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Volume 5 – Leaving the Royal Capital

Chapter 40: Prince Kurobuta Triumphantly Returns to the Royal Capital

“Thanks to the help of Celie, the treatment of the injured is almost complete by now. As for the people whose houses were damaged, we have opened up some of the temples and castles for them to sleep in, albeit temporarily.”

–It was the night of the attack on the royal capital by the “Four Demons” Lionetta.

In the audience room of the royal palace of Pistel, king Castral and other important people of the country, as well as the people who were involved in this incident – later called the “Pistel Incident” in historical records, were gathered and reported to each other on their actions and progress.

“Hmm… well done. The commotion is over now.”

After listening to the report of the civil servant, Castral nodded vigorously.

“So how is the search for my sons going? Did you find any clues?”

He asked as if it was the main topic of the gathering.

The civil servant swept his gaze and shook his head slowly, apologetically.

“No… the Magic knights have been searching with all their might, but they haven’t found a trace. Are they in a distant place where they can’t be traced by sensory magic or…”

“You mean to say they are dead?”

Castral digested the words which were hard for the civil servant to say with a rugged expression.

That’s right…

In addition to the successful activities of the first prince Brad, the quick response of Castral and the people at the heart of the kingdom somehow ended the commotion.

On the other hand, Brad the leading figure in bringing the incident to a close and his brother Albert, had gone missing during the commotion.

“I’m sorry, but this is going to be tough.”

“It’s getting late. It’s hard to find them anymore. For Brad who disappeared with a Demon General, it won’t make sense to say he’s safe.”

“Even though he had just started to change”

The nobles exchanged such words in a whisper.


Marie listening to it all in the corner among the audience bit her lips and nodded.

Brad was fighting against Lionetta in the arena. Suddenly, their battle was interrupted by him. But he disappeared from the royal capital in an instant due to Lionetta’s transfer magic

It’s not clear if Brad wanted to do this or if he was manipulated by Lionetta’s illusionary magic, but anyway, he’s gone missing.

(Where the heck is he?)

Marie also sent the duke’s private army to search for him, but they were unable to find any clues.

The duke, who is my father, forced me to sit in on this meeting, but it seems that the knights were not successful either.

(Why did this happen when everyone was beginning to recognize His Highness? ……)

It was time to move on.  I wonder why Brad who seemed like he was looking backward for so long, began to move forward.

 (Are you saying that this was the disaster that we were warned about?)

The disaster that was said to be coming.

If that’s what this was about, if that’s what caused Brad to lose his life, then it’s completely my fault. If I hadn’t fallen for Brad the other day and broken off the engagement, it might have been avoided.

(Please be safe. ……)

She could only pray for his safety and it made her uneasy.

If something were to happen to Brad, she felt her heart would burst.

However, just as a heavy air began to flow in the audience room, a carefree voice sounded as if it hadn’t read the atmosphere at all.

“I’m sure he’ll be fine.”✧

The owner of the voice was “Seven Heroes” Glace.

Due to the exclusion of Celie and Merlin watching the prisoners of war, Glace was the only one attending the meeting.

Castral furrowed his brow.

“Glace, what do you mean he’s okay? If you know anything, I’d love to hear about it…”

“No, I don’t know anything.”✧

Glace only shrugged with his usual frivolous smile. The people in the room had started to have faint expectations.

The people in the audience room, including Marie, sighed loudly at the same time.

I can usually listen to this hero’s jokes with a warm eye, but in a serious situation like this, I really wish he would stop. I wondered if he had any proof that Brad was safe.

“I still can’t get a trace of Brad and Albert. I think we should be prepared for any eventuality.”

Castral’s words made the atmosphere even heavier.

But then….


Suddenly, In the middle of the audience room.

A huge amount of magic power converges there.

When they realized it, something like a life-sized black hole appears in the space.

It was a transfer gate warp hole.

It’s a doorway to another dimension that is used for summoning and transfer magic, and Marie had seen it on more than a few occasions.

“It could be an assassin, be on the lookout!

Castral immediately called out.

Those gathered in the meeting went into high alert immediately and the knights guarding them held up their weapons and surrounded the transfer gate.

If it appeared through the transition gate, it was most likely a powerful being, whether human or demon. The audience hall was filled with a breathtaking sense of tension, as it had just been attacked by Lionetta.

But after a few moments…


What came out of the room was a beautiful man with shining silver thread-like hair and brown skin.

There was no doubt about it.

It was the first prince of this country, Brad von Pistel, the fiancée of Marie who had disappeared with Lionetta.

When Brad was fully visible and the transfer gate having done its job, disappeared, the rumble spread like a wave around the audience.

“Oh my ……, you’re alive!

“It’s unbelievable …… that you disappeared along with that demon general and you’re still alive!”

“It’s a miracle …… that you’ve returned at all!”

Brad’s recent behavior and contributions to charity and education were being recognized, and now that he had saved the capital from the brink of disaster, he was being recognized by even more people.

Normally, Marie would have been quietly happy that her fiancé had been accepted in this way, but today she didn’t do so.

It was because when she found out that Brad was safe, her emotions exploded and she found herself jumping on him.

“Marie, I’m so glad you’re okay.”

“that’s my line.”

It’s just like Brad to be able to say he cares about you first and foremost, she thought as she put her arms around his back.


No more words were needed.

The two hugged each other tightly.

It was as if the hero and the princess, who had been separated by a curse for so long, had crossed thousands of years to meet again.


“Brad, you’re back. Welcome” Castral spoke after a while.

(…… Oh, that’s right. I was directly transferred into the meeting room?)

He noticed that people’s attention was focused on him and Marie hugging each other.

Marie had jumped on me out of nowhere, and I had become so attached to her that she was the only one I could see. She was so cute that she reminded me of my dog who greeted me with a wagging tail when I came home. No, it might be rude to compare her to a dog, but….

“Father, I’m back.”

I let Marie go and knelt down in front of Castral.

“Hmm. I know you’re tired, but can you explain what happened? It’s a good time since everyone’s here. I’d like to share some information with you.”

Brad nodded and gave a brief explanation of how he had disappeared, with some bluffing to hide his previous life.

During the battle above the arena, he had a chance to talk to Lionetta. It became clear that she had been forced to cooperate with the Demon King’s army through Beelzebub’s schemes and that he had lifted her sister’s curse that had caused her to cooperate with the Demon King’s army.

“So, there is no longer any reason for Lionetta to cooperate with the Demon King’s army. She will no longer be an enemy of our country.”

