Leisurely~ Chapter 21-25

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Chapter 21: Daily Life of a Saint

 Three months have passed since she became a saint.

 Two years have passed since her reincarnation, and Hirune is now ten years old.

 Compared to when she was eight years old, she has become much more mature.

 Her well-rounded face had gained a feminine roundness.

 When they gazed into the starry blue eyes of Hirune, everyone felt as if they were being sucked into her eyes.

 The fact that she always looked sleepy and relaxed amplified the mysteriousness she wore.

 It’s not that she looks sleepy, it’s just that she’s really sleepy.

(It’s been two years …… since then, long yet short. I have my own room in the main church, my bed is bigger, and I’m fed more than when I was an apprentice ……. But the bedding in the main church is not very good. …… What do you call it? …… It’s like a hand-me-down version of the mass-produced futons. )

 Hirune picked up the thin comforter that she had been using since her apprenticeship.

 It was clean, and Jeanne had mended the holes with star-shaped appliques.

 At the head of the quilt, just where her neck would be, was a removable cover with a button. This was Holly’s idea, and Jeanne made it for her. This was because Hirune sometimes drooled on it. The beautiful girl was ruined.

(I can’t help but wonder if it’s because I’m so used to using this quilt …… that it’s so easy to sleep with.  But I want to sleep with a down comforter in cold weather. I think a down comforter on top of this quilt would be perfect.)

Hirune smiled, dreaming of a comforter she hadn’t yet seen, and rolled over, wrapping it around her body.

 The comforter with star-shaped appliques was blessed with her blessings, and it was filled with her dreams and hopes: comfortable sleep, accelerated recovery of magic power, accelerated recovery of physical strength, and avoidance of nightmares. However, she wasn’t aware of it.

 Coincidentally, the fact that Hirune went to the trouble of repairing and using cheap quilts made people around her say, “What a thrifty person she is,” or “She is a mirror of a saint. She is trying to understand the position of the poor,” and so on. 

 (I want Thomas’s new futon. I want him to please replace all the futons in the main church.)

 I’m glad I live in a world where people can’t hear what’s going through my mind.

As she lounged around for a while, a knock sounded and Jeanne came in.

 Feeling like a flounder Hirune pulled the quilt over her head, exposing only her eyes, and flopped down flat on the bed.

Jeanne smiled and said cheerfully,

 “Your free time in the morning is over, Hirune-sama.”

“There is no Hirune, there is only a deep-sea fish.”

 The flounder …… Hirune glanced at Jeanne with one eye.

“I’m not sure what you mean by “deep-sea fish. …… Now, Archbishop Zekyutos is waiting for you. You’re going to read to the nobility today.”

“Deep-sea fish can’t read. They can’t speak because they’re in the water.”

“This is not the sea, it’s the main church. Come on, Hirune-sama, please get up.”

 Jeanne didn’t get her joke at all.

Since becoming a saint, her schedule has been so jam-packed that she hasn’t had time to take a nap at all. In this case, It would’ve been better to be a Saint Apprentice.

 Jeanne was no stranger to this.

“You can take a break when the reading is over. Let’s go.”

“The break must be just twenty minutes right? I know. When I was a saint apprentice, I was never late at night. I never heard of a saint being this busy.”

“Everyone is waiting for you, Saint Deep Sea Fish?”

“Yes, I am a deep-sea fish. I’m not a saint. You’ll have to look elsewhere.”

“That’s not possible.”

 Finally, Jeanne pulled the thin quilt over her head.

“Let’s go. Come on, let’s go.”

 Hirune clutched at the quilt, determined not to get out of them.

 “Jeanne should read it instead. The deep-sea fish will be under the covers, waiting for your return.”


 Jeanne pulled the covers languidly over her.

“Saint Hirune is not here.”

“Very well. Prepare yourself, Hirune-sama.”

 Jeanne removed her hand from the thin quilt and announced that she was going to use a secret trick.

 She then grabbed Hirune’s waist from the quilt and began to tickle her skillfully.

“Tickle, tickle, tickle.”

“Oh, no, ah, hahaha yame( stop).”

“Please come out, Hirune-sama.”

“Okay, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

 The self-proclaimed deep-sea fish emerged, daringly brought to the surface by Jeanne’s hands.

(This is impossible. I didn’t know she could tickle my weak spots so accurately … I can’t stand that … I feel that Jeanne is becoming a stronger enemy day by day.)

 The breathless Hirune pulled herself out of the covers and posed in a Hail Mary pose.

