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Chapter 91: Innovative Technology Cannot Be Stolen

We’ve decided to have Marches work with the craftsmen to make a prototype of the refrigerator while we coordinate with them.

Once it was completed, he would take it to the Commercial Guild and register it as a patent.

The magic circles on the inside of the Tauro board were crafted.

There are two magic circles, one on the top and one on the bottom. When they are stacked on top of each other, they show their abilities and when the stacked boards are removed, they disappear.

This is supposed to prevent plagiarism.

At Aeris’s suggestion, we made a magic contract with the craftsmen, so it would be difficult for them to leak information.

It is said to be one of the spells of the “Priest” skill.

Aeris came in handy in an unexpected way.


The good thing about this refrigerator is that it works well with scrap magic stones.

Scrap magic stones are small magic stones that are not suitable for processing and are often obtained from weak monsters in F-rank quests.

Even so, they have their uses and are bought by the guild, but some of them are too small to be worth more than a few bucks.

So, if you open the lid of the magic stone replenishment space on the refrigerator and put them in, it’ll work and will be fuel-efficient.

If you add the cost of the magic circle technology, the skills of the craftsmen and the cost of the materials, the refrigerator will be quite expensive, but if we keep selling it, we’ll recover our capital immediately.

In the past, there have been foods that were discarded because they spoiled and there are many foods that can be enjoyed by cooling them.

Therefore, Tauro was planning to make small ones for home use as well as large ones for commercial use.

And a commercial guild was established in the village of Dansas just in time.

Perhaps they thought that with the development of this village, it would have a promising future.

It was still small, but they could register a patent for it, so it would be great if they didn’t have to go to the city.

Tauro had completed the prototype of the refrigerator and after using it, he decided that it could withstand actual use, so he decided to register it with the new commercial guild.


At the time of registration, the guild official in charge was amazed at the revolutionary technology, compared the refrigerator with the boy who claimed to be the registrant’s agent, checked with the guarantor, Marches and the process was done immediately.

Thus, the revolutionary product, the refrigerator was registered under the name of Giro Sugar, a special reversible board maker, a pseudonym of the famous Tauro.

The name “Giro Sugar” was originally a fictitious name, but the representative of the Garfish chamber of commerce went through some behind-the-scenes procedures to make it officially “real” for the future.

Therefore, it had been approved by the commercial guild.

The Dareder branch of the Garfish chamber of commerce, which had signed a business contract with the Marches chamber of commerce for the refrigerator, immediately brought the refrigerator to the town’s magic tools store and the response from the magic tools store was great.

After all, it was a product that could be used without the need to process magic stones.

The store immediately bought one.

The merchants wondered why only one unit was purchased, but they sold it without saying anything.

After a short pause, the store ordered a second one.

Even though the first one had been sold, the merchants were suspicious of the fact that they had only bought one, but again, they sold it without saying anything.

When the merchants sent the shopkeeper to pose as a customer at the suspicious magic tool store which bought it, he reported that there were no refrigerators in the store.

That was it after all.

The Garfish company was convinced.

They were disassembling refrigerators instead of selling them.

The technology is so innovative that the store was trying to figure it out.

The first one was quickly ruined by Tauro’s prior anti-plagiarism technology and they must have bought a second one, but Tauro explained that with the way it was arranged the boards there was no way to the would understand.

So he guessed there was no need to worry about being plagiarized.

However, he would have to think about future transactions.

If they won’t put it in their store, there’s no need to prioritize them.

It would be quicker to go to another small store or to a food store directly to sell them.

A few days later, they received a third order from the same magic tool store, but they questioned the owner about not having them on the store shelves, blamed him for not answering the question and announced that they were terminating the deal.

This angered the Garfish Trading Company, and the shopkeeper had to go to the company every day to apologize.

Chapter 92: Thinking of a Team Name

Tauro applied the technology of the refrigerator to make a cooler as well.

There had always been magic tools which used processed magic stones to produce cold air, but they were only used by royalty, nobility, and the rich, not by the common people and the fuel efficiency was poor.