As Brad explained, Castral groaned in a mixture of astonishment and admiration. “How …… could that be?”

“No way… you persuaded the demon general?”

“It was also stunning that he read the situation and took measures in advance, but I can’t believe that even the threat of the demon general was neutralized at the end.”

“What is certain is that His Highness saved this country. If you weren’t here, this country would have been dealt a huge blow.”

The nobles around him were equally impressed and murmured something to that effect.

Brad was very grateful for the positive feedback.

“I think that everyone will naturally want to sanction Lionetta. However, she already has not the slightest hostility towards us and from now on, she wants to hide away from the Demon King’s army. Personally, I think it would be better to leave her alone.”

Castral frowned, grunting for a moment as though he was thinking.

“I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that there have been no deaths so far. Since you said that Lionetta had a situation and no one else managed this uproar as brilliantly as you did. It was a heroic job. All right, I won’t inquire about Lionetta’s whereabouts for now.”

“Your Majesty, are you sure about this?”

One of the civil servants asked with a grim face.

“Trying to defeat her will bring about so many damages. It’s not like we’re going to bother with a hibernating dragon.”

 But when Castral shrugged his shoulders with a pragmatic reason, the civil servant who raised his voice did not argue any further

With that, Lionetta’s rampage which involved running over the kingdom ended without sanction. They couldn’t see any merit in forcibly defeating Lionetta now, even at the cost of sacrifices. I think they decided it was best to leave her alone.

“Thank you.” Brad said, feeling relieved.

(…… looks like it went through without a hitch.)

But just when I thought this was the end of the matter, Castral quickly continued, “More importantly, ……”.

“Do you know anything about the whereabouts of Albert? You weren’t the only one who was missing.”

The expression on his face was grim as he asked

“Albert’s whereabouts?”

Brad furrowed his brow.

He had no idea what he was talking about, but there was something disturbing about it.

“I’ve not seen him since the opening ceremony of the Sword Dance Festival, what’s wrong? Is there something wrong with Albert?”

(What does this mean?)

It was unexpected.

He thought everything was settled when he made peace with Lionetta. It felt as though he was doused with cold water.

“Have you tried …… to communicate with sensing magic and magic stones?”

“Of course. There was no trace of his magic in the area, nor was there any response from him. It’s hard to imagine that he would disappear without saying a word to the people around him, so I assumed that someone had captured him, but if it wasn’t Lionetta, then who was it ……?”

Castral furrowed his brows.

“Well I understand the situation for now. You may rest and leave finding Albert to the knights.” (Castral)

“No… Albert may be in trouble at this moment. Even though everyone is working hard to find him, I cannot just rest. I think I’ll join the search from now.”

If he was captured by someone today, time could be of the essence. I have to go and search for him right away.

But Castral shook his head.

“There’s no point in rushing. Your body and mind will not work properly if you’re exhausted. The sooner you get some rest and recover, the sooner we can find Albert. So rest for today.”

“But ……”

Brad wanted to Argue further, but at that moment.


His body suddenly becomes irresponsive, and he started to lose consciousness.

He tried to stay awake, but he couldn’t help himself anymore.

“Brad-sama! Brad-sama!”

Immediately after Marie’s panicked voice reached his ears, which he had never heard before, Brad’s consciousness disappeared into the darkness.

Chapter 41: Prince Kurobuta Goes to Meet the Demons

“Excuse me, Desu!”

Brad’s personal maid, Rosie, whispered and went into the room.

This is Brad’s private room in the royal palace.

It’s a very simple room. The room used to be lavishly decorated with fancy furnishings, but since Brad sold most of the furniture, it now has only the bare minimum.

In the center of the room sat an opulent bed.

While almost all the furnishings had been replaced with cheaper ones, this bed was the only expensive thing that was still in use.

When Rosie asked Brad why, he replied, “A bed is where you spend a third of your day, or a third of your life. I can’t compromise a good night’s sleep. I want to use the best one I can find.”

As a poor aristocrat, Rosie had thought that a bed would be enough as long as she could lie down, but now she was convinced. Sleep is often forgotten, but it’s very important. As expected of my master, he has a different point of view.

And now, in such a top-quality bed, my esteemed Lord was sleeping.

(…… Oh my, you’re really tired, aren’t you?)

Rosie smiles as she watches Brad who breathes calmly while sleeping.

Brad survived after saving the capital of Fall Flat and its people from the conspiracy of one of the Four Demon Generals, Lionetta. 

Last night, after explaining the situation to everyone in the audience room, he suddenly collapsed and it was already past noon the next day, but he was still sleeping.

He was still asleep.

When he collapsed, Brad was completely depleted of magic power. It’s not uncommon for people who have been depleted their magic by overuse to sleep for a long time like this. It was understandable that he would be like this if he had been working hard with Lionetta afterwards.

It might take a long time for even Brad to recover from that state.

In fact, there seems to be no sign of him waking up yet.

So that means–

(I can watch him sleeping for a while desu!)

Rosie’s mouth widens into a smile.

The maids take turns keeping watch in this room so that Brad can wake up at any time, but from now until nightfall, it’s Rosie’s turn.

The other maids had all applied to be on Brad’s watch, and the competition was fierce, but Rosie had the privilege of being the exclusive maid and had forcefully taken one of the slots. She is proud of the fact that she’s been doing more for Brad than anyone else, so she deserves it.

(A really beautiful face desu!)

Normally, I’m too afraid to look at his face, but when I looked at it again, it’s really beautiful.

First of all, his eyelashes were incredibly long and there were many of them, making them dry.

His nose is straight and his contours are sharp. The beauty of his face is such that you would think that he is well-rounded no matter where you look at his face from. Just by looking at him, I felt as if I was looking at a work of art that had been carefully created by one of the world’s greatest artists – or even more satisfying.

Rosie, with an enraptured expression, monopolized Brad’s sleeping face for a while.

But then….

“I forgot to wash it.”

I looked at the side of the bed and saw the cloak that had been left soiled.

I took it off yesterday when Brad fell and forgot to wash it. It would be better to wash it and get a replacement.

Rosie picked up the cloak.


But then she stopped and hesitated.

She stares at the cloak and salivates.

She glanced at Brad to make sure he wasn’t awake, and then, with a growing sense of guilt, brought the cloak to her face. 


–sniff, sniff, sniff–

She took a quick sniff.

(This is the smell of Brad-sama!)

Her eyes widen.

It’s just something that had been left unwashed. She’s not sure if it’s a good smell or not.

(But ……)

Rosie liked the smell.

It was strangely calming.