 Seeing this, Jeanne quickly undressed her and put on her Saint clothes.

Chapter 22: The Wind is Calling

 Hirune walked out of the saint’s quarters in the main church and walked through the spacious church.

 As the home of the Mephistopheles religion, there was an air of tranquility in there. In the cool marble hallway, there was a scripture inscribed. Whenever the priests saw Hirune, they bowed and passed on by. The status of a saint is higher than that of a layperson.

(It’s different from the West Church.)

 The main church was quiet, and she couldn’t hear anyone’s footsteps as she walked down the corridor.

(I get sleepy when it’s quiet.)

“…… Ahh.”

Hirune yawns a little.

“ Hirune-sama, please tell me when you’re going to yawn next, I’ll hide it.”

 Jeanne cautions me from behind. It’s a problem for a saint to walk around yawning.

“I’m sorry. I thought yawning was a self-reported thing. …… Ahhhh ……”

“…… Um, Hirune-sama? Did you hear me?”

“Yawning is not something you can say before you do it. I’m in trouble.”

 Hirune glances at Jeanne.

 Jeanne, dressed in her maid’s uniform, lowered her eyebrows as if in trouble. She’s worried that one day Hirune will be scolded by the big guys one day for going at her own pace too much.

“Speaking of which, how many hours is today’s reading session?”

“It’s three hours today.”

“Three hours. …… Oh my Go….”

“Are you okay?”

 The work of a saint is very diverse. She now has more responsibilities than when she was an apprentice, and has become more involved with the aristocrats of the kingdom.

(This main church’s readings …… long. ……please forgive me already.)

 Under the supervision of the Archbishop, they read from the Bible in front of the nobles.

 This is the role of the new saints, and it’s a great way for them to show their faces. 

“Isn’t there any way we can decline? It’s been two months since I became a saint, and I’ve been so busy that my sleepiness is at its peak.”

“I feel like your sleepiness is always at an all-time high …… Well, it’s your role, so I don’t think you can, can you?”

“At the very least, I need a chair that can ruin people. Let’s sit down and do the reading.”

“I don’t know of a chair like that. But let’s ask Wanda-san if you can sit in a chair, shall we?”

 Jeanne blinked her steeple-colored eyes.

 In fact, Wanda, the educator, has been appointed as the saint’s counselor. It was at the behest of Archbishop Zekyutos, and Her main focus was to educate Hirune and Holly. Both of them were only ten years old. It was the result of Zekyutos’ consideration for the two girls.

“Holly said she was tired too, so it might be a good idea to ask Wanda.”

“Holly’s here too? – Then let’s ask her to do the reading today. I’ll take it next month.”

(Once that’s decided, let’s go to bed in our room.)

 Hirune tried to go back to her room.

 Jeanne took Hirune’s hand in a panic.

“Hirune-sama, let’s go to the waiting room for now. I’ll ask Wanda-san.”

 Jeanne let go of her hand, took Hirune by the shoulders and spun her around in the direction of the waiting room.


“Well, if Jeanne says so, I’ll just  have to go.”

“Good. I’ll ask her about the chair.”

“Jeanne, it’s a chair that can ruin people. It shouldn’t be an ordinary chair. Tell her that, too.”

“I don’t get it, but I understand.”

 Jeanne smiled and nodded. Becoming a formal maid with an official saint, the hardships are unbearable. Even so, she seems to be enjoying herself, probably because she’s with Hirune.

“let’s go.”

“All right.”

 The two of them headed to the waiting room for the reading session.

 They arrived in a few minutes. There was no one inside.

 It was a simple room with few furnishings. There was an old-fashioned chair, a long desk, and several mirrors. This was to make sure that your clothes were in order.

“Please wait a moment, Hirune-sama. I’ll go ask Wanda, okay?”

 Jeanne shook her ponytail and walked with light steps out of the room.

(I’m all alone. ……)

  Hirune placed the Bible she was carrying on the long desk.

 When she looked at the window, the soft sunlight was falling through the trees into the room.

 A cool breeze was blowing, and it felt good.

(I feel like the wind is calling me. Now is the time to make a chair that will ruin people. ……!)

 Hirune was driven by an unfamiliar intuition.

 She approached the window.

 There was no way she was going to jump from the second floor. There was a hedge and a lawn downstairs.

(In times like these–remember the scriptures  …… holy magic of levitation.)

 Hirune chanted holy magic.

 A magic circle unfolded at her feet, and stardust enveloped her body. Hirune’s body started to float in less than a few minutes.

