Kurobuta Ouji Chapter 15-19

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Chapter 15: A Meeting of Heroes

Just as the fierce battle with the cyclops for the fate of the cait sith began, elsewhere around that time–


 There were those who were watching the battle from a faraway place.

 It was a conference room somewhere in the world.

 The room was dimly lit and the interior could not be seen. The only thing that could be confirmed was that there was a round table in the center of the room, surrounded by several people – less than ten in number.

 And on the table, the figures of the cat people and the cyclops battle at Sky Mountain were projected three-dimensionally as holograms.

 The voice of a young boy looking at such a hologram said.

“… Glace. You suddenly asked me to show you the deepest part of Sky Mountain, so I showed it, but what are you going to do with this?”

 However, the person sitting opposite to him, the Demon Slayer Glace Stresemann, didn’t answer that question, or even respond at all, and looked at the hologram with his usual frivolous smile.

 In short, he ignored him.

“Don’t ignore me like it’s natural!”

 The boy slams the table and shouts in a loud voice, but Glace still doesn’t respond.

 It’s no surprise. This man, Glace, is the type of person who loses sight of his surroundings when he gets absorbed in something.

“I. just. said… Don’t Ignore Me! aaah!!!”

“Marin-chan, calm down, ok ~ ♡”

 A gentle woman’s voice stops the boy who was frustrated and violently stepping on the ground.

“Glace-chan has always been like that, right?”

“Serie……, that’s true. He’s always been a bad listener. I’m about a hundred years older than him so I have to be the adult. And my name is Merlin ja.

“And Marin-chan has always been small and inconspicuous among us ~? If you assert yourself a little more, people will notice right ~?”

 ”It’s not like I like being small!” the boy said in a moody manner.

“It’s not my height that makes me not stand out, it’s just that you’re too conspicuous with your big titles like ‘Demon Slayer’ and ‘Holy Mother of Saints’! And it’s Merlin not Marin ja!”

“Eh ~ Marin-chan is cute ~ ♡”

 That’s right.

 The two of them were playing childish games with each other like this, but they are revered by the world as “Saintess, the Holy Mother of Saints” and “Wiseman, the Great Sage”, and each of them is one of the “Seven Heroes” who defeated the Demon King, just like Glace.

 Not just two of them.

 The rest of the people who remained silent are also people who are looked up to in the world called the “Seven Heroes”. Some of them have become kings of their own countries, and some of them can even move large countries with a single word.

 This “round table conference” was initiated by one of the seven heroes, and it was a meeting where the seven heroes who were scattered after the defeat of the demon king would gather on a regular basis.

“You guys are really noisy ☆”

 Glace, who was silent, opens his mouth here.

 The voice sounded slightly annoyed. Apparently, Serie and Merlin were so noisy that he couldn’t concentrate on the hologram image.

“… No, it’s because of you! We’re only noisy, because you ignored me! Don’t act like the victim!”


“Don’t ignore me again!”

“Oh, I’m sorry Merlin ☆ You were too small to notice ☆”

 Glace who had no ill intentions casually caused offense.

 ”What the hell!” And just as Marlin was about to hit Glace, Serie broke in again with “Ma ma ~ ♡”. {TN: basically calm down}

Serie soothes Merlin

“So, Glace-chan, why are you showing us this? The battle between the Demon King’s subordinates and the human race is happening everywhere right~? You’re showing it at this roundtable……is there something special in this battle?

“Hm? It’s not that I want to show you guys ☆ I just want to see it☆”

  The whole group was stunned when Glace said this with a nonchalant look on his face.

 However, they remembered that Glace was always such a man, and they all sighed at the same time.

“I thought that was the case. Then I’ll erase it. Our time is limited, and we still have a lot to talk about!”

“Oh, wait ☆ I don’t think it’s a loss to watch.”

 Merlin was dismayed and tried to erase the hologram quickly, but Glace stops him in a relaxed tone.

“… What no loss? The victory or defeat has less suspense than watching fire burn, and I don’t have the taste of watching human races die like some necromancer.”

“Hahaha, I don’t have that kind of taste either☆”

 Merlin was about to ask why when.

“Because Brad-kun is there ☆”

Interrupting him, Glace continued.

 Brad? Merlin frowned quizzically, and most of the others had no idea what he was talking about, many of whom were angry.

“… Oh, the Prince of Pistel that you took as a disciple. By the way, why did you take a disciple? You’re a guy who avoided all social interaction, not to mention a disciple. Why did you take one now? “


 Merlin asks, but Glace decides to ignore him completely.


“Ignore,  ignore, ignore! You always ignore me when it’s inconvenient or troublesome! Well, you just wanted to brag about your disciple, didn’t you?”


 Although he was naturally ignored again, Merlin sighed, saying it was just a hassle to continue.

“But even if your disciple is present at this Sky Mountain,  he would be no match for the big guy. Apparently, that cyclops isn’t just a powerful fool. I watched the fight between your disciple and Prince Albert, and I’m sure he would have died instantly from a single hit. I admit he has good sense, but his basic abilities are too low.

 Merlin’s view was actually correct.

 The Brad that fought Albert would definitely be no match for the Cyclops. No matter how ingenious his fighting methods are, their base abilities were too different to begin with. No matter how ingenious an ant is, it will be no match for a dragon. It’s the same thing.

“But that was a month ago, right☆”

 However, Glace still wearing a frivolous smile says such a thing.

 Now it’s different .

 Such nuance could be felt from the words Glace said.

“… Yes, that was a month ago. But so what? A month doesn’t change anything for a small being like a human. I must’ve been about three hundred years old when I reached the level where I can compete with that thing. If you can grow up to be able to compete with that monster in a month, then you must be the real monster.”

 Merlin snickered, and the others chuckled in agreement.

 It’s no wonder.

 There can be no human in the world who can become so strong in just one month. At least not among the humans they’d ever seen. Even among themselves, who deserve to be called the strongest amongst humanity.

 But Glace thought otherwise–

“That’s right, he’s a monster!

 He chuckled for a different reason than the rest of them.

 Then he said, “Well just watch ☆” and forced the frowning heroes to turn their eyes toward the hologram.

Chapter 16: Prince Kurobuta goes to work on the executive

“-Now! Release!!! “

 At Mina’s command, the archers shoot their arrows all at once.

 Immediately after, the magic corps finished chanting their spells and released all the attack magic that they were good at, such as fireballs and lightning strikes.

 Dozens of arrows, dozens of fireballs and lightning strikes.

 They run through the air at a tremendous speed and attacks the cyclops. With the outstanding skills of the elite cait sith, all these arrows were precisely aimed at the eye of the monocular giant.

(If only we could crush the eye. ……)

 –Cyclops’ eye.

 It’s not just for “seeing”, it’s an evil eye with enormous magical power.