Thinking that it was Brad-sama’s scent in the first place made it more irresistible and lovable.

And while enjoying Brad’s scent with each breath, Rosie comes up with a crazy idea.

 (Yes Desu ……, if I do this!)

She wrapped herself in a dirty cloak, blushed, and began to wriggle around.

(Fuhihihihihi… this is actually the same as being hugged by Brad-sama desu!)

And then, she revealed her true face…

“I’m just a poor aristocrat. I’m just a maid from a poor noble family desu!   I’m not good enough for you, Brad-sama …… I’m a woman you’ll never marry desu!  That’s why I’m going to stop doing this ……!  No, of course I don’t hate you ……, in fact I love you! But it’s still a relationship between a lord and his maidservant. ♡ What does that have to do with it……? I love you so much desu!”  

Rosie who is completely lost in her own fantasy world collapses on the sofa while having a delusion of being forcibly pushed down by Brad.

She was so excited by the situation that she wrapped herself in his cloak and rolled around while making strange noises.

But just when the Brad of her imagination was about to cross the line.

“Crap, Brad-sama… you can’t do that–“

“Can’t do what?”

A familiar voice reaches her ears from the sidelines.

She wondered if the Brad from her delusion had said it, but the direction it came from was strange and she stiffened.


She looked in the direction more cautiously. When she saw the person sitting on the bed staring at her. She yelped in a squeaky voice, “Ah!…”

Brad who should have been sleeping a moment ago was looking at her with a dumbfounded expression.

A moment later. A waterfall of moist, unpleasant sweat poured from Rosie’s body.

She panicked.

“Oh, no, this is…! I forgot to wash your dirty cloak, so I just tried to wash it now! And then I thought I’d like to wrap myself in the cloak and play with it for a bit. ……! It’s not that I thought that now that Brad is asleep is the perfect time to enjoy his scent to my heart’s content…!  I didn’t think that wrapping myself in this cloak would be practically the same as being hugged by Brad-sama!”

Suddenly confused with the turn of events, Rosie confessed without being asked.

She didn’t know what she was saying anymore.

But she knew she had to apologize anyway, so she said, “I’m so sorry desu!” she bowed her head with vigor.

Brad glared at Rosie who was so jumpy fearing he might get offended.

But then, as if he couldn’t stand the atmosphere any longer, he blew up and said.

“Baka! (idiot), what are you doing soiling your own clothes like that?”

He chuckled.

It was a gentle way of reassuring Rosie that he wasn’t mad at her, even though at first glance it sounded like he was scolding her.

In addition, Brad took the trouble to gently dust off Rosie’s maidservant clothes, which were covered with dirt from his cloak, with his precious hands.

(What? What is this person…? Why is he so kind? I’m going to like him! No, I already like him, but!)

Rosie was again struck by the generosity of her master’s heart, or rather, the size of his capacity, and fell even more in love with him.

Incidentally, Rosie was ranting and raving about her love for her master, but in reality, she became a clod who could only turn her cheeks down in front of Brad.


“…… So, no luck in locating him, huh?”

–A few moments later.

Brad groans with a disappointed face as he digests Rosie’s story.

There was a carriage running on the highway of the royal capital.

After getting ready and eating a light meal, he was heading for the Luran Forest near the royal capital in his carriage.

The battalion of the Demon King’s army that Lionetta had brought with her, the battalion of 1000 monsters who succumbed to Glace and Merlin and became prisoners of war were now waiting in the woods.

According to Rosie, Merlin is monitoring them, so he thought he should give top priority to it.

“The search range seems to have been expanded and other countries are being asked for cooperation… at least he’s not in this area.”

“It seems finding him will be difficult, even if I move quickly.”

It seems Albert is still missing.

When I first heard the report of him missing during the audience, I felt a strange chill. But apparently, it wasn’t my fault.

 (I want to find out what happened to Albert first…….)

As soon as he woke up, Brad contacted Lionetta, who seemed to know what was going on, to ask about Albert.

But she said she didn’t know anything about Albert because Brad had solved the problem before she had a chance to turn him into a puppet.

(Whether he was taken by someone other than Lionetta, or left of his own volition, is still a matter of speculation.

In “Final Quest”, as far as I can recall, there is no mention of Albert being lost in the past.

Perhaps this was not a historical fact.

The attack by Lionetta at the Sword Dance Festival this time was the result of Brad defeating the Cyclops and being spotted by the Demon King’s army. In other words, it is natural to think that the series of changes in historical facts that Brad caused also triggered the incident with Albert this time.

In any case, he might have put Albert in danger because of his own fault. He had to do something about it as soon as possible.

(…… There is too little information, but Merlin might have something to go on. I’m sorry to bother him, but I think I’ll ask him.)

It’s still unclear how much is possible with magic in this world, but Merlin may be able to locate Albert. After all, he is undoubtedly one of the best wizards in the world.

(As well as Albert, I’ll have to tell Carol about the incident. ……)

In addition, he needed to talk to the princess about the situation in Dastoria. If they don’t take action soon, it may be too late.

There are a lot of things that need to be done.

After some time of pondering, the carriage finally arrived at Luran forest.

“wait here.” Speaking to the coachman, he stepped into the interior part of the forest with Rosie.

It was a vast forest.

The tall trees are lined up endlessly as long as they can be seen and it looked like a sea of trees. On the other hand, although it’s large, there are few monsters and residents of the royal capital and neighboring town often visit for herb collection and hunting.

Brad also visited this forest several times during his childhood to practice riding horses and his dragon, Gilgard. It’s a forest with lots of memories.

(He often came with Albert as well.)

I miss him

I should have been on good terms with him.

Reminiscing about the past and tracing his memories, Brad walks to the place where Merlin and the monsters are waiting.

–After a while—

In an open space where trees shaded them like a roof, a hoard of monsters were waiting.

A place that can be called a forest square.

In addition to Lizardmen and Ghouls, there were many troublesome monsters such as the winged monster Pazuzu and giant poisonous snake, Basilisk.

Many of them are monsters that live in the desert area to the south. These monsters must be the battalion brought together by Lionetta.

(it’s more than I imagined)

The cyclops that occupied sky mountain was probably a leader of a battalion of the demon king’s army, but these are one step higher.

Lizardmen and Ghouls are not that much different from sky mountain monsters, but Pazuzu and Basilisk are over level 30 in “Final Quest”. Since there are many of them, it can be seen that Lionetta was seriously trying to destroy this royal capital.

Even if the Magic knights were prepared for them, they would have still suffered a considerable amount of damage. It would have been scary if that was the case.