(Oh, I feel so fluffy and comfortable. It feels like I’m moving in the direction I want to go, right, left…)

 After a few tries, Hirune went out the window.

(Going over the window frame, and then slowly going down.)

 She fluttered her pure white saintly dress and fluffily escaped from the waiting room.


 She slipped out of the main church without a care in the world.

 She was afraid that the guards would say something if she went through the main entrance, so she went out the back door, which was less crowded, and said “Have a nice day” to the guards. The guards seemed to have a “please come in” attitude, since the saint rarely passed through there. In their position, it was rare to see a saint.

(It’s the royal capital. Now, where will the wind take me?)

 A big yawn.

 Hirune started walking leisurely.

 A cool breeze blew through the hot weather that was beginning to heat up.

 The saint’s clothes dance and it makes Hirune’s blonde hair float softly.

(It’s a nice morning air, isn’t it? I want to take a nap somewhere like this.)

 With a yawn, Hirune walks through the alleys of the royal capital.

 Perhaps it was her luck, but no one had seen her.

 If the people found out, there would be a crowd. And moreover, the whole capital knows the name of the dozing saint, Hirune, because of that big holy light.

 A picture of Hirune’s beautiful figure was also plastered all over the capital.

 A famous painter who saw Hirune drew a picture of her, and copies of it were circulated. Holly’s painted figure is also circulating.

 Not knowing this, Hirune walked aimlessly down an alley and hit a shopping street.

(Is this the end of the shopping street? It’s a bit deserted, isn’t it?)

 The royal capital is large.

 It’s also sensitive to trends and fashion.

 This shopping street used to be crowded with people a few decades ago, but after a certain period of time, the number of customers began to decline. The reason is unknown.

 (There’s a furniture store. Let’s go there and ask them to make chairs that ruin people.)

 Hirune strolled into the furniture store on a complete whim.

 Inside the store, there was a lot of furniture on display, all polished and clean. However, the wooden tags with the prices were discolored. Apparently, it hadn’t been sold for a long time.

“Hello. I’m looking for a chair that can ruin people.”

  Hirune’s voice echoed inside the store.

“Dad, we have a customer!”

 Such a shout came from the back of the store, and a woman came out with great speed.

 It was a girl with young grass-colored hair and a simple atmosphere. She looked to be fifteen or six years old.

“Welcome! Are you looking for furniture …………?”

 She was at a loss for words when she saw Hirune.

 The saint of the hour, Hirune, was standing in a deserted furniture store. The girl rubbed her eyes to see if she was mistaken, but the saint was still standing at the entrance. Blonde hair, blue eyes, well-groomed appearance, and a pure white saint’s dress that amplifies magical power. No doubt about it.

“I need you to make me a chair that can ruin people.”


 Hirune’s sleepy blue eyes intersected with the girl’s.

Chapter 23: The Fallen Angel of Immorality

 At a corner of a deserted shopping street.

 The furniture store owner’s daughter was named Leanne.

“So, Leanne-san. I need you to make a chair that can ruin people. This is a very important matter because it will affect the future of a saint’s life.”

 They sat down on the softest sofa in the furniture store, and Hirune sipped her tea.

(This house is kind of gloomy. I wonder why?)

 Leanne, the furniture maker’s daughter, hugged the tray with the tea to her chest, terrified.

“Saint Hirune’s future life as a saint … Well, I’m still a fledgling craftsman, and I think It would be better if I asked my father for help …..” 

“You’re working as a subcontractor for a craftsman because your store is not making any money, right?”

“Yes, that’s right. He’s working right now, so I don’t think he can hear you.”

“He’s the type of person who doesn’t hear when he concentrates, isn’t he? That’s a wonderful craftsman.”

“Is that so?”

 Leanne touched her young grass-colored hair, a little embarrassed.

 She was happy to hear her father’s praise.

“That means Leanne-san will have to make the chair.”

“I don’t think I’m up to the task. Besides, what kind of chair can ruin a person?”

“Yes. What is a chair that ruins people? – Oh, may I borrow a pen and paper?  I would also appreciate a pillow.”

 Hirune yawned, and Leanne rushed over with a pen, paper, and pillow.

“Thank you.”

 Hirune laid down on the sofa and checked the position of the pillow.

(Buckwheat-like pillow …… good!)

 When she touched the pillow, it made a crunching sound.

 Hirune placed her head then her back and checked the comfort of the buckwheat-like pillow several times, and then, lying down, she drew a picture of a person and a chair.