 The cyclops depends on it for much of its power, in fact, once it’s crushed, the power of the cyclops will greatly weaken.

 With this information in mind, it was decided in advance that the first move of the battle would be to focus on the eye.

 And in the next moment, the rearguard of the raiding party’s all-out attack rained down on the giant like a torrential downpour–


 Immediately after—Zudoooon! !! !! and the countless attack spells of the magic squad mixed together to create a huge explosion on the Cyclops’ face.

(Regret looking down on us nya!)

 Mina smiled fearlessly as she squinted at the awesomeness of the explosion.

 No matter how cunning the cyclops was, It wouldn’t have expected them to be so enthusiastic right at the start of the battle.

 It seems that neither his defense nor evasion was satisfactory, and he received the attack fully with his face.

“… Eye, my eye ah ah !!!”

 He staggered while covering his eye with both hands, screaming painfully.

“–All corps, total attack !!!”

 Mina didn’t miss the chance that was born here.

 Mina commanded and charged.

  The rearguards did their job well, blinding the giant’s eye. It’s up to Mina and her team, the vanguard, to decide the outcome.


 Mina runs across the arena with her twin swords in her hands.

 The other warriors followed her with a rallying cry and sprinted at a speed that seemed as if they were gliding across the ground.

 And then, like an avalanche, they swarmed towards the terrifying giant in front of them, slashing its huge right leg with their swords and piercing it with their spears one after another.

 As if the feelings of all the cait sith had been put in, they attacked in fury.

“… Ahhhhh”

 The mountain-like giant cyclops finally stiffened.

 Seeing that, Mina hurriedly instructed the warriors to retreat. She was afraid that the giant would collapse and they would be crushed by accident.

 Immediately after. As expected, the cyclops slowly collapsed, but stopped by kneeling on one knee and using his club as a staff.

“Ku, no way … to think I’d bend my knees against these small fry.”

  Mina was convinced that the giant was considerably weakened when she heard his frustrated and astonished voice.

 The time to decide this is now.

“Father and mother … the resentment of all the people in the village, it will be avenged here!”

“Attack!” She issues a command again.

 The members of the subjugation team responded with a loud roar like they were waiting for it, and they rushed to the stab the cyclops again.

“Please, wait … only my life!”

 With the rearguard’s all-out attack crushing his eye and the vangard’s all-out attack crushing his right leg, the cyclops could no longer take this all-out attack.

“As if”

 –Or at least It was supposed to be.


 Immediately after. The corners of the mouth of the cyclops, which should have been in pain, turned up and spread eerily like a god of death.

 Immediately after–Bang! !! !! The cyclops’s arm moved at a speed that could not be imagined from that giant body, and the members of the subjugation corps that had rushed towards the cyclops were wiped out with a club.

 A few people, including Mina, barely evaded backward, but the rest of the warriors received the attack. They flew as if on a gust of wind from a dragon, and slammed hard against the hard walls of the labyrinth..

“Are you okay!?”

 I called out in panic, but there was no reply.

 Many of the warriors seemed to have lost consciousness and were no longer moving. The cat people are strong, so there’s no danger to their lives, but with that kind of force, they must have suffered a concussion. It was an unbelievable strength to stun the veterans with a single blow.

 Mina clicks her tongue, but turns to the Cyclops to assess the situation.

“What … what does this mean nya!?”

 She opened her eyes wide in astonishment.

  The Cyclops, who had been in so much pain earlier, smiled fearlessly and stood up as if nothing had happened.

“Why are you okay … and your eye!?”

 And above all, that eye.

 The cyclops eyeball, which should have been completely crushed in the first move, was glaring at me, completely unscathed.

“… Think with that stupid head of yours. Do you think I’ll leave my eye as an obvious weakness? Of course I’ve taken measures.”

 The cyclops raised its club while cracking his neck in a laughing tone, and then glanced at a corner of the labyrinth.

 There were several goblin mages casting a spell.

 A goblin Mage is a variant of goblins that specializes in curse and sabotage magic.

 The grant magic “Clear Shield” which deploys a strong magic wall that blocks attacks for ally monsters is extremely troublesome, and if deployed, attacks are almost nullified until the effect expires. Therefore, it’s the first monster to be defeated if found in a pack.

 Apparently, they deployed a magic wall and protected the cyclops.

“… Cowardly! Didn’t you say that you would fight alone, but you were protected by magic!”

 Mina complains, but cyclops snorts and laughs.

“Hmm, is there any cowardice in fighting for your life? It’s a fact that I’m the only one who actually fights, and it’s only my eye that I had them protect with magic in the first place.”

 The eye only? Mina frowns.

 Only the eyes were protected by magic.

 If his word is true, the cyclops has been subjected to the total attack of Mina and the vangard. And the right leg which they attacked looked almost unscathed, albeit with a few scratches. In other words, we attacked him with full force but he didn’t receive any damage.

“No way…”

 She gulped and inhaled sharply.

 Looking at the magic power of the cyclops, it’s true that there is unnatural movement of magic power only at the cyclops eye. From that, his words are probably true. It seems that only the eye was protected by magic.

“We all attacked, but it wasn’t hurt!??”

“No way, it didn’t work at all?”

“It’s hopeless … we can’t win against that!”

  My friends began to understand this, and their faces gradually turned desperate.

 Undoubtedly, the vanguard’s attack was at its best.

 If it received them without the magic protection of the Goblin Mages and there was still no damage, we can’t win as my friends say. It simply means our attacks can do no damage.

 The warriors, who are elites of the cat race, launched the best attacks they could to bring down the cyclops.

“Yeah, that’s the face … I like to watch the faces of humans change from hope to despair. It didn’t hurt, it didn’t even itch, but I did my best to play the monkey. It was worth it. “

 The “Gahahahahaha” laughter of the cyclops echoed through emptiness of the labyrinth.

 It’s just that our first move was blocked.

 It’s not like we didn’t fight properly.

 Nevertheless, the overwhelming difference in ability was shown, and the members of the subjugation team were clearly losing their fighting spirit.

“We haven’t lost yet …!”

 Mina knew this wasn’t good, and as the head of the subjugation team, she tried to raise her voice to inspire the warriors at that moment.

“No, it’s over”

 The cyclops’ hand stretched out from the side and grabbed Mina. And easily lifted her into the air.

“Let go of me, damn it … let go!”

 Mina struggles to escape, but the cyclops’s hand stays firm. There was no way to escape from that overwhelming grip strength. He gazes at Mina’s squirming with a relaxed expression, and cyclops licks its mouth with his long snake-like tongue.

 The predator and the prey.

 Recognizing the meaning of this gesture, Mina couldn’t help but shudder.