And what’s even scarier is that these evil monsters are waiting in an orderly formation as if they were kingdom soldiers.

(What kind of situation would make a monster so obedient …?)

Although monsters also have intelligence, it can be said that they are basically lower than humans. It’s a different story when it comes to the higher-ranking “Majin”, but I don’t think that ordinary monsters originally had such disciplined behavior. 

In other words, they instinctively lost their fighting spirit when they were faced with Glace and Merlin whose eyes made them want to behave obediently. 

(Yeah, I know. It’s scary)

If they were being treated this way, even he would begin to feel sympathy for them.

Glace is usually laid back, but he has an unforgiving and ruthless side to those who disturb him or make him uncomfortable. He was really angry only once in final quest, but it’s scary if that anger is directed at you.

Merlin also showed a compassionate side during the production of “Final Quest”, but he is a person who can be ruthless to those who are judged to be enemies. He’s also a mad scientist with a mastery of magic, so he loves turning monsters into experimental guinea pigs and torturing them with a smile. 

(Well there isn’t a problem with them being obedient, is there? After all, it makes them easier to tame)

Furthermore, if he can acquire this force, his future strategy can be further expanded.

Especially in the case of Dastoria, brute force may be required. The Brad Corps (provisional), whose name has not yet been decided, has a good chance of becoming his first team. It’s unclear how they will participate in the war, but he would like to increase their strength as much as possible.

(Where’s Merlin, by the way?)

Thinking about that, he was looking for Merlin in the group of monsters, but he couldn’t find him.

But then…

He feels a particularly strong presence from behind.

When he turns around to look, it wasn’t the Great Wiseman Sage, but a monster.

It was the demon leader of the Demon King’s army, the chief of this battalion, and the half-human half-snake monster “Lamia” with the upper body of a beautiful woman and the lower body of a snake.

Chapter 42: Prince Kurobuta Tames All Together

“I’m Viera, the leader of this battalion.”

The half-woman, half-snake monster who called herself Viera was extremely beautiful. Her upper body was that of an extremely beautiful woman, but the lower half was that of a snake, whose sparkling scales fit strangely with her upper body.

Although Brad doesn’t have a special fondness for nonhuman species, he is still struck by the divine atmosphere that makes him think she was some kind of goddess.

In the meantime, Vieira was glaring at us with a sharp look in her eyes.

“You’re Brad von Pistel, am I right? Even the heroes have their eyes on you.”

“Yeah, that’s me. No doubt about that.”

Brad responded with a shrug

It’s not surprising, since they’re enemies, that there’s a tense atmosphere between them.

Brad tried to soften the atmosphere.

“Anyway, it’s an honor to meet you, Vieira. I didn’t expect a beauty like you to be the head of the unit. I guess that means you’re a woman of many talents.”

He said the line easily and made a polite nobleman’s bow to show his respect.

Vieira’s eyes fluttered for a moment as if she didn’t understand how such words had come from her adversary Brad.

“Wow, you think I’m beautiful? You really are different from the rest of them. Aren’t you?”

“I don’t know what the general consensus is, but I’m just giving my opinion.” 

Brad shrugged, and Vieira held her faintly flushed cheeks.

“I’m… beautiful?”

Brad extended his hand and Vieira looks at it in a confused manner, eventually holding it in her hands.

The two shook hands again as if to confirm that there was no hostility between them.

(She doesn’t seem to be trying to do anything suspicious.)

He calmly observes Vieira’s response as he comes to that conclusion.

I’m almost certain.

Speaking of the Lamia, it is one of the nasty monsters that excels at abnormal attacks such as paralysis and curses even in “Final Quest”.

If she had any hostile intentions, there was no reason not to take advantage of the opportunity of shaking Brad’s hand and make direct contact.

(Well, the chances of success are probably low, but…)

The level of this monster, Lamia, is less than 40.

It’s strong enough to overwhelm the average warrior in this world, but it is no match for the current Brad, who’s over level 50.

If there’s that much of a difference in level, it’s possible to detect when Vieira is about to make a preliminary attack and move to evade. This is the reason why he was able to use himself as bait in this way.


Brad tries to undo the handshake while thinking about it, but Vieira doesn’t notice this attempt as she is thinking of something else and without loosening the grip of the handshake, she said with a soft voice that Brad couldn’t hear.

“I see… Brad von Pistel, he’s much younger than I imagined. But that also means that he has a lot of room to grow. His magic power is also far beyond what one would expect from his age. And even in the face of so many monsters, he is unfazed. It may come from confidence, but at the same time, he also has the capacity to be polite even to his opponents, who are lower in rank. He is definitely a gem. I knew it when I met him. After all, this is the one who will eventually stand at the top of the world. I should use this opportunity wisely.”

And he also said that I was beautiful.

When Brad was looking at her with a curious expression, she finally noticed and hurriedly let go of his hands and said.

“I’m sorry.”

 (What was she mumbling about? ……?)

Brad thought, but time is limited anyway.

There’s a lot of work to be done, so we should get it over with.

“Now, what to do with you guys?”

But the moment I started to talk about it.

“I – No, I mean, we want to be your subordinates!”

Vieira said loudly.

And then she bows her head deeply.

It was so sudden that it took Brad a while to digest her words.

“What do you mean?”

“I talked to the Great Sage about some things. You may be using monsters in Sky Mountain to organize an army. The “Great Sage” predicted that you were planning to include us in that. I admire the size of your capacity to use even monsters! I hope you’ll include us in your army. We can be of some use. I’m sure you can be a force for good in this world!”

Vieira leaned forward, snorting and wagging her snake tail like an excited dog.

(No, why am I supposed to rule this world in the first place ……?)

(Why am I supposed to be ruling this world in the first place?)

On the other hand, Brad was impressed with Merlin.

He was sure he didn’t tell anyone about the monsters in Sky Mountain, but it seems that the wise man knows everything about them.

 If that’s the case, then it’s likely that he knows where Alberto is, but whatever…

“…… Now you say we, but is it the consensus of your battalion here that you want to be included in my crew?”

“We were helpless against the overwhelming power of the two heroes at that time. If you hadn’t stopped them, We would have died. In other words, we owe you our lives. And when I met you, I knew that your power and capacity would eventually surpass even the High King of Darkness. You are the Lord we should follow! I think most of the demons here have understood that!”

Vieira explained with exaggerated hand gestures in an extremely excited manner.

Brad has seen a lot of people in the royal palace, so to some extent, he has nurtured the eyes to see through people. Vieira, perhaps, really did seem to approve of him.

(But what about the other monsters?)