 Leanne took it and looked down at it with interest, then she groaned, “This is it.”

“The chair is a chair, but you’re going to sew a piece of fabric into the shape of a sphere, and inside that you’re going to put a material like the one in this pillow. And when you sit in it, your body sinks into it–this is the chair that ruins people.”

 Hirune said this, her sleepy eyes widening.

 Her eyes were shining, but her posture was sloppy. It’s a shame that she’s a saint.

“…… This is a tremendous idea! I work as a seamstress at home, so I’m good at sewing. Saint, may I try making one?”

“Of course.”

 She nodded enthusiastically, but then realized something important.

(That’s right, I don’t have …… money …… Money, ……. Even a saint needs an allowance.)

 Hirune lowered her long lashes and opened her mouth apologetically.

“I’m sorry, Leanne. I don’t have any money. A saint has no property of her own. …… I wish I could give you something in return, but …… from the looks of it, you don’t seem to have any room in your store either. …… I’ll get the materials somehow. Until then–“


 Leanne interrupted the words with a strong will.

 Her simple eyes looked as if they were about to burst into flames.

“I’ll make a prototype with my allowance. I’m strongly attracted to the chair designed by the saint to ruin people. Don’t worry about the money. I’ll make one right away!”

“Leanne-san……, I’m so lucky to have met such a wonderful woman as you.”

 Hirune got up and off the couch, carefully making the holy seal.

Leanne hurriedly hung down her head.

“I’m at a loss for words. …… Thank you.”

“You can call me Hirune.”

 Leanne felt a strange sensation of being enveloped by something as Hirune smiled at her, and she didn’t even know she was smiling.



 Leanne bought some materials and went to the workshop, leaving Hirune alone in the store.

(Thank you for the wonderful encounter. ……)

 Hirune, who had now developed the habit of praying completely, kneeled down, folded her hands and closed her eyes.

 Then she felt something unpleasant in the store.

 It’s such an annoying sensation like a small bone is stuck in your throat. 

(It looks like there’s something lurking in here that’s disturbing people……Maybe it’s the “miasma” that I learned in Wanda’s class.)

 The most important job of the saints is to purify miasma, the substance that makes up demons.

 Miasma robs the surrounding of power.

 Even a small miasma reduces the vitality of the surroundings and keeps people away.

 The trouble is that it’s hard for the human eye to see.

 It seemed that the miasma was lurking in the small crevices of the furniture store.

(Why is there miasma in the royal capital? …… Let’s look around a little more extensively.)

 Hirune concentrated on the entire deserted shopping area and prayed.

 It seems that tiny miasma is sticking to every corner of the shopping district. Apparently, the miasma seems to be coming in from outside the capital through old underground pipes. It just so happened that the magic circle of purification was not functioning properly in this shopping district.

(This is a big problem. I need to purify it now. knead the magic power–the scripture–).

 As usual, she chanted the holy scriptures in her brain and applied the holy magic to the entire shopping area.

“Purification magic.”

 A large amount of stardust erupted from Hirune’s surroundings, and a large magic circle unfolded outside the store.

 A passerby who was just walking outside was startled and shouted, “Oh!”

“What the hell is that?”

 Leanne, who was working, came running in.

 “Ah, purification, magic ……!”

 Leanne opened her mouth with an expression as if she had found God.

(Let’s purify it.)

 When Hirune puts more energy into it, the stardust swarmed into the miasma in the store. The miasma, which had been invisible, turned into a black spike-like object and revealed itself.

 Hirune opened her eyes and looked at the miasma.

(It looks like black spikes. I see.)

 The black spikes were jostled by the glittering stardust and disappeared as she blinked.

 It was because Hirune’s holy magic was so strong.

 Normally, it would take  longer to disappear.,

(Alright, stardust–get rid of the black spikes!)

 At Hirune’s command, the stardust flew out, quickly purifying the miasma in the shopping district.

 The furniture store also returned to normal.

(Looks like we’re done here.)

 She turned off the holy magic, and the stardust leaped and fizzled into the air. She seemed pleased to have finished her work.

“The miasma was a surprise.”

“What …… is this, Hirune-sama.”

“There was miasma in the store, so I purified it. What do you think? Doesn’t it make you feel better? The gloomy feeling is gone.”

“Oh, ……, now that you mention it, it does feel really good!”

 Leanne stretched out her hands and spun around the store happily.

 The air in the store was cleared of its dankness.

“It seems that some miasma had gotten into the entire shopping district. You’re safe now.”