“-No, help the young cheif! “

 The warriors of the subjugation corps raise their voices, pick up their weapons, and launch an all-out attack on the cyclops.

 However, despite the numerous slashing and piercing attacks, the cyclops didn’t pretend to be damaged like the first time.

 On the contrary, It didn’t even move a step from the spot.

“Annoying, get blown away .”

 The cyclops just swung his arm lightly, and the warriors of the subjugation corps were blown away like insects.

 With just the action of waving his arms, the subjugation corps composed of elite cats of the cat race were almost destroyed.

 The cyclops turned his gaze back to Mina in his hand and gleefully laughed.

“Little girl … It seems you’re the daughter of that cheeky young cheif, but it seems you didn’t learn anything by seeing the folly of your father who turned against me. See with your eyes what kind of result your folly will bring. “

“What … what do you want to do nya!?”

 The cyclops, with a different hand from the one that held Mina, picked up a dying cait sith warrior.

“Guahh ah ah ah! !! !!”

 The warrior, squeezed with overwhelming strength, screams in pain and coughed blood.

 If the cyclops put in a little more effort, he would be crushed, as easy as a human crushing an insect.

“No … stop! I don’t care if it’s me nya! Just my friends…!”

“I can’t do that. You challenged me like this, yet you weren’t prepared? Yes, I’ll kill all of them one by one from now on. Watch your freinds die, and despair at your helplessness.”

 Mina’s plea wasn’t heard, and the cyclops put more strength into the hand holding the warrior with a cruel smile.

 The warrior’s screams echoed through the labyrinth and hit Mina’s eardrums violently.

(Why… stop …)

 I thought I was prepared.

 It should have been ruthless and made up my mind that it was inevitable to lose friends in this battle.

(Stop it… no more …)

 But it didn’t work.

 I wasn’t prepared. I was naive. My attitude and the perception of this overwhelming monster were too naive.

 I should have thought more calmly.

 I should have faced the reason why my father, the strongest warrior of the cat race, lost unable to do anything. 

Mina instigated everyone, saying that her father had lost only because he was unlucky and that she could win if she prepared with all the warriors.

 As the cyclops says, everyone will die because of my stupidity. The overwhelming monster in front of us can kill us like bugs.

 I couldn’t win from the beginning.


 Such words spill out of my heart.

 When I became a young chief after my father and mother lost their lives, and when I saw the people of the village weeping over the death of their friends, I thought I had decided to never be weak.

 However, when I saw my companion struggling in front of me, my emotions finally overflowed.

 I’m bad. It’s all my fault that this happened. But my friends are different. My companions were just involved in my folly. They just wanted to help me.

 It can be an angel or a devil.

 I’ll pay anything, no matter the cost.

 So, so–

“somebody please …… help!!”

 The overflowing emotions rushed out of her heart like a flood, and eventually became tears spilling down Mina’s cheeks.

It was at that moment.


 Something like lightning flashed across her vision.

 And the companion who was supposed to be suffering in front of me along with the hand of the cyclops strangling him disappeared for some reason.

 Immediately after, I felt as if I was floating in the air. As I was about to hit the ground, I realized I had been freed from the Cyclops’ hands and hurriedly caught myself.

“–Ahhhhhhhhh !!!”

 The next moment. The screams of the cyclops roared.

 Unlike his previous performance, it was a scream I could tell was serious just by listening.

 The Cyclops was bleeding profusely from both arms, and the cut surface looked as if something had sliced off his wrists and beyond.

 When I moved my eyes further, I found that the giant’s hands, which had been squeezing me and my companion, were lying on the ground, and my companion had fallen beside the other hand.

 He seems to be in pain, but he’s breathing. He seemed to be okay.

(But who on earth …!?)

 There was no warrior in the subjugation team who could slash both arms of the cyclops with a single blow, and Mina had no idea who it was.

 When I looked up curiously–

“… I’m sorry I was late.”

  I noticed, a figure appeared in front of me, reaching out to me.

 The man who had a noble smile on his face is a beautiful boy with fascinating brown skin and shimmering silver thread-like hair.

“You, eh…..?”

 Mina was familiar with the boy.

 He had lost weight and looked different from a month ago, but there was no mistaking his dignified face.

 It’s the guy I met a month ago at Sky Mountain. He was a young aristocrat named Brad who claimed to be a Viscount of the Kingdom of Pishtel.

Chapter 17: Prince Kurobuta Faces a Giant

“Why are you here?”

Mina stood up, taking the hand of the beautiful nobleman, Brad, and tilted her head.

 She didn’t understand why he was here.

 Although the cat human race, cait sith, and the kingdom of Pistel were in an alliance, it is by no means a close relationship. In the first place, because they’re far apart, there is almost no interaction, and therefore no merit to taking the trouble to help.

 That’s why Mina didn’t ask for help when she met him in the dungeon a month ago. She thought there was no way he would.

  But Brad, with a noble smile on his well-organized face, said,

“That’s a silly question. When a pretty woman like you is in such a predicament, you don’t need a special reason to rush to her aid do you?”

 He said this as if it was obvious.

 Mina turned bright red when he looked at her face.

“What, what are you saying nya!? It’s not the time to be joking around nya.”

 Meena managed to reply in a muffled voice, but she couldn’t hide the fact that she was flustered and her voice was shaky.

 She was upset by the same thing a month ago, so she must be embarassed, but she can’t help it. After all, Mina has never had a serious relationship with a man and therefore has no immunity. She can’t get used to it so easilly.

 In the first place, if such a beautiful man were to look you straight in the eye and tell you how cute you are, most women would loose their cool. That’s how beautiful this aristocrat named Brad is, and I think I should be praised a lot for reacting with just blushing.

 Mina tries to regain her composure by telling herself that–

“I’m not kidding … I’m not good at flattery. It seems that your self-esteem is low, but you’re much prettier than you think.”

 Brad smiled mischievously and followed up with his own words leaving no room for doubt.

 Brad went on to mutter, “You were even in a lot of doujinshi,” but Mina didn’t hear him because she was already groaning and blushing. 

(I ……, I can’t, I really can’t.)

 Only words that seem to have such low IQ came to her mind.

 Brad looked at Mina, who stiffened with a bright red face like an apple, with a gentle expression like a parent watching over his child, and smiled.

 Then takes a breath,

“However, this is certainly not the time to be talking about such things.”

 While saying this, he glanced around and had a serious face as if he changed gears.

 Looking at such a Brad, Mina also looked around in surprise.

 The hundreds of monsters under the cyclops.

They were still besieging Brad and Mina’s subjugation squad. It was also creepy that the monsters were still following the instructions of the cyclops, and haven’t tried to attack us.

 Anyway, Brad was calm, so I was distracted, but it’s definitely not a situation to be playing around.

