The ward won’t last long! So, we’ll stop them here at all costs!”

 The soldiers steeled themselves as Zekyutos and the other priests arrived on the scene.

“Thank you for your assistance!”

 The commander shouted.

 It was the worst case scenario for the ward to collapse.

 Even so, they had to fight to protect the capital.

 The soldiers wielded their weapons to protect the city where their families, friends, and loved ones lived. The front line was wide and long, and shouts of desperation were flying.

“Come on, if you’re weak, the miasma will take you in! Remember the smiles of your loved ones!”

Zekyutos wielded his holy mace in a loud voice unlike that of an archbishop.

 However, despite the lion’s share of efforts by the priests and soldiers, the miasma continued to enter the city from the sky.

 It was impossible to stop it all.

 As time went by, the battle line began to collapse. Some of the soldiers were caught in the miasma, and confusion led to more confusion. The situation on the front lines was terrible.

 Zekyutos chanted a scripture and gave holy blessings to the soldiers, but it was only a drop in the bucket. The amount of miasma was unbelievable. At this rate, even if the total lunar eclipse ended at dawn, a large amount of miasma would have covered the capital.

“Crush them as much as you can, even if only a little. We, the Mephistopheles, are to be the people’s shield!”

 Zekyutos shouted to his subordinates.

 All of them nodded their heads in determination.

 The subordinates clutched their sacred tools and murmured to each other, “The smiles of our loved ones.”

 –the smile of a loved one.

 Zekyutos naturally thought of Hirune’s face.

 The smile on her face, with her big eyes like a sea of stars, was so lovely that it made him feel happy whenever he saw her.

Thinking back, picking up the fallen Hirune seemed to be a turning point in his destiny.

“The world is shining so brightly, isn’t it?”

 Her words.

 A world that only Hirune could see.

 After becoming Hirune’s guardian, Zekyutos realized through her free actions that this world was more colorful than he had thought.

 From that moment on, Zekyutos’ view of EverSophia grew brighter.

“Should I have allowed …… Hirune…… to doze off a bit more?”

  The corners of his mouth turned up.

 Zekyutos found himself laughing uncharacteristically, and it made him smile.

“As long as this body moves, it will destroy the miasma.”

 With the holy mace on his shoulder, Zekyutos sprinted to the front lines.

 As someone who had dedicated himself to the goddess Sophia, it was his desire to die here.

 Prepared to die, he threw himself into the miasma and raised his holy mace.

 That’s when it happened.


 A blinding light began to cover the ward, and it was quickly restored.

“Hey, the ward is coming back!”  “Holy Saint!” ” Yes! Our prayers have been answered!”

 The soldiers cheered.

 Zekyutos looked up at the sky as he smashed the nearby miasma.

 The ward had returned to its perfect state.

 In addition, chunks of stardust flew into the sky, purifying the miasma from all sides.

“Stardust in the shape of a person: ……?”

 A collection of stardust was yawning and releasing purification magic from its fingertips.

Here and there, light flashed, flashes flew, and the miasma disappeared.

‘Hirune….. is that Hirune?’

 It was the first time he’d ever seen such a thing. Zekyutos felt an indescribable emotion welling up in the pit of his stomach, and he put all his strength into the hand holding his mace.

“Listen, The saint Hirune is sending holy magic of purification all over the royal capital! Our victory is near!  Muster your strength!”

 Despair turned to hope, and the soldiers and priests roared.

 All the while, flashes of light were constantly popping up.

 The stardust mini-Hirune, unlike the main body, seemed to be a hard worker, flying around and shooting purification magic from its fingertips.

“Remote-controlled holy magic that’s so powerful …… Hirune is worthy of becoming a great saint ……!”

 Zekyutos said.

 Then, a not-so-motivated mini-Hirune flew around Zekyutos and yawned sleepily. The mini-Hirune’s head wobbled and it looked like it was about to fall asleep. It moved just like the main body.

“No, that might not be the case……”

 Zekyutos gently puts the sleeping stardust Hirune in his breast pocket and chuckled quietly.


 Meanwhile, in the chapel, Hirune, who was maintaining the ward, was fighting drowsiness.

 Rather, she was already defeated by ninety-nine percent.


She was squirming, slobbering, and could barely stand.

 Holly, who has been revived by the holy magic of healing, and Jeanne, who was called by Wanda, were supporting Hirune on both sides.

 It was just like the composition of friends supporting a drunken friend from both sides. They’ll refrain from commenting on whether she is worthy of being a great saint or not.

“I was preparing to run away, so I was surprised when I was called.”

 Jeanne looked at the sleeping Hirune, not expecting to find her in this situation.

 The light from the magic circle was a bit dazzling. Jeanne squinted her eyes.

“This is the girl who saved the Royal Capital. She’s truly an amazing girl. She’s sleeping, though.”

 Holly laughed and shrugged her shoulders. In spite of her words, she grabbed Hirune firmly by the waist and shoulders, not wanting to let her go.

Hirune’s holy magic had purified all the miasma from the Royal Capital.

 Wanda decided that she would leave the ward to Hirune, and the saints who had regained their magic power were waiting in another room just in case but there seemed to be no need for that.

“It’s almost dawn, isn’t it?”

“Yes. …… I’ve never been so happy about a sunrise. ……”

“Yes. It’s been a long day.”

 Jeanne, the maid, had also had a long day.



 They turned their faces to the morning sun spilling through the stained glass.

The glow fell into the chapel, hitting the statue of the goddess and changing its shape.

 Jeanne suddenly raised her voice.

“Ah! I think the goddess just smiled!”

“What? Really?”

 Holly squinted her eyes and observed the statue.

 She blinked a few times, and it seemed to her that the statue’s mouth had loosened.

“Oh! It’s true! I think the Goddess Sophia smiled a little bit!”

“It’s true!”

 It must have been a mistake.

 The girls knew it, but they didn’t want to miss out on this happy feeling, so they looked at each other and giggled happily.

“…… thousand corridors …… clean…… I don’t want to ….Munya……”

 Whether the timing was good or bad, Hirune mumbled in her sleep. The girls blinked their eyes and laughed out loud.

 Their joyful laughter echoed through the chapel.

 The morning sun spilled through the stained glass windows.

 A new day was about to shine in EverSophia.

Kay's translations
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