“Thank you, Hirune-sama. Thank you very much for using your precious holy magic. …… I’m sure it was because of the miasma that no customers came to the store. I hope this will bring back the usual energy to the store …….”

 Leanne clutched her work apron and tears welled up in her eyes.

“The store couldn’t make money, and we couldn’t buy medicine, my mom was sick … My mom had to go back to her parents’ house. My dad kept working at a job he didn’t want to do and sending money home. …… I think he’s still working with all his heart. I believe it was because of the miasma but I’ll continue to work hard with my father. I want my mom to come back too!”

“I’m happy I was able to help Leanne.”

“Thank you so much Hirune-sama! I don’t know how to thank you, but I’ll give you all my allowance!”

 “No, I don’t need your money. How about the chair that can ruin people?”

“Oh, yes! I’ll get it!”

 Leanne ran into the workshop and brought out the first chair that would ruin people.

 It was made of various patterns of fabric pieced together to form a sphere. It looked like a large beanbag.

“Oh my! Oh my! It’s amazing! This is what I’ve been looking for!”

“I made a smaller size for Hirune-sama. You can sit down.”

 With that, Leanne placed the chair that ruined people on top of the adult chair.

 Hirune’s blue eyes twinkled upward, begging her to sit down quickly.

“Go on.”

“Excuse me.”

 Hirune gently sat down in the chair.

 A crunching sound echoed, and her hips, waist and back were enveloped.

(Whoa! This is the chair that ruins people! This is the chair I’ve been wanting to buy since my previous life, but couldn’t. This is so heavenly, I can’t even take another step. Let’s call it the fallen angel of immorality!)

 Hirune sat down on the chair and lets out a “Wow. Wow” as she slips and burrows into the chair that ruins people. she puts her hands out like a king, completing the paradise style.

 Leanne found it funny and cute, and giggled. Seeing the lovely saint sitting on the chair she had made and saying “wow”, she made the holy seal in front of her chest, trying to remember how happy she was today.

 Later, Hirune was found by Jeanne and brought back.

 She was sentenced by Wanda to clean the thousand-hall corridor in the main church as punishment.

(I’m going to sit on the Fallen Angel of Immorality when I’m done with this ……)

 It will be a while before the chair that ruins people becomes an explosive hit product.

Chapter 24: The Effect of the Chair that Ruins People

 For a week after receiving the chair that ruins people, Hirune had been huddling in it every chance she got.

 The spherical chair was very comfortable to sit in.

(It’s a paradise. This is exactly the kind of chair I was looking for. The material of the inside and outside could be improved. …… When I have time, I’ll go to Leanne’s furniture store.)

 Hirune wasn’t punished at all for going out without permission.

 She sat back in her chair, which made a crunching sound and ruined people, and put her hands outward. It was paradise style.

 (Jeanne will be here soon. If that’s the case, I’m going to have to use holy magic. Holy magic–unity bonding.)

 Hirune used holy magic to attach her body to the chair that was ruins people.

This way even if she was pulled her body would not leave the chair.

“Phew …… I’m so sleepy after my morning duties ……”

 The morning of the saint is early.

 Before breakfast, they have thirty minutes of prayer and thirty minutes of scripture chanting.

 After that, they eat breakfast, have a little free time, and then start their work.

 Right now, Hirune was in her room during her free time.

(I’m too busy working as a saint to sleep. Holly has picked up the pace and is doing well, Jeanne seems to have a lot of energy, and …… children are very energetic. ……)

Although she was a child herself, Hirune yawned in a disheveled pose.

Her blond hair, blue eyes, good looks, and pure white saintly clothes. It’s interesting that she looks so good even when she’s sitting in a chair that ruins people.

“I’m thirsty. …… It’s a hassle to move.”

 Hirune glanced at the jug and cup on her desk.

 She doesn’t want to move because she’s sleepy.

(Holy magic–object manipulation–)

Glittering stardust fluttered and the jug moved by itself, poured water into the cup, and the cup floated up and settled in Hirune’s hand. This is the kind of magic that lazy people long for.

(Holy magic is useful. Goddess, thank you very much.)

Hirune makes the holy seal with her back nuzzled into the chair.

 It was the wrong use of holy magic, no matter how you look at it.

“Yes, purification.”

 The cup shone and with a poof, stardust was sucked into the water.

 Hirune, who recently noticed that water tastes better when purified, always does this.

“The water tastes good. –puha This water is delicious.”

 She drank up the water with a good gulp and returned the cup to its original position with holy magic.

 During this time, she only moved her hands.