In this respect, Tauro’s magic circles was superior to those processed by magic tool masters.

In addition, the magic circle used for the cooler had a weaker cooling power, so even when combined with the wind, it was more fuel efficient than the refrigerator.

The only problem was the design, which he decided to take from the memories of his previous life…a homage.

As for the sales of the product, it would depend on when and where it would be sold, so he discussed it with Marches and they decided to wait and see.

Of course, when the prototype was ready, they registered it with the Commercial Guild.

The person in charge of the project was also surprised and impressed, saying that he was glad to be exposed to such innovative technology.

Tauro had always been curious about the processing technology of magic tool masters, but when he checked the technology from the magic tool master introduced by the Garfish Chamber of Commerce, he found out that it was a simplified version of my magic circles.

The magic circle technology may have existed a long time ago, but as a result of simplifying it for different purposes, only the current form remained.

We tend to think of prototypes as old, but it would be foolish to talk about evolution without the prototype.

Everything has its current form because of the original.

It may have evolved directly from the original form into a different form like the one they have now.

It’s not about which one is better, but both have possibilities.

In this respect, Tauro could be said to have created the technology to become a new “ancestor” that branches off from the original form.

Aeris was amazed at Tauro’s knowledge.

As an adventurer, she had always thought that Tauro had a wealth of knowledge, but it spanned many fields and his ideas were different from the average person.

She realized this when she was with him.

His cooking is also full of ideas and above all, delicious.

Sometimes she sees him carving by himself and he was so delicate but when she tried to look at him closely, he hid it in the magic storage.

He said he was embarrassed, but she thought his skills were top-notch.

He is only eleven years old, but she wondered where he learned his skills, but when Tauro is asked about such things, he tends to dodge the question.

Maybe he doesn’t want to talk about his past.

But she knew everyone had things in their past that they didn’t want anyone to hear, including herself.

She wanted to know more about Tauro, but at the same time, she couldn’t go into it because of that.

One afternoon.

When the four of them returned to the guild to report the completion of their quests, the new receptionist, Kannes, told them that they had been promoted to E-rank.

“Congratulations, you’ve been promoted to E-rank, so please think of a team name and register it before the next quest. It looks like you’re all no-name.”

When you move up to the E-rank zone, you need to officially register your team name.

Up till the F rank band, you may use whatever team name you want to be called, but it’s not treated as your official name until you reach the E rank band.

This is because most of the time, teams break up due to quarrels before they reach E rank, or they change their name because they’re embarrassed by the reality of their overly cool name.

There were many such teams, so the guild’s rule was to register only after knowing the reality.


Tauro and the others, with the exception of Aeris, were unconcerned about the team name and had kept it on hold until now.

It seemed the time had finally come to discuss it.

The four of them gathered at the “Restful Pavilion” and decided to think about it over dinner.

Aeris pointed at them and said,

“So you’re just thinking about it now?”

Rumeya argues.

“It’s not too late you guys. The name of our team is important because it represents us right?”

“Well, ‘The Four People of Dansas Village’.”

Shin suddenly said something strange.

“””Huh? “””

The other three asked back because of such a wierd naming sense.

“No, he probably means something different, that can’t be a team name.” (Tauro)

“It’s a team name, though?”

Shin said as if it were obvious.

“Sense 0…” 


Rumeya retorted.

“Then you should think of something, too.”

Shin replied grumpily.

“Hmmm… well ‘The Group of Professional Herb gatherers’.”

“You too?!”

Tauro let out a sigh of frustration.

There was a possibility that they all had no sense.

Tauro felt a sense of crisis.

Chapter 93: Team Names and Gifts

In the dining room area of the Resting Pavilion, the four of us were having a serious discussion.

However, what we were talking about was of a very low level…

“Well, you tell us, Tauro. You’re only commenting on ours.”

The spear was directed to me as well.

To be honest, I also have 0 naming sense.

It’s not that I find it hard but I probably couldn’t come up with anything good even if I tried.

“Well, then, since we were formed in the village of Dansas, we’re the ‘Healers of Dansas’?”