(Come to think of it, The cyclops……)

 When I thought about it and looked, the cyclops was still in agony from the severe pain of having his arms cut off.

 However, innumerable goblin mages were gathering near it and chanting recovery magic, and his arms were already slowly regenerating from the root.

“No way……!”

 Mina despairs even more.

  The Cyclops took no damage even after being attacked by Mina and the rest of the subjugation squad. With such extraordinary durability, there was no shred of hope left if he can just get healed by the goblin mages when injured.

   However, Brad didn’t seem to be in a hurry as he watched the Cyclops regenerate his arm, but rather had a joyful expression on his face.

“Well…In the battle with the cyclops, the goblin mages group together. The first try was a lot of work because  they kept healing the boss and casting debuff magic giving me a lot of trouble. How nostalgic .”

“..? Have you ever fought him?”

 When Mina asks and curiously tilts her head, Brad’s smile stiffened..

“Oh, no. I’m talking about this time.”

 He says that and laughs heartily as if trying to cover it up.

 But while she has a lot to ask Brad, now the top priority is how to deal with this situation.

“The opponent … in addition to the cyclops that recovers infinitely, a flock of hundreds of monsters nya. On the other hand, the subjugation team has been destroyed, and there is no one who can fight satisfactorily nya.  We can only run away… “

“Yes, you should take your injured companions with you.”

 When Mina calmly concludes, Brad nods and says.

“What are you going to do?”

 Mina was curious about the way he said it.

 Brad then turned his back to Mina, popping his neck as if to be flexible, and turned toward the cyclops.

“I’m going to take him down.

 He answered so lightly.

Mina grabbed Brad’s arm and hurriedly stopped him as he began to walk towards the the cyclops without hesitation.

“What are you talking about? Of course you can’t! It’s true that you seem to be skilled, and when I saw that you cut off his arms, I wondered if it was possible but the result was that. Even if he’s hurt, he’ll just get healed again by the goblin mages. We have no chance of winning. You said that when I last saw you right!? “

 It’s true that this aristocrat named Brad is a strong man who cut off both arms of the cyclops in an instant, but it may be because he was able to catch him by surprise.. After all, it’s impossible to face those powerful arms head on.

 I don’t think he can take him by surprise again if the Cyclops is going to be more vigilant, and even if he gets lucky, the Goblin Mages will probably heal.

 The strength of the cyclops had already sunk into her bones.

 This is not an enemy humans can face. The cyclops isn’t just strong. He’s a cunning and semi-immortal monster. There’s no chance of winning.

 A month ago, Brad himself advised her to give up on the subjugation, and he should know the horror.

“Even so……If you run away like this, the situation in your village won’t improve right? I’m sure he’ll use what happened here as a reason demand more sacrifices. You can’t bear such a situation. ” 

“That’s right … but”

  Shaking his head at Mina’s attempt to argue with him, Brad gave her a gentle smile, as if trying to reassure her.

“I’m not asking you to fight. I’m fighting alone. If I lose, you won’t be hurt. Even if you run, you’ll need time to gather your companions. I’ll earn that time, so you just have to pull out in the meantime. “

“That … I can’t do that even more nya! I don’t have the right to ask a noble of Pistel to go that far for a stranger, and …!”

“This is not the time for being righteousness. Just go. While you’re doing this, the Cyclops–“

It was as Brad said this.

“–You won’t get away.”

 An intimidating voice echoed as if to crush from above.

 When I turned my eyes to the source, I saw the cyclops wearing a terrifying magical power.

Before I noticed, his slashed arms were completely regenerated by the magic of the goblin mages, and he was staring at us with a club in his hand.

 Innumerable blood vessels emerged on his forehead, and it seemed he was clearly angry.

(What is this magic power …!)

 As a young chief, Mina had trained herself not to be swayed by the slightest thing, but she couldn’t help but be terrified by this overwhelming magic power.

 Even though he already had an extraordinary amount of magic power compared to herself, he has become even more powerful. It seems that he wasn’t really serious until now.

 Don’t fight that! You should run away with all your might right now. The survival instincts of Mina’s species warned her with all its might.

“I was playing with them as a sideshow, but you’ve completely ruined the fun. I’m not going to let any of you escape. I’ll kill all the people here and all the people in the village of fucking cats. “

 The angry, distorted look of the cyclops convinced me that his words weren’t just a threat, but a future to be implemented.

 Everyone who was there forgot to breathe facing the overwhelming power of the giant.

 Everyone but one person.

 Only Brad did not change his expression and stood firm in front of the giant, who was many times larger than himself.

“I won’t let you do that.”

He said quietly.

 Glaring at Brad as if assessing him, Cyclops narrowed his eyes.

“You… don’t get too cocky? You just got me once … and only got my arms by surprise, do you think you’re stronger than me?”

“I won’t get happy just by cutting the arms of a wooden figure like you.”

 I was scared when Brad made such a ridiculous provocation with a taunting smile, but the cyclops did not take the provocation.

“How stupid. Well, I’m sure you’re not a normal human since you were able to cut my arms. You’re special. I’ll allow you make your name known to me, an executive of the four demon generals. “

 Contrary to his calm voice, the magic power of the cyclops was becoming even more terrifying.

 There was an inconceivable amount of rage directed at this man named Brad, who cut his arms off. If this rage was directed at herself, Mina may have lost it. It was such a terrible killing intent.

 However, Brad wasn’t moved and just said, “That’s a shame.”

“–My name is Brad von Pistel. The Kingdom of Pistel’s first prince.

 With a graceful nobleman’s bow, he announced his surprising identity.

 Mina went stiff when she heard it, but when she fully understood the meaning of his words, her eyes widened in astonishment.

“Huh … Prince!? Weren’t you a Viscount!?”

“I’m sorry to have deceived you, I couldn’t reveal my identity for various reasons, but I don’t think I should hide it at this point.”

 Mina just shook her head, unable to determine the truth.

  Normally she would have denied it as impossible, but it was an undeniable fact that he had the dignity that was expected of a prince.

  This beautiful man, staring straight at me with eyes like clear crimson jade rubies , didn’t seem to be lying.

 However, she calmly thought about the name Brad von Pistel,

“No, but isn’t this too different from the rumors!? I heard that the first prince of Pistel is a fat villain, and is too incompetent so the next king being the second prince was confirmed! Your image is far from that and…. “

 ”You’re cool”, Mina quietly murmured the last part so he couldn’t hear her.

 And when she muttered such a thing, she became embarrassed and her cheeks turned red. It was a complete self destruction.

“Hahaha, I’m pretty sure I’m the same evil fat prince. I’ve changed recently, though.”

 Brad explains with a bitter smile, but Mina still can’t believe it.

 And it was the same with for the giant.

“You’re a prince? I don’t think that kind of thing will appear in such a place. If there was such a prince, He would be an idiot even among idiots.”