(It’s nice to be able to relax like this. It reminds me that I worked too hard in my previous life. Staying up all night. If they don’t sleep properly, humans will go crazy.)

 Looking back at the memories of her previous life with distant eyes, she closed her eyelids.

 Her throat was moistened and she began to feel sleepy, so she fell asleep.

 A few minutes later, the door opened.

“Hirune-sama, I’m back–oh, I knew you were asleep.”

 Jeanne entered the room and placed the scriptures for the next ritual on the desk.

 Three thick books. They weren’t heavy, but her fingers ached. Jeanne shook her wrist a few times.

“Recess will be over in five minutes, so I have to wake you up.”

 As she said this, Jeanne looked at Hirune’s sleeping face.

 Her long eyelashes, her small mouth, her breath coming in regular puffs.

 She looked so comfortable that just looking at her made Jeanne feel happy. The chair she was sitting on was a bit of a mess, but she looked so cute that she wanted to hang her in a picture frame.

 Jeanne smiled.

“You look so good, Hirune. ……”

 She poked at her rosy cheeks.

 (It’s so soft and smooth.)


    Jeanne poked her rosy cheeks.

 When she didn’t wake up at all, Jeanne had no choice but to put her hands on both of Hirune’s shoulders and slowly shake them.

 “Hirune, please wake up. We have to rehearse for the festival. We have to memorize the scriptures. Hirune-sama, Hirune-sama.

 She must have fallen deep asleep, because she showed no signs of waking up.

 Jeanne shook her shoulders forcefully.

“Hirune-sama, please wake up. Did you forget that Zekyutos-san told you that you must attend this festival? Wanda will scold you if you are late.  Hirune-sama.


“Hirune-sama, wake up.

“…… Hmm.”

 There was no sign of her waking up at all.

  Normally, she would wake up rubbing her eyes regretfully, but Jeanne has learned from experience that when there is no response like this, nothing she does will wake her up.

 As a last resort, she decided to take Hirune with her to the rehearsal site for the festival.

 Thanks to her blessings, she had no problem carrying Hirune for a few minutes.

“Excuse me.”

 Jeanne bowed dutifully and then tried to put her hands on Hirune’s back and behind her knees.


 But Jeanne’s hand got caught.

 It’s like Hirune and the chair were stuck together, and she can’t get her fingers in. The only sound is the crunching and scraping of the contents of the chair’s that ruins people.

“Is it sticking? What?”

 As a test, Jeanne took both of Hirune’s arms and pulled, and Hirune’s body and the chair slid together, sticking to each other. The saint and the oddly shaped chair were stuck together. It was a surreal scene.

“What the..?”

 Jeanne was puzzled.

  Holding Hirune’s thin shoulders and the chair with both hands, she tries to pull them off.

“Hmmm … huh, I can’t get it off at all.”

 She stops, afraid that if she tries too hard It’ll tear the saint’s dress.

 Jeanne crosses her arms and thinks about why this happened.

“Hirune-sama, you’ve always said you wanted to work while in a chair. …… Did you by any chance attach yourself to it by magic?”

 Jeanne came up with an idea and put her face to the glued part between the chair that ruined people and Hirune.

 When she looked, tiny stardust was scattered. Evidence of holy magic.

“I knew it! I can’t get this off! What should I do! We’re running out of time!”

 Jeanne panicked and shook her ponytail from side to side.

 In the meantime, it was already time to meet.

 After a few seconds of pacing around the room, Jeanne made up her mind.

“All right. I’ll give priority to getting you there first. I’ll leave the rest to you, Wanda-san.”

 Jeanne placed the three thick scriptures on Hirune’s lap and held them with her hands to prevent them from falling. Then she opened the door and went around, behind her.

“Hirune-sama, let’s go!”

 With that, Jeanne pushed Hirune with the chair that ruined people.

 The cloth and the floor rubbed against each other and Hirune moved in her seat.

 They walked out of the room, closed the door, and Jeanne pushed Hirune again.

‘Please wake up, Hirune-sama.”

 The saint, still seated in her chair, moves noiselessly down the tranquil corridor inscribed with scripture. A maid pushes her back. If anyone sees them, they will surely be gossiped about. 

 Jeanne felt embarrassed, so she turned her face down and increased the force of her push.


“Hirune-sama, are you awake?”

 She took her hand away and looked into her face.

“Sweet treats …….”

 She was talking in her sleep.

 Jeanne dropped her head.

 “Hirune-sama, please wake up!”