“That’s a reference to herb gathering, isn’t it? It’s no different from Rumeya’s ‘Professional Herbalist’ group!”

This time, Aeris made a comment.

“So, what do you have, Aeris?”

Tauro, who had been lumped in with Rumeya, asked back in rare anger.

“That’s right. After all, this is the ‘Golden wing’ group!”

Aeris brushed back her long golden hair.

“Your appeal is terrible”

This time, Shin let out a frustrated sigh.

“Well, if we’re the Black Golden Wings, then Shin and Rumeya have black hair while Aeris and I have blond hair, so I guess it’s perfect.” 

Tauro suggested, as if to say it was the way to go.

“The ‘Black Golden Wings’? Hmmm…. Well, it’s a name that Tauro squeezed out, so it’s fine and it’s definitely better than ‘Healers of Dansas’.”

Aeris was satisfied with the team name that came close to the name she had suggested.

The others too.

“Black and Gold, that’s good!”

“I like it, too.”

They were convinced that their hair color was included in the name.

Thus, although they had no naming sense the four of them were satisfied with the team name.

Tauro immediately embroidered a black wing with a gold border on the back of his leather armor.

Aeris noticed this and envied him, so he decided to embroider it on her priest-like clothes as well.

Then, of course, Shin and Rumeya were jealous, too.

So Tauro decided to pay for half of the leather armor they were going to buy and embroidered the backs for Shin and Rumeya as a congratulatory gift for their promotion.

“Hey! It’s no fair that only Shin and Rumeya got something.”

Aeris complained this time.

“You don’t need leather armor like them, do you?”

Tauro says truthfully.

“I want a new wand!”

Aeris says with a twinkle in her eye.

Aeris’s current wand was a beginner’s wand with a small magic stone at the end that had little effect on magic.

But wands are an expensive commodity and the better the magic stone, the higher the value and the higher the price.

The better the magic stone, the more valuable it is and the higher the price.

Because it is special, it can’t be handled by weapon stores and there are even shops specializing in wands.

“Hmm… then wait a few days. I’ll make it for you.”

“Eh? Tauro, you can make wands too?”

Aeris was honestly surprised.

“I know how it works, so I think I can handle it.”

 With that, I went to the woodworking shop.

Good quality lumber is cheap here in the village of Dansas.

Besides, I had something to try.

I selected a piece of ebony and had it cut into pieces.

Ideally, it would be a bludgeoning wand.

So, the tip should be thicker to add weight.

At the tip of the staff, there is the goblin knight (about to become a goblin rider) magic stone that I obtained and did not sell, so I will attach that to the end of the wand, but in the future, when she can obtain a good magic stone, she can replace it.

The pattern is carved so that it extends to the magic stone part, but this is a transformation of Tauro’s special magic circle shown in the design.

It should be impossible to decipher it since it was carved in a special way.

The magic circle is designed to maximize the potential of the magic stone.

So, depending on the magic stone, it should be a good wand.

After a whole day of work, the wand for Aeris was completed.

When I gave it to Aeris the next day, she liked it more than I thought she would.

She seemed to like the carving as well and looked at it closely, but then nodded her head repeatedly and said

“Thank you, Tauro. I’ll take good care of it!”

She was satisfied.

“That’s good. If you put magic power into it, the stone’s properties will come out.”

Tauro explained and Aeris immediately put some magic power into it.

Light like a cutting edge dwells on the tip of the wand with the magic stone.

“The magic stone is originally a magic stone gotten from a goblin knight, it’s useful in close combat. It also has features that strengthen magic power and defense magic.”

“I’m the rear guard, what am I supposed to do in close combat?”

Aeris was amazed, but the rearguard is not without close combat and it’s also the role of the rearguard to defend himself and not be a burden.

Aeris was once again satisfied with the best gift Tauro had ever given her.

Chapter 94: Search Quest

It’s the morning of the day after he gave Aeris her wand as a gift.

Tauro and his E-rank team, the Black Golden Wings, a.k.a. “Kurogane,” had come to the guild to receive their first E-rank quest, but there was some commotion at the reception desk.