 That’s true.

 The prince of a country cannot come alone to such a dangerous place. It would be unthinkable without attaching most of the kingdom’s knights as an escort.

“I’m that idiot among idiots. The people, the nobles, and even my father have given up on me, so I’ve been left to my own devices. At most, the government will be notified when I’m in danger, but that will only be so they’ll know if I die. I’m probably the only person in a prince’s position who’s acting in such a reckless manner, so it’s no wonder you don’t believe me. Even if I were told, I would never believe it.”

 You don’t have to believe it, Brad shrugs aloof.

 He himself understands how unreliable it sounds.

“Well, it doesn’t matter who you are.”

 The Cyclops roared as he stopped thinking about it, and came to that conclusion.

 And the next moment–

“-You’re dying here anyway!”

 While saying that, he disappeared from sight.

 When Mina hurriedly looked for it, she noticed the cyclops suddenly appear in front of Brad as if he had moved through space.

 Then, aiming at Brad, lowered his club at a speed that couldn’t be followed by the human eye.

“Br- … Brad!”

 The moment Mina shouted so.

 The super-heavy club swooped down on Brad.


 A sudden blow that was unbelievably super-fast came from that giant.

 The attack, which even Mina barely noticed, seemed clearly impossible to receive or avoid.

 Perhaps everyone watching the situation expected it to end as Brad being crushed by that club, with a roar of blood splatter and dust rising up to the air. Mina also had a vision of such a scene and almost closed her eyes in aprehension.



 That ending never came.

  Instead, the ending blindsided all those who witnessed it,  Mina, the members of the subjugation team, the cyclops and his hundreds of monsters, and even the heroes watching from afar.

“Ah … it’s impossible”

 Mina couldn’t believe the sight in front of her.

 I couldn’t believe it.

 The sight was so incredible it was like snow falling in the a desert, I rub my eyes over and over wondering if it’s a dream.

 However, the scene didn’t change.

 The super-heavy club launched by the powerful arm of the cyclops. Brad had caught it with one arm, slightly sinking into the ground, but not moving an inch.

Chapter 18: Prince kurobuta Overwhelms the Giant

<Cyclop’s POV>

 –Cyclops was an elite.

   His naturally large and tough body was unrivaled by any other monster, and he also possessed a brilliant mind and a thoughtful personality, which were rare among giant giants, so he was carefully raised with expectations that he would become an excellent candidate to support the Demon Lord in the future.

 After becoming an adult, he demonstrated his talents and successfully established his position in the Demon King’s army. The momentum did not stop after becoming an executive, and both himself and others were convinced that he would eventually become one of the rulers of this world under the Demon King.

 The talent of the cyclops was so outstanding compared to the surroundings, and there was nothing in the world that couldn’t be overrun by his extraordinary strength.

 But now, though with his overwhelming power, he unleashed an all-out attack-

“What … what!?”

 He was stopped by a small human being who he dismissed as just cunning and weak

 And it wasn’t just stopped.

 The human in front of him, Brad, the self-proclaimed Prince of the Pistel Kingdom, hadn’t moved a single step from his spot, hadn’t even changed his expression after receiving a blow from the ultra-heavy club swung by my arm.

(What … what’s going on!?)

 I couldn’t understand the scene in front of me.

 No, I could understand it, but I couldn’t understand it.

 With this simple but extremely powerful attack of swinging down a club, I have crushed many living things and turned them into silent corpses. And the man in front of me was supposed to be one of those corpses.

 But the man in front of me–

“… It’s light, are you cutting corners?”

 Far from being overwhelmed, he didn’t seem to have been damaged and said so matter of factly.

 Of course, I haven’t cut corners. Although it’s not my best, I should have used about 80% of my strength because I’m annoyed.

 An average human being-no, even an elite, will be crushed like a soft fruit if he was hit by this me’s club.

 Yet this man easily accepts it.

 Without any disturbance in his breath.

 It’s hard to believe.

(Where does such power hide in such a tiny human body … No, that’s not the problem. In the first place, a tiny human has the same power as me?)

 As a major premise, giant races are superior to humans in all abilities.

 Among them, the cyclops is an elite with outstanding power. There can be no human being in this world who has the same power as himself.

 Based on that premise, a method in which a weak human being can catch an attack from himself, an overwhelmingly strong being, the cyclops wonders if there is such a thing with his brilliant mind.

 Then, after a while, he came up with one conclusion and smiled an eerie smile.

“I see. …… So that’s what it is. You’re using enhancement magic, aren’t you?

 That was the conclusion the cyclops drew from this improbable situation.

 This human, Brad, is applying some kind of strengthening magic to himself. It’s not just simple enhancement magic, it’s probably a powerful doping with some side effects. If he didn’t do that, he won’t have had enough power to accept my attack.

 However, the Brad who was pointed out says–

“… No, no, no. If you look at the movement of magic power in my body, you can immediately see that i’m not using such magic? Are you stupid?”

 He smiles with a princely smile and immediately denies it, and even provoked him.

“This … me, stupid!?”

“Sorry, my bad, you’re not just stupid, but also a wooden figure”

 For the Cyclops, who has always been praised since he was born, including his high level of intelligence, he had almost no experience of being ridiculed like this, and he felt blood rushing to his head.

(… Be calm, me)

 However, losing his temper here is exactly what the other party wants.

 The cyclops took a deep breath to calm down and then narrowed his eyes at Brad’s body to see the actual movement of magic power.

  And as Brad says, there was no evidence of using enhanced magic.

(But even if he didn’t use enhanced magic, there must be some trick)

My attack cannot be received by just a human being. Even if it’s not enhancement magic, he must be using some kind of mechanism.

Though I don’t know what it is, it’s enough to nullify my blow, which boasts the greatest power of the Demon King’s army. Spells that exert such a powerful effect are those that have a large price to pay. It’s not something that can be used comfortably. Perhaps it could even be used only once.

(In other words…… What I should do is simple. Keep attacking until he can’t use that trick anymore.)

 I conclude and grin.

 If I just keep attacking, he will eventually lose whatever is the core of his trick. If that happens, my attack should be able to go through.

 With that in mind, the cyclops pulls back the club with agile and graceful movements that couldn’t be imagined from its giant body and immediately launches a next strike that cleaving toward Brad’s head.

 If it were a normal person, it would be a lethal blow that would splatter brain fluid and kill him instantly.

“It’s useless no matter how many times you try. I’m sorry, but I seem to have become too strong for you.”

 Brad wasn’t surprised by the sudden attack, and just like before, he took the blow of the club with one arm.

 However, the cyclops immediately moved to the next attack as soon as it happened.

“I can afford it … how long will you last!?”