 She had no choice but to resume the transportation of the saint and chair. While doing that, the door of the Saints’ private room opened, and a saint with light blue hair appeared.

“What? What? Hirune and …… Jeanne?”

 It was Holly who came out of the room.

 Perhaps she had sensed something or not, but she approached Jeanne walking quickly.

“Hey Jeanne, what’s going on here?”

 Holly whispered, pointing at the sleeping Hirune.


 Jeanne crossed her hands as if a goddess had just appeared.

“Hirune-sama and the chair that ruins people have stuck together. She’s used holy magic to do it, and I just can’t seem to get it off.”

“Hah…… you really waste your holy magic, …….”

 Holly put her hand to her forehead in dismay.

“I’ll see if I can’t get it off.”

 Holly chanted a scripture to activate the releasing magic, but it didn’t work. It had no effect.

 Jeanne and Holly looked at each other.



“Suu…… Suu……”

 Hirune’s sleep echoed in the silent hallway.

 Holly’s stomach churned and her large hanging eyes strained.

“We’ll just carry on. Today’s rehearsal is important. I’ll help you.”

“Thank you, Holly-sama, but don’t worry. I can’t let a saint do that.”

“What are you talking about? We’re friends. Let’s go.”

” Holly-sama, ……”

 Jeanne’s eyes welled up, and she nodded her head.


“Come on, let’s push.”

“All right. Okay.”

 On this day, a maid and a saint pushed a saint who was attached to a chair, a rare event that had never happened in the history of Mephistopheles.

 When they arrived at the rehearsal room, Wanda was holding her head in her hands and Zekyutos was twitching his cheeks. No one could tell whether Zekyutos was angry or laughing.


Chapter 25: Cleansing the Armory

 The festival that Hirune and Holly participated in went off without a hitch.

 The festival was meant to strengthen the purification of the entire capital, and to increase the defense against the miasma and demons.

 As the people gather to see the saint, the kingdom also benefits from the entertainment revenue.

 Archbishop Zekyutos was collecting donations from the nobility to raise money to help the southern regions where the demons were advancing rapidly.

 Hirune was also very active in collecting donations.

 But she was only reciting to herself, trying to stay awake.

(Now that the festival is over, I feel relieved. It’s a shame that the Fallen Angel of Immorality was confiscated, though.)

  Hirune made a politician-like grimace and stuck out her lower lip.

 After the incident of the saint being stuck in the chair, the fallen angel of immorality, the chair that ruins people, is now in the strict custody of Wanda. She is allowed to use it only twice a week. It was exactly the same as a parent hiding a game console from her child.

“It’s regrettable.”

  Hirune rolled over on the bed with her arms crossed.

“What’s wrong?”

 Jeanne, who was cleaning Hirune’s room, turned around.

Today, too, her steeple-colored eyes were shining with energy.

“I’m sad that the Fallen Angel of Immorality has been confiscated. What do you think Jeanne?”

“That chair really ruins a person. It’s a good thing there are usage restrictions.”

 Apparently, Jeanne was also in favor of using it twice a week.

 Indeed, it was embarrassing to carry Hirune while she was attached to the chair.

“It’s hard to talk back when Jeanne says so.”

“If you can promise not to get attached, I’ll talk to Wanda about it.”

“No, I can’t make promises about the future I can’t be sure of.”

“…… So you’re saying that you might get attached again?”

“That’s right.”

“Then I can’t discuss it with you. I was very embarrassed at that time. When I saw the faces of Wanda and Zekyutos-san upon seeing you attached to the chair…..oh, just remembering it makes my face hot.”

 Jeanne’s cheeks turned red.

Wanda’s dumbfounded face when she saw Hirune attached to the chair, and Zekyutos’ face, which she couldn’t tell if he was angry or laughing, were vivid in Jeanne’s memory.

“So, please make it twice a week. Hirune-sama.”

“I understand. We’ll leave it at that for now.”

(I can’t let go of my paradise goods. I’ll have to make further improvements.)

 Hirune yawned and imagined a more comfortable chair, and wondered if there was any way she could act while sitting, but at the moment she could not think of any improvements.

“I wish I could pray while sitting. ……”

“Please don’t say that with such a distant look. I’m going to go hang out the futon to dry.”

 Jeanne brilliantly took the comforter from Hirune and left the room.

 She had no choice but to get up and sit down on a simple wooden chair.

 After a while, Jeanne came back.

 “Hirune-sama. Today we’re going to perform purification magic in the armory at the south gate. It’s about time, so let’s get ready.”