When he looked over, he saw Momo, the cat-person girlfriend of D-rank adventurer and village hero, Bob the dog-person, desperately complaining about something to the new receptionist.

Chloe, the branch manager and Shiroi, the deputy branch manager joined the commotion and entered into a short discussion and Chloe said in a serious tone.

“It’s an urgent quest. We need to find and protect a team of D-ranked adventurers who haven’t been heard from in three days. In some cases, it may include the recovery of bodies.”

She said to the adventurers in the lobby.

The lobby was buzzing and Momo sobbed on the spot at Chloe’s last words.

“What quest did that team get?” 

One of the adventurers demanded information.

“It was a request from a mountain village half a day from here to investigate and defeat the orcs that have been appearing lately. The team members are Tom, Sam, Anne, and Bob. An emergency call came from the mountain village to Momo, who happened to be at the entrance of the village and she reported the incident. There was a red smoke signal rising from the mountain where the team was headed.”

The red smoke signal is something that adventurers raise in times of crisis and although it is rarely seen because most adventurers die before raising it, it was a common method of emergency communication for the adventurers’ guild.

Adventurers are given a small red bag by the guild as a good luck charm when they choose to do certain quests in the E rank zone and Tauro and his friends were scheduled to receive one depending on their E rank quests.

Tauro couldn’t hide his surprise at Chloe’s words.

It was because Bob was on the team.

Momo was probably waiting at the entrance to the village to see if her boyfriend Bob would come back, since he hadn’t been back since the day he was supposed to.

Then, a villager from the mountain village comes to make an urgent call.

Maybe Momo had a sixth sense about Bob’s danger.

The cat people seem to have a keen intuition about such things.

Tauro didn’t have a choice, he couldn’t decline this urgent quest in front of Momo.

“…Guys, I want to take this quest.”He turned around and checked with the three of them.


The three agreed without a pause.

Then the four raised their hands.

“We’re going to take on this quest ””””team “Black Golden Wings”””””

They declared.

Following the young team, a B-ranked team raised their hands, as did C-ranked and D-ranked teams.

“Normally, we’d leave out the newly E-ranked Black Golden Wings, but we need more people for the search, so we’ll let them go. Don’t overdo it and rely on the teams around you. Then, the teams that are ready should rush to the scene.”

Chloe said to Tauro and the others as if she was giving them a nudge.


Tauro replied on behalf of the team and they immediately began to prepare for departure.

The “Black Golden Wings” team did very little in the way of preparation.

They had everything they needed in Tauro’s magic storage.

So, when they set off, we were the second team to arrive at the mountain village after Team B.

“That’s fast, we just got here too. Looks like it’s not all bravado.”

The leader of the B-team praised Tauro and his team with admiration.

 “Quickly, the villagers say that a red smoke has risen from that mountain.”

He pointed to a mountain that overlooked the village.

“We’ll split up and look for around, we’ll take the area around it, you take the one to the left of it and the rest of you get the word from the villagers.”

The B-team leader instructed, pointing to the mountain.

Tauro and the others nodded.

“I understand. We’ll head there right away.”

Tauro replied on behalf of the team and nodded to the three of them to head for the site.

Tauro and the others entered the mountain from the left side as seen from the mountain village.

The trees were tall and the grass was overgrown, so visibility was not good.

However, with Tauro’s sense of presence, there would be no unexpected encounters.

“Tauro, how are you doing, do you see anything?”

Aeris spoke to the leading Tauro.

“There are animals presences, but right now…oh. This presence is an orc. There are two of them just ahead.”

Everyone became tense.

For teams in the E-rank bands, Orcs are the target of the higher D-rank band subjugation.

Orcs are humanoid monsters with the appearance of pigs and they have fangs growing out of their mouths.

They are strong and intelligent.

Like goblins, they fight with weapons and sometimes form groups.

Both of them were armed with clubs, Tauro confirmed by the silhouettes he saw with his ‘true eye’.

“Let’s try to avoid them here. Our priority right now is to find Bob and the missing adventurers.”