Monsters and humans are basically incompatible.

It was hard to believe that so many monsters had all accepted being placed under the control of a human. It’s normal for some of them to be stubborn in their opposition, but the fact that they weren’t refusing made it seem like there were none.

“I was originally going to recruit you guys. But if it’s because you want to save your lives, you might want to reconsider. I have no intention of taking your life even if you don’t join my ranks.”

It seemed as though Brad hit a solid point and Vieira exclaims in astonishment.

“You saw through that much!?”

(Yapari (just as I thought))

 In the first place, the monsters here are in a position where they can be killed by Merlin or Glace if they behave in an unsuitable manner. This is probably the main reason why none of them had any objection to becoming one of Brad’s subordinates.

In other words, it’s better to be under the command of a human than to be killed.

“But what do you mean when you say we won’t be killed? You can’t just let a monster that has bared its fangs at people go, can you?”

“Of course not. It is very likely that they will turn on humans again. But I can’t stand the idea of slaughtering you people. I’ll let you all go if you sign a magic contract to never attack humans again.”

As long as they don’t attack humans, monsters aren’t that harmful. Therefore, it was decided that if they sign a magic contract, there wouldn’t be a problem even if they were released.

I see. Vieira nods.

“Since that’s the case, I have no intention of forcing you under my control. I’m not going to take your lives just because you refuse.”

In the first place, the ring of “The Demon Master” has great powers, but it cannot force monsters to submit to you. It’s a necessary condition that the monsters must accept Brad of their own free will and it doesn’t work well when there are unpleasant feelings.

“I’m sure you understand now, so I’m going to ask everyone here again. You can be my subordinates or you can go back to the wild and live in peace?”

When Brad asked this, a loud buzz spread through the monsters.

It’s hard to tell what they’re talking about since almost all of them are speaking in the ancient monster language, but there’s no doubt that they’re confused.

While letting them speak freely, Brad instructed the monsters to divide into two groups: those who would be under his command to the north and those who would not to the south.

Although there were hesitations at first, they eventually ended up splitting into two sides.

(There are more than I thought there would be.)

I thought it would be better if even a third of them remained, but it seems that two thirds of the demons chose to join the Brad Corps (tentative).

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

Brad looks around at the monsters that have chosen to join his army and asks them again.

Vieira steps out from among them.

“I’d always intended to do this, whether I was able to leave alive or not.”

“We follow Vieira, so we follow you.”

Vieira responded quickly and Pazuzu who was nearby, said in a broken human language.

(I see. …… So there’s a relationship of trust.)

The social life of monsters is often a mystery, but it seems that some intelligent monsters develop deep relationships that transcend their species. I thought there were just a lot of monsters living in the desert area, but I guess it was an army of monsters that originally had a connection.

“I understand your feelings. Then let’s make a contract.”

Brad covered his entire body with magic power in order to immediately start preparing for the taming.

In order to tame a monster, you need to connect with it and create a “bond” between you and it. Normally, this would be very difficult, and even more difficult when taming higher-ranking monsters or multiple monsters, but thanks to the Demon Master’s Ring, Brad was able to perform this difficult task with surprising ease.

“Ease your mind and accept my magic.”

He smiled gently at the anxious monsters, trying to reassure them.

And the next moment…


He unleashed his magic power.

A huge amount of magical power overflowed from Brad’s entire body, enveloping all the monsters at once. And the magic power became like a translucent conductor – or an electric current – connecting each of the monsters to him.

At that moment, the vast consciousness of the monsters poured into Brad.

It was similar to the feeling he got when his memory returned.

(There’s almost no resistance at all.)

If the demons were not ready to accept the contract with Brad, they would have resisted at this point and the contract wouldn’t have gone smoothly, but because they had already spoken, there was little resistance from the demons.

After a few moments, the magic lines penetrated the bodies of the monsters as if they had been absorbed by them, creating a strong bond in their minds, a “bond” that appeared.

In total, there were less than 700 monsters and all of the demons had been tamed completely.

(It is always tiring no matter how many times I try.)

Brad finished his work and took a deep breath to regulate his breathing.

It’s not so much the accomplishment as the exhaustion that comes first.

Although it was controlled by the ring of the “Demon Master”, fatigue was unavoidable because the consciousness of this many monsters had flooded into him.

However, he has already become the leader of the monsters. He could not show them a pathetic state right at the onset.

“Everyone, thank you.”

The moment Brad called out to them

“”Ha!”” along with Vieira’s voice, the 700 monsters screamed like an army being commanded all at once and when they all knelt in front of Brad, and bowed their heads.

(I don’t want to be like a manager.)

Bewildered by the actions of the powerful monsters in front of him, that was Brad’s first thought.

In his previous life, he was employed as a manager at a very young age, and as his position increased, so did his income. But he also had more work and responsibilities to do than before and was exhausted both mentally and physically. That’s why he doesn’t have a good grip on leading people.

(But that’s probably what it means to acquire power.)

This is also to save my life and the life of those I want to save. Even if there are inconveniences, it will be considered as a necessary sacrifice.

In addition to the 100 monsters who are left unattended in Sky Mountain, 700 more have been added to the Brad Corps (Provisional). The Undead lord at sky mountain said they had subdued some of the wild monsters when they gained full control of the place. So adding them all in total, there should be a large army of nearly 1000 monsters.

(At this scale, they might do something strange. I have to connect to all the demons minds and share my thoughts)

I’d like to know the current strength and status of all the monsters to some extent.

While Brad thinks about this, he takes a deep breath.

“I didn’t really think he’d tame all these monsters all at once.”

“Bra-chan is amazing!”

Voices can be heard from above.

When he looked up, there were two figures floating in the air using natural magic manipulation.

It was the Elven boy “Great Sage”, Merlin who is famous as the world’s greatest wizard, and the “Saintess of Salvation” Celie who had a goddess like beauty. 

Chapter 43: Prince Kurobuta gets a clue

“I didn’t know you were both here!”

I wished they would have called out to me.

As Brad walked over, Merlin and Celie descended to the ground with perfect control of their magic.

“No, we’ve just arrived,” he said, “I’ve been away for a bit to pick up Celie. Of course, I wasn’t going to let them escape”

Merlin smiled and held out his hand to the demons “I took every precaution, see.”

Then the ground and the air around the demons shone with a dazzling glow of magic power.

And what emerged were countless magic circles and barriers.

(That’s a lot of magic.)

Brad was aware of some of the unnatural movement of magic power surrounding the area, but he didn’t think they were this many.

It was like an invisible prison.