 The cyclops then swung the club like in a rage, launching a series of attacks of which each blow would easily kill a human.


(What … what’s going on !? Why hasn’t the attack passed for so long !?)

 No matter how many times he attacked, the next attack, the next attack, the next attack, Brad received everything with a cool face.

 He originally thought that Brad’s magic would have started weakening by this time but since Brad had such a calm face, it seemed unlikely given the circumstances..

 Every time the cyclops’ club and Brad’s arm collide, a shock wave is generated, and it’s crazy! The ground beneath Brad has collapsed and smoke is rising violently.

 Most of this dungeon is made of hard magic minerals. Even though it’s just the surface, it was powerful enough to sink the ground of such a dungeon in this way. There’s no way the cyclops attack is weaker than usual.

“Haa, haa … what’s going on?”

 Without understanding how it works, time passed in vain, and only energy was being drained. 

 In this situation, like aiming for an invisible goal in the dark, even this giant could not hide his frustration and anxiety.

“… You couldn’t even figure this out? You muscle brain. There was no trick from the beginning. The fact is you’re just overwhelmingly inferior to me.”

“Huh? That can’t be!”

 When Brad raised the possibility he had dismissed as improbable, the Cyclops let out a loud voice in rebuttal.

“There’s no human who can take my attack directly and have no damage! Such a being is on the level of the overlord of darkness, whom we worship!

“It’s not that there’s no damage. Even if there’s a difference in ability, the damage will not be zero. But well … At my current level, this level of damage will recover naturally and almost immediately, so it’s virtually no damage. “

“… Natural recovery, huh?”

 Unable to understand Brad’s story, the cyclops wrinkles his brow.

“For example … the damage you received when you were attacked by the cat tribe healed naturally and almost immediately right? It’s the same.”

“Oh, so you’re saying that my attack is on the same level as these little cats!?”

 the cyclops understood what Brad meant and lowered his tone.

“It’s not exactly the same. There’s a clear difference in power between you and the Cat-tribe warriors, but there’s a clear difference in power between you and me as well. That’s why your attack doesn’t hurt or even feel itchy for me, just as you thought the cat race’s attacks didn’t hurt or itch. “

 Do you understand? Brad says like an adult teaching a child.

 From his appearance of saying the facts plainly, he didn’t show the agitation peculiar to someone telling a lie. It seemed to be the truth.

(Uh, it’s a lie … Of course it’s a lie!)

 But the cyclops couldn’t believe it.

 He had looked down on the cat race as an inferior species. But he seemed to be just that much to the man in front of him.

 There’s no reason for such a thing to happen.

    I cannot be inferior to a human.

 The cyclops, a natural elite, could not accept the reality that he was inferior to a human.

“Da … Dahahahaha! It’s impossible, there’s no way! It was a pretty good performance, but it’s no use trying to scare me with a bluff like that!”

“Bluff … Haah”

 Brad sighed exasperated, saying he was free to think so.

 That composure made the giant even more impatient.

” Haha, Well……I don’t know what kind of trick it is, but I don’t care anymore.In the face of overwhelming power such a small trick won’t work……I’ll show you the difference between us by unveiling my true form.”

 You should feel honoured, the Cyclops sneered.

 Transforming into my true form is my ultimate weapon in terms of force. When in that form, I don’t feel like losing, no matter who the opponent is. I trust it that much.

 His confidence in that form had regained some of the cyclops’ leeway.

“If I revert to my true form … You’re done. There are only two people in this world, who faced me in my true form and lived!”

 The cyclops laughed, and his whole body was flooded with terrifying magic power.

 ugh, ugh, ugh! At the same time, a voice that seemed to spring from the bottom of hell leaked from his throat. Evil magic power and blood rushed all over the body of the cyclops.

   His whole body heats up as if it was hit by fire, and it feels as if all his cells are being rebuilt from the ground up.

 It was proof that the transformation into his true form had begun.

 However, it was that moment.

“… Ahhhhh!?”

 Shun!!!!! Lightning flashed, and at the same time, severe pain ran up my right arm.

 When I noticed, my right arm, which had begun to transform, was cut off and flying in the air.

 And in front of him was Brad, who swung his sword to clean off the blood. It was stained with the green blood of the Cyclops.

“Ku, you … you coward!”

“No, you were full of openings. In the first place, the enemy is clearly trying to power up so isn’t it stupid to wait silently? You’re an idiot, aren’t you?”

 With Brad’s repeated provocations, the patience of the rational cyclops, which it prided itself in, had already reached its limit.

 Even so, the cyclops tried to restrain itself somehow–

” Also, that ‘ugh, ugh’ sound you make when you transform, it sounds like someone’s stepping on you so please stop. It’s embarrassing just listening to it.”

 The completely ridiculing words finally made him explode in anger.

“You bastard! I’ll never forgive you, I’ll never forgive you! My faithful subordinates, kill this human right now! Eat all his bones! “

 The moment the cyclops ordered in anger.

     Kiiiiii! The high-pitched voices of the goblins echoed through the labyrinth, and at the same time, the hundreds of monsters under his control began to move all at once.

 Like ants swarming on bread, they rushed toward Brad with tremendous force.

“Hey hey, isn’t it terrible for you to hit me with so many people?”

 Brad shrugs and looked behind him.

 I also looked and saw that all the cats were gathering there. It seems they were recovering and treating the injured while I was distracted by Brad.

“…… it’ll be troublesome If this turns into a melee, “Resist Fire”.”

After Brad chanted, a dome-shaped red translucent film unfolds over the cats. It’s a magic that grants fire resistance.

“Some adjustments may be needed, but this won’t hurt the cat race.”

 When he said this like it was troublesome, his whole body overflowed with tremendous magic power.

 It was  a profound magic power, fearsome enough to make me shudder.

 It was an extraordinary magic power comparable to the “Seven Heroes” I once saw on the battlefield when I was young or the “Four Demon generals” who are the highest executives of the Demon King Army.

“Burn ” Fire Wave “.”

 Brad then chanted a spell in a small voice.

 –Fire Wave.

 It’s a wide-range attack magic of the third level that emits a small wave of fire centered around the invoker.

 However, even though it’s an attack magic, it’s the weakest in that category, so it’s actually only powerful enough to inflict burns on the opponent.

 After all, its power is lower than the single attack magic “Fireball” of the second level. At best, it’s magic that can only be used to intimidate or stop the opponent with fire.

(Oh … that scared me! To think he wore such an extraordinary amount of magic power and its just for low-level magic? My loyal subordinates won’t be stopped so easilly.)

 And no matter how strong that man is, he can’t deal with hundreds of monsters at once.

 Imagining a future where the monsters under his control eat up the hateful human, the cyclops laughs loudly with a Dahahahahaha.

 But at that moment–


 Gwoooooooh! !! !! There was a roaring sound.