The four of them nodded and decided to take a detour with Tauro’s guidance.

Chapter 95: The D-Team’s Safety

Tauro and his team were searching for Bob and the others, trying to avoid the monsters.

“Isn’t the encounter rate with orcs pretty high?”

Shin wondered when Tauro reported that he had spotted an orc for the umpteenth time by using his “true eye” to detect presences.

“Yes, this might be a bit high.”

Aeris concurred with Shin’s question.

“…Could there be a settlement nearby?”

Tauro mentioned the possibility but it didn’t seem to fit with the orcs here.

If there were, it wouldn’t be surprising if there was a sense of unity between them, but there wasn’t.

“I know it’s unlikely, but… there isn’t a dungeon, is there?”

Aeris said, letting her imagination run wild.

“A dungeon?”

Tauro was surprised to see a fantasy element after a long time.

As I recall, dungeons are rare in this world and are strictly controlled by each country considering the danger.

Some high-ranking adventurers enter dungeons at the request of the government, but most of the time it’s soldiers from the government that enter the dungeons in teams to figure out what’s going on.

The details are classified and not widely known.

Tauro had never heard much of it, so he had lost sight of the possibility.

“Oh, it’s random. I’ve heard that dungeons are regularly infested with monsters, so I was just wondering if there were any Orcs there.”

Aeris faked a laugh, as if she thought it was a ridiculous story.

“Is it that strange?”

Tauro questioned.

“That’s right. There are only two known dungeons in this country and they’re said to have existed before the country was founded, so they’re hundreds of years old. If there was one here, it would have been a big deal a long time ago. So forget it.”

Well, that certainly sounded unrealistic.

Tauro was convinced and thought of another possibility.

If that’s the case, could it be that they had moved in individually from elsewhere?

I hadn’t heard of any food shortages in the neighborhood, but what about it?

No, we have to search for Bob and the others before we could think about it.

“Anyway, let’s look for them now.”

The three of them nodded to Tauro and once again decided to continue onward, bypassing the orcs.

Finally, Tauro felt the presence of several monsters.

Using his True Eye, he could see that there were nearly twenty Orcs clustered together at the bottom of the bare mountain slope.

A few of them seemed to be trying to climb up the slope, but they were tumbling down.

He didn’t know what they were doing, so he let Aeris and the others know and decided to approach and visually check it out.

As they approached the Orcs with Tauro in the lead, Tauro’s “sense of presence” caught a human being.

The presence was coming from the top of the slope the Orcs were trying to climb.

Looking up, they saw a hollow in the middle of the slope.

There seemed to be a hole and when he used my “true eye” he could see the silhouettes of four people.

One of them was lying down in the back and one was beside him.

The other two were looking down near the opening and I could catch a glimpse of their figures with my naked eye.

“Maybe one of them was injured, but the other three seemed to be okay. I’ll get the B-team searching the next area and you three keep an eye on the orcs and don’t take any chances until I come back.”

Tauro reminded everyone and the three nodded.

Tauro decided to use his “presence block” skill and went straight through to the area where the other team would be.

As soon as he had made some progress, he set up a bonfire and threw the red bag that the guild had given him into it to burn.

As soon as he did it, red smoke rose up.

The Orcs would see it, but he thought it was more important to get the other teams to notice and come towards them.

Then a thief from the B-team, who was relatively close by, appeared quickly.

“You found them?”

When he saw Tauro, he came out of the bushes!

“Yes! They’re being cornered by Orcs on a slope in that direction, the four of them  seem to be okay, but there are wounded people.”


After a short reply, the man disappeared in the direction where he thought his companions were, and after waiting for a moment he came back with the others.

“We’ll go ahead, you stay here and wait for the rest of the team to arrive. How many orcs are there?”

“About twenty, sir.”

The B-team nodded and disappeared into the bushes in the direction Tauro was pointing, led by the thief.

The other two teams soon appeared where Tauro was waiting.

“Is the B-team ahead?”

Tauro nodded and said, “I’ll show you the way,” to which the C-team and D-team quickly followed Tauro’s lead.

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