If they were so tightly sealed, it was no wonder that the demons didn’t try to defy them. If all these magic circles and barriers were activated at once, no matter how vicious the demons were, there would be no escape for them.

In fact, when Merlin held up his hand, the demons’ fright was unbelievable. When he lowered his hands and the lights disappeared as particles of magic power, it seems the demons regained their composure.

(This is not something a human can do. To develop such complicated magic at the same time and even use transfer magic to pick up Celie-sama.)

He couldn’t help but be amazed at Merlin’s terrifying magic manipulation technique.

Brad has knowledge and power that are irregular in this world, but Merlin’s skill is probably not something that can’t be attained simply by raising his level. He would like to learn more about the essence of magic.

(But come to think of it, this kind of magic manipulation can’t be copied, then maybe I too can learn…)

 As Brad was thinking, Merlin looked around and said, “Anyway… Im guessing it’s the power of that ring that allowed you to tame so many demons at once. It seems to be a legacy of a lost ancient magic civilization”

He pointed to the “Demon Master ring” that Brad was wearing.

Brad was amazed at Merlin’s insight.

“Yes, you’re right, it’s the ring. This is a magic item that enables the use of demons. With it, it’s much easier to control multiple demons and powerful ones too.”

“It’s hard to believe that it’s possible to control so many demons. What kind of magic circuitry does it have!”

Merlin’s eyes widen like a child and observes the ring from various angles.

(Okay, so it’s obvious to me because I have previous knowledge about it, but it’s a super rare item.)

If you’re playing Final Quest, you’ll need to get this “Demon Master’s Ring,” but in this world, it’s an extremely valuable legacy of an ancient magic civilization and the fact that even Merlin, who has been alive since long ago, has never seen it is proof of that.

“Hmmm… I’ve never seen anything like it before. It’s really interesting! It’s a shame that I have to return to the magic city of Endymion! If only you would take the time to show me, I might be able to get closer to the depths of magic! What bad timing!”

“Are you leaving already?”

The sword dance festival has been canceled, so there seemed to be no reason for them to stay anymore.

Merlin nodded with a regretful look on his face.

“With the attack on Pistel, the inhabitants of the magic city of Endymion are also terrified that they might be attacked next. Nicola, my apprentice, has been barking for me to come back and calm the people down.”

When Brad heard the name from Merlin’s mouth, he suddenly felt nostalgic.

–Nicola Fradale–

Nicola Fradale is Merlin’s apprentice in Final Quest, and one of the members of the party of heroes.

Her dialogue with Merlin was very well-paced and popular.

“In any case, that’s why we have to leave as soon as possible.”

“I wasn’t going to leave~!” Celie, said and pouted feeling dissatisfied as Merlin chastised her. 

“I’ve heard from the Cardinal! You must have escaped from the temple to come here! and since you ignored his calls, I’ve been getting unceasing complaints to bring you back! Give up!”

“Ugh… Marin-chan, you’re scary! It’s because I was suffocating in the temple for a long time and I really wanted to see Bra-chan live! You’re glad you got to see it too, right~!?”

“Crying won’t cover it up! And I’m not Marin, I’m Merlin!”

While interacting with Celie as a parent would to their child, Merlin turns back to Brad after taking a deep breath.

“Well… It is true that I wanted to see you with my own eyes.”

The atmosphere quickly changes from the awkward one to a serious one as he gives Brad a sharp look.

“Are you referring to me?”

“Yes, because I needed to know the true value of Brad von Pistel, and his purpose.”

“I see” agreed Brad.

It seems that the reason why Merlin and Celie visited this country was for Brad. In the past, the two heroes never visited this country, but the defeat of the Cyclops made them interested in Brad, and the history changed.

“So when you actually saw me, what was your opinion of me?”

It would be troublesome if he was seen as an enemy, but when Brad asked him that question, Merlin thought with a sour expression.

“Simply put, you’re a threat. If you were just a strong fighting brute, then there’s not much to be afraid of. But you’re also a skilled strategist. You have the wisdom to completely read the enemy’s moves on and off the board and block them.”

Merlin regarded Brad with his Jewel like eyes.

“That’s not all. It seems that you have knowledge of magic tools and techniques that even I don’t know. I can honestly say that you’re the most unfathomable person I’ve ever seen.”

“Yeah, Bra-chan is really mysterious. Not only did you have the knowledge, but you also noticed the demons’ attacks that even Marin didn’t notice! And then you ended up making those demons your friends! I love that kind of mysteriousness〜♡.”

After being pointed out by the two of them, Brad was reminded of his own peculiarity.

It’s no wonder they were so wary of him.

“Well, It’s true, coming from the two of you, I’m an unknown entity. But I’m not a big deal like you two think. I’m just a small person who knows more about the laws and history of this world than others for a reason.”

“So you’re not a god or a spirit?”

“Of course not. I’m just an ordinary prince of a country. I’d be happy to tell you why I’m so unusual next time.”

Brad emphasized that he had nothing to be ashamed of.

But Merlin was still not convinced, and his brow wrinkled even deeper.

“Then what is your purpose? What’re you planning to do with all these demons?”

“The main purpose is simply to ensure my own safety. In a world where warfare is so common, it is better to have the ability to fight.”

“You have no more ambition than that?”

Merlin gives him a probing look.

Brad thought for a moment.

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t. We are greedy creatures. In fact, I have a secret ambition to live in the middle of nowhere with fluffy beasts once my safety is secured. The power I have now is, so to speak, the power to ‘protect’ such a daily life!”

With a smile, he explains his ambition.

“You’re just going to live in the middle of nowhere?” Merlin said as he stiffened in amazement.

But right after that…


Merlin suddenly teleports in front of Brad with some kind of magic.

He lifted Brad’s chin and gave him a look as if he could see right through him. When Brad had a question mark on his head, Merlin burst out laughing for a while.

“Well, that’s outstanding. I never sensed a single lie in his words. He’s very serious about everything he says. I can see why Glace would want to take him as an apprentice. Why don’t you leave Glace and become my disciple instead?”

“Ah… What?”

While Brad was making stupid noises, Merlin instantly moved back to his original location and continued, “Anyway,” he said.

“I know you’re not hostile. I can tell by looking at you. Otherwise I wouldn’t be willing to go back to the magic city like this. I’ve recognized this as the birth of a new demon king.

“I’m sure the Demon King part is a bit exaggerated.”

Brad smiles wryly.

“What do you expect after taming all these demons in an instant? It poses much more of a threat than the demon king who hasn’t even awakened yet.”