 Hirune closed her eyes and struck a Hail Mary pose.

 She didn’t want to go to work.

 Jeanne quickly took off her clothes and cleansed Hirune’s body with the warm water she had prepared. After that, she dressed her in the saint’s clothes with great skill.


 The carriage ride took forty minutes.

  They arrived at the armory at the south gate.

“Saint Hirune has arrived!”

 The soldiers who were waiting for them showed them the way.

 (Wow, this is the armory. It’s so bleak, I don’t think I can take a nap.)

 Hirune entered the ruggedly built armory and looked inside.

 The stone arsenal was heavily guarded, with iron bars on the small windows. It smelled of iron and oil.

(There are big swords, spears, hammers, and shields. I’m relieved to see there was no blood or anything on them.)

 Hirune, who was not a big fan of splatter movies, was relieved.

“ Hirune-sama, We’ll be guarding the entrance, so you can work in peace.”

 The two young soldiers bowed reverently and made the holy seal.

They were elite, but their movements were agile and their faces were fearless. They looked at Hirune and felt a strange excitement, as if they had encountered a legendary saint out of a picture story. Looking at Hirune’s blue eyes, they felt that they had to protect her no matter what.

(Security work seems to be hard work, doesn’t it? I should be grateful.)

“Thank you very much. May the Goddess Sophia bless the both of you.”

 Hirune made the holy seal with a smile, produced a bit of stardust, and cast the holy magic of purification on the two soldiers.

 The soldiers froze at the sudden turn of events, then quickly fell to their knees and hung their heads.

“At a loss for words ……”

“Truly precious ……”

 They were moved beyond words.

 It was a rare blessing to have a saint cast a purifying spell on you.

(I’ll always use purification magic, please give these people happiness and a good night’s sleep.)

 Hirune nodded with a smile, thanked them again, then entered the armory.

(It smells like iron and oil. Wanda’s not here, but I’ll try to do it alone.)

 If the original plan had been for Wanda to come, she would have come too, but in light of the amount of magic she had, she decided to go with Holly. She was incredibly worried about leaving Hirune solely in Jeanne’s hands, but she can’t be overprotective forever.

 Incidentally, Holly is purifying another armory.

(There’s no end to it if I purify them one by one. I’ll just do it for each weapon.)

 First, she went to the place where the long swords were lined up and gave them purification magic. In addition, she added holy magic to increase the sharpness.

 Next, she added purification magic to the shield. While also adding some holy magic to the shield to make it harder.

 In addition, the spear should be given purification magic and holy magic to increase penetration power.

(The whole place is dirty, so let’s just purify the whole armory. I’m sleepy.)

 She was doing the same work over and over, so she was getting sleepy. It seemed to have become a chore.

 Hirune omitted the scripture with a bit of enthusiasm and deployed the holy magic. A large magic circle appeared at her feet, and a large amount of stardust purified every inch of the armory.

“There we go….Huuh……”

 If it was a saint other than Hirune, it would take more than thirty minutes for her to finish casting the holy magic that purified the entire armory. Furthermore, after a series of purifying and granting spells, they will run out of magical power. This was thanks to the blessings of the goddess.

“There’s still time. Shall I take a nap?”

 In the armory, where the smell of iron and oil had faded and fresh air was coming in, there was a nice atmosphere.

 (For something to use as a pillow, let’s see …… pillow …… pillow ……)

  The saint wanders through the armory in search of a pillow.

 It’s an armory, so only hard things are stored there.

 She wandered around for a while and found something.

“Oh, I wonder if this is any good?”

 Hirune’s eyes fell on a Hinoki stick, which seemed weaker than the other weapons.

 She cast a purifying spell on the clean floor, laid down, and tucked the stick under her head.

(Better than a sword or a spear. It even presses the pressure points on your head.)

She was wrong about it feeling good, but well, it wasn’t impossible to sleep.

 The handles of swords and spears are made of iron, so they are hard. Hinoki (Japanese cypress) sticks are the best.

 Rather, she was too sleepy to look for something else.

(The Hinoki stick…… looks weak. The person who uses this must be a kind-hearted person. If someone equips this, I hope …… that they won’t be….. in trouble …….)

 A soldier using a weak Hinoki stick.

 As she imagined this, Hirune fell asleep.

 A little light leaks through the small window, illuminating Hirune’s Saint clothes.

“…… Suu …… Suu …….”

 Stardust fluttered from the sleeping Hirune and was sucked into the Hinoki stick that served as a pillow.

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