 A small seed of fire shot out from Brad’s hand.

 It was the sound of it burning violently.

 The flames quickly swelled up in Brad’s hands, growing to the size of a human, and then spreading throughout the space as a super-sized wave of scorching heat that would be impossible for a normal “fire wave”..


 Its power and scale are at least 100 times that of a normal “fire wave” just by eye measurement?

 Hundreds of monsters were swallowed up by the extraordinary scorching waves as if they were suddenly hit by a catastrophe that would bring the world to an end.

Chapter 19: Prince kurobuta is worshiped by the cat race

(… I’m glad it worked)

 Brad confirms that the magic activated as he wished, and strokes his chest.

 When the effect of the “fire wave” spell he released had subsided, hundreds of goblin and ogre corpses were lying around, with a pungent burnt odor like that of incinerated garbage.

 Brad crushed an army of hundreds of monsters with just one blow-even the lowest spell of the third level, annihilating them.

“… I can’t believe it nya! it’s too different from the “fire wave ” I know!? Magic of the third level can’t produce such power.”

 Suddenly, Mina’s astonished voice hits my ears.

 It’s an undeniable fact that the higher the rank of magic, the stronger the effect.

 But that’s not all.

 The power, effect and size increase as the rank of magic increases. On the other hand, the effect produced  by the magic fluctuates violently depending on the amount of magic power and magical attack power of the user. In some cases, magic of a lower rank can surpass magic of a higher rank.

In the first rank, there’s a spell called “Lumos” which creates a small light, and it’s a custom in various places to judge the magical talent of a person by the magnitude of light released when they are a child.

 Due to such magic properties – and the rules of this world being similar to the game “Final Quest” – “Fire Wave”, which originally only had the power to cause burns, had a greater effect than expected.

(… unreasonable)

 Not only the monsters that received the scorching waves, but even the monsters that received the aftermath were burned to death by the overwhelming heat.

 It was too unreasonable-too unfortunate a death.

In  “Final Quest”, there’s an upper limit to the number of monsters that can appear in a single battle, so it’s impossible to deal with such a number at once.

 That’s why I thought in my previous life that it would be exhilarating to take down such an army at once, but in reality it wasn’t like that at all. Rather, discomfort prevails.

  There are many demi-humans under the Cyclops’ command. Goblins and ogres are evil, man-eating beings for whom there’s no room for sympathy, but when I look at the horrible corpses in front of me, I can’t help but feel guilty for unreasonably killing the living.

“All… dead!?”

 Suddenly, a thick voice reaches my ears.

“Hundreds of my subordinates … only one blow… with low-level magic !? Is this a dream!? Am I having a bad dream right now!?”


 Brad responds to the upset cyclops without showing any emotion.

 Before I noticed, the Cyclops had taken on the appearance of a demon with wings on its back.

 It seems he completely completed his transformation while I engaged his subordinates.

His body itself has grown a little larger, and the body color, which looked like a pale corpse, has become darker and more terrifying. The claws and fangs were further sharpened to function as weapons on their own, with two new horns on his head and a new long tail that looked like a whip on its behind.

  This demon form was definitely the second form of the Cyclops, the worst of the worst that had hunted down the hero party in Final Quest till the last minute.

 But even though he was clearly more powerful than ever, there was a hint of fear in the Cyclops’ eyes as he looked at Brat.

“… That’s you’re true form right? Why don’t you show its power quickly?”

 Brad asks the giant who doesn’t move easily.

 But when the cyclops looks at me again, he shakes his head with in unbelievjng face.

 By transforming and becoming stronger, I think it could clearly understand the overwhelming difference in ability between us, which had been vague until now.

“Then let’s end this”

  There was also the goal of catching the Cyclops while he was still alive, but after showing such overwhelming power, I think it’s become difficult to achieve it.

 In that case, it would be more human to end it quickly.

“W- wait! I have subordinates in the cats’ village right now! If you harm me, all the people in the village will be killed! When contact from me is cut off, I’ve already instructed them to do so! Are you still going to kill me!? “

“What … you coward!” (Mina)

 The cyclops seems to have judged that there was no chance to win, and threatens me with a template hostage tactic. It’s simple but effective.

“He … hehehe, being called cowardly is a compliment to me. In this world you have to be clever to live. Now, kid, if you understand, stop and throw away your weapon!”

 Perhaps because the cats seemed impatient, the cyclops regained some of its composure and bullishly intimidated Brad.

 But Brad–

“Do what you want.”

 Coldly saying that, he didn’t stop.

 With his sword still in his hand, he nonchalantly approached the Cyclops.

Brad’s words and deeds, which can be taken as not caring even if the cat people die, make the Cyclops and the subjugation squad lost and speechless.

“Why!? Don’t you feel sorry for them!?”

 Brad shrugs as the cyclops screamed.

“… Oh, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t say I would abandon them. I went to the village before I came here. I’ve taken care of all your subordinates in the village. Your hostage tactic won’t work. “

 That’s how it is.

In “Final Quest”, the cyclops cornered the brave with a number of cunning methods. One of which is this hostage tactic.

 Brad, who had been trying to level to the best of his ability, suddenly remembered the cyclops would use this cunning hand and decided in advance to ensure the safety of the village. Thanks to that, he was late to arrive here.

“… Evil Eye, connect to the village!”

 The Cyclops ordered the Evil Eye which floated in a safe zone behind him, but the Evil Eye took a moment before shaking its head and saying something in a language Brad couldn’t understand, probably the ancient demon language Monstian.

 No way really…!?? the cyclops shook his head like he couldn’t believe it, and staggered backward with an expression of despair.

“…… This has to be a mistake. I’m an elite! There’s no one who’s stronger than me, no one who can outmaneuver me! I’ve used my overwhelming talent to screw over enemies and allies alike to get to this point!

 The cyclops yells as if trying to inspire himself, and his whole body overflows with evil magic power.

 And that magical power was condensed into claws–


 He uses it like a scythe to unleash a slash at Brad.

 However, the slash does not reach Brad.

 Before the slash arrived, Brad drew his sword at double the speed of the giant and cut the cyclops’ torso into two halves with his hips as the boundary.

 It showed a vividly cut surface, spraying green blood, and the giant’s upper body falls to the ground of the dungeon. Eventually, the lower body, which had lost its upper body and also the brain that gave it orders, slowly collapsed.

“Ugh, it’s impossible … There can’t be such a human being.”

“There is, right here”

 Brad responds to the cyclops, which still has an astonished expression even though it’s just his upper body and casually walks over.

 But when Brad approached, he stretched his hand, though convulsing and dying, to Brad and grabbed his leg vigorously.