Merlin shrugs and his body overflows with magic power.

“I can’t feel any evil from you. Since that’s the case, then it’s okay if you want to rule this world. Unlike the rule of a demon king, this is a human activity. As long as I can continue my research on magic, that’s all that matters to me. Do as you please.”

“No, I’m not going to rule this world.”

Brad tries to make more excuses, but Merlin had already started chanting the spell for spatial transfer magic, as if the discussion was over.

“Ah! Marin-Chan, you can’t just send me home quickly when I haven’t had my turn yet. I want to talk to Bra-chan too~!”

“I was only talking about the future of this world and yours is just a selfish desire to talk to a handsome man. I don’t have time for that kind of thing. And I’m not Marin, I’m Merlin.”

“Uuu, no, no, no, no!”  

Celie pleaded with a crying face but Merlin had already opened the transfer gate.

When Merlin forcibly started dragging Celie into the gate, Brad hurriedly said.

“There’s one thing I want to ask you…”

Then he asks.

“If you know anything about Albert, could you please tell me?”

Merlin paused and turned around with a mischievous smile.

“The Magic City is neutral. So I don’t want to favor one side or the other, whether it’s this country or the people involved in this case. Well, I can give you a hint.”

Then Merlin said briefly.

“The Deltora Peninsula.”

“The Deltora Peninsula you say?” Brad furrowed his brow as he ruminated.

“That’s all I can tell you. You’ll have to find out for yourself.”

“Oh… wait!”

Brad calls out to him, but Merlin says “That’s all.” And starts dragging Celie into the gate.

“Help me, Bra-chan! I’m being taken away! I’m going to be locked up somewhere and they’re going to do all kinds of things to me!”

“Just shut up and go in quickly!”

When two of them entered the transfer gate after much struggling, the gate soon converged and disappeared without a trace.

Brad, Rosie and the 700 demons were somehow awkwardly left standing in the Luran forest square.

“They’re gone desu!”

“In the end, the only information I could get about Albert was the Deltora Peninsula.”

Brad sighs as Rosie walks up to him.

I wanted to ask him for a little more detail, but Merlin said he couldn’t tell me more. At least it’s unlikely that Albert is no longer in this world.

Even so, the Deltora Peninsula is where Brad had to deal with the two countries, Dastoria and Elnade.

I never heard of Albert being involved in the bilateral conflict during the Final Quest game, but what kind of connection does he have to it? Beelzebub was the one who planned the plot against the two countries. So it’s possible that that demon is responsible.

(Anyway the story led to the Deltora Peninsula)

In “Final Quest’s” story plot, the magic power necessary for the awakening of the demon king is gathered in the wake of the destruction of Dastoria and the Demon King is resurrected.

Recalling the scouting report from the Undead Lord earlier, it’s likely that the same trend will occur in this world. Well, even if the Demon King revives, he’ll be subdued by the heroes three years later, so it seems the matter can be left alone.

(…… Having power is also a problem.)

The problem is that I have power now.

I don’t want to be a hero. Moreover, there is the selfish idea running through my head that if I can avoid my death end, then every other thing doesn’t matter.

But if Brad doesn’t take action, many people will lose their lives before the world is saved.

Just sitting down and watching people die like this would leave a bad aftertaste.

I think it’s a foolish move to take risks on behalf of others, but I’d like to do my best to find Albert.

(Wait for me, Albert.)

My future movements have been decided.

Head to the Deltora Peninsula.

And while looking for Albert, he will also prevent the Demon King from awakening.

In other words, the world will be saved. It may seem difficult, but after all, this world is almost like Final Quest.

It shouldn’t be difficult If I think I just need to clear the game leaving no continuation while also taking safety precautions so as not to die. In my previous life, after playing more severe levels, I’ve saved the world so many times.

“Shall I try to save the world?”

While muttering the kind of lines that a chuunibyou would say,

 He drew up a strategy chart in his brain, and as a gamer, he was a little inappropriately excited about the current challenging situation.

Chapter 44: Prince Kurobuta has an audience with the King

“Will His Majesty allow you to go to the Deltora Peninsula?”

“Well, that’s probably impossible.”

Brad answered Rosie’s question immediately.

They were at the corridor of the royal palace which had majestic pillars.

After confirming the schedule of King Castral, Brad had confirmed that he was in a meeting with princess Carol of Dastoria and was heading there to have an audience with him.

“Eh… if you know it’s impossible, then why bother to meet him desu!”

“For later, I suppose.”

Brad shrugged his shoulders.

Brad has always been free to do what he wants, including his training at Sky Mountain and he will continue to do so if he needs to.

But after saving the royal capital from the clutches of the “Four Demon Generals” Lionetta and the disappearance of his brother Prince Albert, Brad’s presence in the country had increased greatly, if he may say so himself.

So, even if he couldn’t get permission from his father, King Castral, he felt that he should share information about Albert and his intentions in public to prevent the people around him from misunderstanding when he took action.

“Anyway, please don’t be too reckless desu. It seems you were also very reckless at Sky Mountain”.

Rosie’s lips pursed in frustration.

“It’s okay, I’m not going to overdo it. I don’t want to take any risks either.”

“I don’t trust you at all desu.”

As Rosie regarded him with suspicious eyes, Brad responded with a wry smile and speedily walked towards the audience hall.

When he reached the front of the audience hall,

“Your Majesty, what do you mean!?”

I could hear someone shouting from inside the audience hall.

Since the entry permission was given in advance, Brad entered the room and saw King Castral and Carol arguing.

Carol frowns with her natural good looks and frowns at Castral.

“I know I owe Pistel a lot for letting me stay here for so long, but you have no right to stop me from returning, do you?”

“I have no right, but I have a duty. Because that is the promise I made to Lord Cascade.”

Castral says in a calm voice as he admonishes Carol.

“Returning home? What happened?”

Brad asked while walking over to them, and Castral nodded,

“Princess Carol has just requested to return to Dastoria. But I was asked by Lord Cascade not to let her leave the capital. That’s why I’m stopping her.”

“Right now, my country Dastoria is at war with the Ernade. I can’t be carefree about studying abroad when my home country is in dire straits!”

Brad’s eyes widen at Carol’s words.

(Hey, how did she know that?)

Due to Beelzebub’s plot, Dastoria and Ernade will be at war. Brad told Carol about that before the Sword Dance Festival.

But at that time, a man from Dastoria, named Jasper, denied that it was true and Brad was called a liar. So Carol wasn’t supposed to have believed it, so how did she know?