“Bra..d … you said … you’re … too dangerous. It was a mistake to let down my guard… against such a human being. Anyways … a bastard like you, for when his Majesty awakens … … it’s too dangerous to leave you alone. “

 Brad listens to hear his will, but soon after sees the end of the the cyclops’ mouth spread eerily as if it were tearing apart.

 A chilling chill runs through my body.

 The expression on the giant’s face was clearly not that of someone who was going to die in vain. It was the face of someone who is cunningly aiming for something.


 Brad immediately swung his sword to decapitate the giant, but the sword was repelled with an unprecedented response, leaving the giant’s neck untouched.

 I noticed that the giant’s body was shining a strange light.

 And when I see the light, I understand what the giant is trying to do.

In “Final Quest”, there is only one magic skill that has such a unique way of emitting light and has invincible time that swords cannot break through.

“… Mina, listen! Take the injured with your friends and run away with all your might, right now! Run as far as you can from here!”

“Ah … what do you mean nya!?”

 Mina was confused when she was suddenly called by Brad, but Brad intensified his tone, saying, “Hurry, you’ll die!”

 Mina nodded with a straight face saying, “I understand,” and immediately ran off to lead the subjugation team.

 At the same time as Mina and her friends evacuate, Brad forcibly drags the cyclops giant body and runs in the opposite direction of the subjugation squad.

 Perhaps he guessed Brad’s intention.

 The giant smiled more evilly than Brad had ever seen.

 And a dazzling light was emitted from his whole body–

“We’ll go together…” Explosion!””

 Immediately after-Zudooooon!!!!! The body of the cyclops caused a violent magical reaction, and exploded with a roaring eardrum crushing sound.


<Mina’s POV>

 –Some time after.

“Brad … Where’s Brad nya!?”

 As the explosion subsided and the smoke cleared, Mina returned to the scene of the explosion with the subjugation team and began searching for Brad.

 The scene was more miserable than she had imagined.

 The ceiling and walls had collapsed and turned into rubble, and the ground had been largely scooped out around the place where the explosion started, creating craters.

 Since the dungeon is made of hard magic minerals it’s nearly indestructible, it was basically not destroyed much. Nevertheless, it was destroyed this much. It must have been an extraordinary power.

“This is … the cyclops?”

 As I walked to the explosion site, the remains of the cyclops were lying there.

 It’s so miserable that it’s not necessary to confirm whether he’s alive or dead. The figure remained to the extent that it could be discerned, but it looks like black charcoal.

 If the caster being so close to the attack was like this, you would think that Brad was already–but Mina shook her head refusing to believe it.

“… He should be near here nya! Everyone look for him! Brad, if you can hear me, please reply!”

 Mina lifted the rubble around her and looked for him in every nook and cranny. Even though she knew he couldn’t be under such a small amount rubble, she desperately refused to dismiss even a small rock.

 However, no matter how much she searched for him, she couldn’t find any shadow or shape of Brad.

“Please answer me nya…!”

 Mina’s voice, which seemed to fade towards the end, echoes hollowly through the labyrinth.

 Of course there was no reply from him.

 But Mina still didn’t stop searching. While having large tears gather in the corners of her eyes, she looks for him and moves her hands and eyes as fast as she could.

 But after a while, her cousin Yugurd put his hand on Mina’s shoulder.

“Mina … everyone is already at their limit. Let’s give up and go back to the village.”

“What … What did you say! Brad … is our lifesaver! He could have escaped if he was alone nya… In order to let us escape,  he risked his life to keep the Cyclops away from us nya. Hey! He bet his life to save us! Are you abandoning our benefactor!? “

 Mina screamed in a quivering voice, but Yugurd shook his head.

“I know … I know that, but he’s probably already …”

“He said I was cute nya! He said it’s natural to rush to the predicament of a pretty woman! That’s already a marriage proposal! Saying that … I can’t forgive him for dying so easily nya!! “

         A drop of water fell on her cheeks, drawing lines from Mina’s eyes, as she ranted with emotion.The water drops spilled endlessly, creating a dark stain like blood on the ground.

 Seeing the sad appearance of the young chief, the members of the subjugation team opened their mouths to comfort her, but in the end, no one could say anything and kept silent.

 However, at that time when the members of the subjugation team were giving up the search.


 The sound of moving rubble reaches my ears.

 The moment I turned my eyes to the sound, I saw a person crawling out from under the remains of the cyclops and slowly rising up.

 Although he looked injured, his silver thread hair, brown skin, and red eyes that shone like red jade rubies were definitely the man I had been looking for.


 When he found Mina, he made a gentle smile to reassure her.

 Mina was so moved by his kindness and concern for her, that even though he was injured, she found herself hugging him.

“… I thought you were dead.”

“I won’t die so easily. I was able to meet a pretty girl like you again. won’t it be a waste?”

 While gently stroking Mina’s head, he says those sly words, so the joy that he was alive and her embarrassment, mixed in, and Mina almost lost it.

 For the time being, she nuzzled her face into his chest to hide it, but that was counterproductive again.

 His chest was thicker than she had expected, and his gently stroking hands were calloused, making him feel strangely manly. The blood of her whole body rose to her face, making her feel like she was on fire.

(Maybe … this guy nya)

 When I put my hand on my chest, my heart is beating fast.

 I’ve only met him a few times, including in my childhood, and we’ve barely exchanged a few words, but I have to admit that I’m starting to develop special feelings for him.

 When Mina is confused by unprecedented emotions, the voices of her compatriots reach her ears.

“How did he survive that explosion …”

“I can’t believe it, it’s a miracle!”

“The hero ” giant killer “who saved us from the nightmare by betting his own life … His Highness Prince Brad von Pistel, hurray! !! !!”

 Voices praising him who caused so many miracles just today spread among the companions, and before he knew it, it was being chorused by everyone.

 –Hurray, hurray! !! !!

 The chorus became a huge swell and continued to echo through the labyrinth until their voices died out.

 –But the cat tribe didn’t know

(… I’m being misunderstood again) {TN:bandk to Brad’s POV}

 Brad’s expression listening to such a chorus of praise was terribly tense.

 After all, they seem to think Brad saved them at the risk of his life, but the facts are completely different. If he received the cyclops self-destruct magic “Explosion”, even Brad will be injured.

 However, even though he would take damage, it was still a low rank attack. Since he even added magic resistance at the last minute, he had no fear of dying. Brad hadn’t gambled his life in the slightest.

(Well, it’s fine isn’t it?)

 It’s okay to be misunderstood.

 Brad abandons his thoughts and embraces Mina, who is crying. He strokes her head, thinking fondly of his sister in his previous life.

 –And Brad doesn’t know.

 That today was a great first step towards the supremacy of Brad von Pistel, the first prince of the Kingdom of Pistel.

 To put it badly … woyld bring a lot more trouble to Brad.

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