It’s true that behind the scenes, Beelzebub’s scheming has been going on as steadily as it did in Final Quest, and Beelzebub has Carol’s mother and brother in his clutches and framed it as the work of the Ernade, sparking a war between the two countries.

“How did you know you were at war with Ernade?”

“It’s no longer a secret. It’s a matter of a great power struggle. Brad, I’m sorry I called you a liar before. You were right about everything. It seems that it was Jasper – our man – who was lying.”

Carol bowed deeply, and Brad thought, “I see”. When it came to war between nations of great power, information was quick to spread.

Brad was convinced.

“No, there’s no need to apologize. I’m sorry I didn’t make you believe me.”

“It’s not your fault. It’s my fault for not suspecting Jasper. What we need to do now is prevent more casualties. That’s why I can’t afford to waste my time here.”

Carol turns her head to King Castral who shakes his head.

“I’m sorry, Princess Carol, but my answer remains the same. You are not allowed to return. Rather than that, Brad let’s hear your business.”

Castral said, as if to give Carol no chance to argue.

That’s right, Brad thought, straightening his back.

“It’s about Albert. Merlin has told me that Albert has apparently left for the Deltora Peninsula.”

“What? He’s gone to the Deltora Peninsula?” (King Castral)

“Are you sure? Why would he go there?” Castral kept asking. That’s how much he cared about Albert.

“I don’t know why to be honest. When I asked Merlin about Albert, he just told me it was the Deltora Peninsula. But because of his position as the leader of the magic city, Endymion, he couldn’t tell me anything more.”

“I see. It’s a shame you couldn’t get more details, but it seems like a reliable source of information.”

“So, I would like to ask your permission to visit the Deltora Peninsula this time”

When Brad made this request, Carol chips in from the side.

“That’s convenient. You can take me with you. If Brad and I are together, we can stay out of harm’s way.”

She said this as if it was a good idea, but Castral didn’t change his sour expression.

“That won’t do.” He said.

 “Why?” Carol narrows her eyes sharply and Castral shakes his head.

“It’s true that you’re strong, but your safety cannot be guaranteed. I’ll leave the search to the Knights, and you stay put. It would be foolish to put even Brad in danger now that we don’t know whether Albert is safe or not. The same goes for you, Princess. We must not let anything happen to you.”

Castral was right.

Losing Brad now would be the same as losing the rightful heir to the throne of this country. And it’s the same with Carol. There’s no need to risk them both. Brad guessed.

(My father seems to have concluded that he has no intention of letting either of us leave the country)

If that’s the case, we’ll have to give up on asking for permission and just ignore him, Brad thought quickly.

“If that’s what you have decided, then I’ll do it myself.”

Carol had the same thought. 

She turned around and tried to leave the audience hall.



Immediately after. Carol stood still for a moment.

Suddenly the “Seven Heroes” Glace stood in from of her.

“Glace-san… why do you stand in my way?”

“As a servant of the king, it’s only natural to stop those who try to defy his will!”✩

Glace gleefully shrugs with his usual frivolous smile on his face, which hides what he’s actually thinking.

“I never thought you were so loyal to him.” 

“Anyway, I’ve decided not to let you guys go, so you and Brad just give up and be quiet✩.”

Glace’s tone was light as though he was joking, but on the other hand, the intimidating feeling of his magic power was no joke.

It seems that he’s serious.


Carol grits her teeth and frowns.

Since Glace himself had come to stop them, she realized there was no possibility of forcefully breaking her way out and escaping the country. 

In fact, they were just too different in rank.

Glace is the monster of all monsters among the “Seven Heroes”, and he is one of the best at fighting. It’s almost impossible to outsmart him.

Even Brad, who has reached level 56 and is on equal footing with Lionetta, is still no match for Glace in a straight fight.

(I still need to get stronger. There’s a good chance we’ll be fighting in the peninsula.)

If I’m going to be able to successfully lead the historical events of Final Quest, I want to be able to defeat the Seven Heroes one-on-one.

Fortunately, there’s a hunting ground on the Deltora Peninsula that’s upward compatible with Sky Mountain, so I should find time to train there.

“Princess Carol, I’m sorry, but you’re going to be held under house arrest for a little while.”

At the sound of Castral’s voice, two knights moved to restrain Carol’s arms.

“Brad, you’re a clever one. I trust you won’t cause problems, will you?”

“Of course. I have faith in the people of this country. I trust them to bring Albert back to us.”

Brad promptly made his vassalage to Castral to show his reverence.

Carol gave Brad a look of disdain as the knights took her away.

“That’s very nice of you to say when your brother is in danger. I had second thoughts about you after the sword dance festival, but it looks like you’re still a black pig at heart.”

But as Carol was being taken away, she spewed venom…


Brad listens to Carol’s words and feigns mock hurt so as not to look suspicious.

Carol’s eyes widened in astonishment and gazed at him as she was taken away without uttering a single word.

Soon, the audience came to an end.


“Brad-sama, you’ve been strangely good at listening today, haven’t you? Well, you’ve always had a tendency to be too reckless, so I guess you’ve grown up enough to understand His Majesty’s words properly!  I’m glad desu!”

“Huh, oh… yeah. That’s right.”

Brad smiles dryly at Rosie who talks happily.

I can’t say it, but the moment I knew I couldn’t get permission from King Castral, I was planning to escape quickly.

“You’re not thinking of going to the Deltora Peninsula without permission, are you?”

“Oh, no!.”

“No, you’re lying desu! I’ve never seen anyone agree that loud before…” 

Brad shrugged and breathed a sigh of acceptance, thinking there’s no choice now that he has been caught.

“Of course I’ll go. I can’t just leave Albert, Dastoria and Ernade like this.”

“I was right after all desu! But then why were you obediently listening?”

“If I disagreed and had my movements restricted, would there be any chance for me to sneak out?”

“You’re so…”

“Are you disappointed?”

“No, it’s the reverse desu, you who was not praised as a heir rushes to your younger brother’s aid even if it’s against the will of his majesty. As expected of my master. I’ll cooperate as much as I can desu!”

Rosie said and slapped her chest, but it seems the momentum at which she hit it was too strong.

“It’s painful desu!” she said as she painfully pressed her chest.

“As expected of my exclusive maid, your understanding is very fast.”

“Hehe, It’s not so much desu!”

Rosie scratches her head shyly and immediately frowns her face.

“But how do you plan to leave the country? If Glace-sama really comes to stop you, will it be really possible?”

“Well leave it to me, I have an idea.”

Brad replied with a mischievous smile, then he briefly told Rosie about his plan to get rid of Glace.

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